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  2. Interesting idea... You did this manually? As far as I know, there's no command switches for Media Creation Tool? I have run into a multitude of problems related to upgrading Windows 7 computers to Windows 10... Typically it fails with an error (Critical_Process_Died) and then crashes, reboots and reverts the changes and I end back up with Windows 7... Kinda annoying actually... So far, I haven't found a solution - or any common denominator. They're all Lenovo machines and software-wise they have most in common - with slight differences.
  3. p_ern

    Explorer restart script

    Great job figuring that out.
  4. I have just Tried the .Net solution and found nothing. However i did find the computer was not starting the service. After much arguing i set it to delayed start and the problem magicly disappeared. Not sure if this will help anyone else but worked in this instance
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  6. Jas

    Explorer restart script

    I have resolved. Thanks for your help p_ern. I found that if I ran the command as console shell rather than batch script or powershell script I could run this as intended. I have now been able to add this to the systray icon and enabled my end users the ability to restart file explorer. I have seen the fix has been resolved in the upcoming release.
  7. I'm having some trouble finding the permission settings for the Screenshot tool. There are certain User Classes that i don't want to have access to it.
  8. In the process of ensuring our patching is working correctly I have found one laptop that shows a "Out of date WUA". The command to update the WUA seems to be for Windows 7/2008. Can anyone shed any light on why this machine might show an issue and how to remedy it? It seems to be updating OK (when it gets turned on).
  9. This is only for Lenovo. Within the webresponse variable, there's a value which is being queried, which makes up the warranty end-date. Basically I query two variables instead of one. After exporting the webresponse as XML, I analyzed it, and found that there are two variable (depending on whether there's extended warranty or not) being filled. The first one is: $webresponse.wiOutputForm.warrantyInfo.serviceInfo.wed | select -first 1 That one, is the factory warranty. But after looking at the XML file, I found that there's another one too. That one is found by querying a bit different: $webresponse.SelectSingleNode("//mEndDate") | Select-Object -ExpandProperty `#text After finding this, I realised, that the mEndDate is only set, if extended warranty is present. So I made a simple if-else statement, to check for $null value: $WarrantyEndDate_Expanded = $webresponse.SelectSingleNode("//mEndDate") | Select-Object -ExpandProperty `#text if ($WarrantyEndDate_Expanded -eq $null) { $WarrantyEndDate_Expanded = $webresponse.wiOutputForm.warrantyInfo.serviceInfo.wed | select -first 1 } I have uploaded a text file for the updated Function: Get-LenovoWarrantyInfo. When updating the original script, just replace the function with the modified one The only changed made, is written above. Thanks again for your work. Updated_Get-LenovoWarrantyInfo.txt
  10. Jas

    Explorer restart script

    Thanks P_ern for getting back to me. Same result sorry. If I run this as a batch file it works fine on the machine. If I push it out through automate it does not start explorer back up. I have to manually ctrl+alt & Del then run and type explorer.exe to get the taskbar etc back, tried as user and admin.
  11. If you post your changes, I'm happy to update the original Did your changes happen to fix the HP stuff or just the Lenovo extended warranty situation?
  12. I seem to have fixed it, by some trial and error. Made some modifications to the powershell script, so it catches both extended warranties AND non-extended (purchased-extended) warranties now. This is only for Lenovo computers. Thanks again, @DarrenDK for this.
  13. p_ern

    Explorer restart script

    I think from your description is that you want a file explorer window to open also after the execution? The script is working as intended , it kills the task , and start the background process so you can open it manually. If you try this , it will kill the process, start it again and then open a new file explorer window. taskkill /im explorer.exe /f SLEEP 2 start explorer.exe SLEEP 2 start explorer.exe Exit
  14. Hi everyone, I'm rather new to Automate, but over the last 2 months I've spent almost all my time learning it's functions. I'm currently at a stage where I have a script in Automate that creates a ticket, which then transfers over to Manage using the ConnectWise Manage plugin. Now, this works perfectly. I can even have the script make additional comments on the ticket, however, I'd like the script to make internal comments on the ticket too. At this stage, I can't figure out how to do this, or find out if it's even possible. The 'Ticket Comment' script step only creates a public facing comment which is visible to the client. There doesn't seem to be any option to make this an internal / private comment. I had a look at the 'Ticket Reading View' script step, noting the 'For Customer' part of the step which states "Hide internal Ticketing information", but when adding this to my preexisting script and changing the option to 'No', it does not resolve the issue (nor does 'Yes'). Can Automate create internal comments into Manage tickets via a script? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  15. This one used to work, then stopped working, and ConnectWise wouldn't help or say why it stopped working. We are hosted with CW. This line just comes from the built in Offboarding script. Would really like a solution where web users can retire offline agents and we can automate the removal of offline agents.
  16. Last week
  17. These are the scripts I use, you may adjust to your needs. I don't make very pretty scripts, but they get'er done. We have several occasions to fix the "Aw, snap" issues with chrome and this works each time. The issues I had: Difficulty uninstalling - fixed and tested with included powershell script within the provided scripts (Never had success with commands or wmic) Had to locate current Google Chrome Offline installer. I used this link and extracted the msi files and placed in labtech\transfer\software\chrome folder https://cloud.google.com/chrome-enterprise/browser/download/ Used legacy chrome installer provided in automate, adjusted for chrome file downloads based on 32/64 bit. FYI: Powershell code to remove chrome Write-host "Un-Installing the current version of Google Chrome from your machine..." $AppInfo = Get-WmiObject Win32_Product -Filter "Name Like 'Google Chrome'" If ($AppInfo) { & ${env:WINDIR}\System32\msiexec /x $AppInfo.IdentifyingNumber /Quiet /Passive /NoRestart } $Reg32Key = Get-ItemProperty -path "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Google Chrome" -name "Version" -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue $Ver32Path = $Reg32Key.Version If ($Ver32Path) { & ${env:ProgramFiles}\Google\Chrome\Application\$Ver32Path\Installer\setup.exe --uninstall --multi-install --chrome --system-level --force-uninstall } $Reg64Key = Get-ItemProperty -path 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Google Chrome' -name "Version" -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue $Ver64Path = $Reg64Key.Version If ($Ver64Path) { & ${env:ProgramFiles(x86)}\Google\Chrome\Application\$Ver64Path\Installer\setup.exe --uninstall --multi-install --chrome --system-level --force-uninstall } Chrome_Installer.xml Google_Chrome_Uninstall-Reinstall.xml
  18. The main issue we are experiencing with the above script / configuration above is people power profiles and machines going to sleep at the time scheduled for the build upgrade. Playing with the idea of creating / deploying a Windows Scheduled task to wake / power-on machines for a agreed "Maintenance Period" per week where we can do work like this but in the mean time thinking of having a separate scheduled script that will basically wake lock the machine earlier in the day on the day of the build upgrade. I was thinking in the earlier wake lock script we could use EDF's to signal if we want to prompt that user earlier in the day that "There is scheduled maintenance configured for this machine tonight so please save what you are doing and logout when you finish or you may / will lose your work" + we could potentially signal to pre-download the upgrade ISO earlