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  2. If I set my script line to manually: SELECT ComputerId FROM `plugin_vm_hvhosts` WHERE fqdn = 'hostname.domainname.xyz'; But then replace the FQDN with a variable that contains exactly the same FQDN (pulled from powershell command, that pulls it from registry,) the SQL query fails. SELECT ComputerId FROM `plugin_vm_hvhosts` WHERE fqdn = '@VMHostFQDN@'; Note, that the SQL query with written out FQDN works fine in SQLYog as well - so I know the query is OK. I am suspecting maybe something like where the documentation says you must use @= instead of @? It's driving me nuts, because @VMHostFQDN@ = 'hostname.domainname.xyz' !! (This whole thing goes around your elbow ... because I'm trying to capture the VM HOST of a Guest. There will be a monitor that runs on the GUEST, but triggers a script that must run partially on the HOST - powershell commands - to restart said GUEST.) I have captured the Host's name, FQDN and if this gets working, the computerID, into EDF fields - so that it can function as an offline script when the GUEST is offline...
  3. mr.wallstrom

    Running a script on another host from a script

    I know this is old, but my question is directly following - and this seems to be a powerful tool, that isn't often discussed. If both scripts being run are set as offline scripts, and the actions being taken are database or Automate server side, would this prevent the script from hanging, if either machine went offline?
  4. mr.wallstrom

    Run script against computer 2, from script running on computer 1?

    Woot! Disregard... I found the answer here:
  5. I'd swear I saw this in here before, but can't find it. I need to setup an alert, that will run an offline script on the target (ie; when it goes offline,) gather the computerid of this machine, as well as some EDF values (one of which is the computerID of another machine,) and then call a 2nd script to run against the 2nd machine. VMGuest stores Host's name, computerID and FQDN as EDF's. VMGuest goes offline; triggers alert template Template triggers script to collect details needed, then fires script on host, to test connectivity and issue restart vm commands... Can anyone point me back in the right direction for this?
  6. mr.wallstrom

    Pass parameters from LT script to Powershell script

    Within your Automate script, use Execute Script, set to Powershell (Powershell Bypass if required,) and then click the square box to the right of the script entry field. This pops up a larger window where you can paste your Powershell code. In THIS area, all normal Automate script variables, can be dropped directly into your Powershell code. It'll expand everything at run time. Works pretty slick.
  7. mr.wallstrom

    Back to basics? How to run script even when agent is offline?

    Thanks, Bobs16! I knew it had to be right in front of me somewhere.
  8. Dave M

    Computer Warranty Updater (HP/Dell/Lenovo)

    It works! THANK YOU For anyone else trying this, You need to put in companyid+publickey:privatekey at https://www.base64encode.org/, then paste the full output in the parameter.
  9. Joe.McCall

    Computer Warranty Updater (HP/Dell/Lenovo)

    https://developer.connectwise.com/Products/Manage/Developer_Guide/Authentication This part of the site has the info. You need to setup an API member in Manage. There’s a global parameter in the script that runs the API update for the base64 authentication string. It has a dummy value right now, hence the error.
  10. LazySherpa

    Automate Client Constant Crash

    This worked for me too. Thank you Gjon for your efforts with CW getting this resolved!
  11. kyberkatze

    Automate Client Constant Crash

    Worked for ours that were having the issue as well. Thanks!
  12. mtopper

    [Windows 10] Tray Icon Not Showing Up

    Curious if anyone has found a solution to this. We have a few Windows 10 machines with this issue.
  13. Gjon

    Automate Client Constant Crash

    Right click LTSvcMon.exe and go to properties GO to certificates and view the properties of sha1, if its not trusted follow these steps: https://secure.globalsign.net/cacert/Root-R1.crt Install this cert in your computer store Don't let windows choose a spot Manually set it to Trusted Root Certification Authorities. This fixed our issue. OR Set this key to 0: HKLM\Software\Policy\Microsoft\SystemCertificates\AuthRoot\DisableRootAutoUpdate Reinstall automate agent
  14. Dave M

    Computer Warranty Updater (HP/Dell/Lenovo)

    @Joe.McCall I have registered and logged into https://developer.connectwise.com. Could you please point me in the right direction and let me know where I can find the API key, and how to implement this in Automate? I keep getting: Something went wrong. The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request. Much appreciated & TY Start SSI\Testing\CWA - SQL Function - Update WarrantyExpiration in Manage IF True Time Taken: 1.1406072 L1 Execute Script Time Taken: 1.1406072 L3 Script Log Message Message (P1): Woooo - Something went wrong. The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request. Time Taken: 15.1879583 Start CWA - SQL Function - Update WarrantyExpiration in Manage IF True Time Taken: 1.1406072 L1 Execute Script Time Taken: 1.1406072 L3 Script Log Message Message (P1): Something went wrong. The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request. Time Taken: 15.1879583
  15. I looked but apparently we deleted this one. You can easily set it up yourself. you can either search and find the eventlog on the agent that it happened on. Right click it and select Create Event Monitor. Or you could create a monitor with the event id (39) and source iScsiPrt
  16. Nick-SAC

    Microsoft KB4023057

    We had 2 versions of KB4023057 Listed: 2018-11 Update for Windows 10 Version 1803 for x64 based Systems (KB4023057) Release Date: 11/15/2018 Category: Critical Updates 2019-01 Update for Windows 10 Version 1803 for x64 based Systems (KB4023057) Release Date: 01/17/2019 Category: Updates The 2018-11 kept trying to install & failing... We set that to Ignore and then the 2019-01 version installed without a problem. Personally I wish MS wouldn’t reuse the same KB numbers! I had looked at these several times before I noticed that they were different...
  17. AlexUhde

    Automate Client Constant Crash

    We are having the same issue on 2x 2012 Server and 1x SBS2011. All of them have .net 3.5 enabled. CWA support has tried to repair the agent and took logs a few times. They also tried to repair .Net, but so far no change. The last recommendation was to uninstall all .net and start from scratch. I haven't had the motivation yet to do that, as I expect it will break the SBS and the Apps on both of the 2012 Servers.
  18. Last week
  19. Michael Martin

    Running Automate in Azure

    Thats great thanks tlphipps we are getting between 5 and 20 MiB/s with that command. The battle with CW begins.
  20. Wisco_Tech

    Help with AV scanner definitions - Fixed

    @danrdj I am having a similar issue with Forticlient but still not able to get it to show the service is running with the newest version of the client. It was working with an older version but that stopped a few rev's back.
  21. tlphipps

    Running Automate in Azure

    My understanding is that 'managed disks' do NOT need storage space striping to achieve great I/o. But I don't have any VMs using them at this point to confirm that. I CAN confirm that I get pretty dismal results when running that command from CW on my Azure system. Basically reporting 15.25MiB/s. I can also confirm that with 5,400 agents on our system, there's NO WAY that's indicative of our actual performance. Sorry I can't help with CW refusing to move forward though. No real ideas there.
  22. Michael Martin

    Running Automate in Azure

    tlphipps do you think with Managed Premium SSD you need the storage spaces? We had two managed Premium SSD - C was 127GB and D was 1TB - We contacted Microsoft and they ran diskspd and they were getting 125 Mib/s whereas when Connectwise ran their command they got 15 - 20 mib/s. MS said CW command was not suitable for cloud / virtual disks. Stuck between a rock and hard place CW won't proceed with install and MS say nothing wrong my gut says there is nothing wrong and with 24GB Ram and max 1500 agents I just can't see it being an issue. CW Command is - diskspd.exe -c10G -t4 -si16K -b16K -d30 -L -o1 -w100 -D -Sh c:\temp\testfile.dat
  23. Jalfo27

    Remove another MSP LT Agent

    Can't seem to get the script to actually uninstall. RUnning it on just 1-2 machines at a time. It starts the uninstall, stops the labtech services, and then just hangs. Any ideas? I am using PsExec.exe \\ -n 8 "%windir%\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe" "(new-object Net.WebClient).DownloadString('http://bit.ly/LTPoSh') | iex; Uninstall-LTService -server https://fqdn
  24. SteveIT

    RMM Security Best Practices

    Other things I am thinking about but do not have answers for yet IIS sites - are any of these considered legacy and not save to remain active? Automate plugins - is there a sanity check we can do or any plugins that we should consider not safe to maintain? I am not aware of any that expose anything publicly in the same way this Kaseya/Manage integration did, but feel it's worth discussing.
  25. madjeff

    Discover Keys - Product Key Collector

    Thanks for the help Michael! We are working here now.
  26. When you are making the script there are a few options in the middle right of the creator. You are looking for "Offline Computer Script"
  27. I'm still learning up on my SQL. I need a list of serial numbers for machines that were just taken offline yesterday, and are still in the database. I threw together a script that can pull this via an SQL query, then run the script on the appropriate machines... but it won't run on the ones that are offline, even with unchecking 'skip offline'. I never really thought about it before, but is it possible to run it anyway? The script itself isn't actually doing anything with the agent - just grabbing the %computername% variable, and then using that to pull data from the tables. (I'd rather just export from advanced search, but can't seem to find an option in there for serial numbers?)
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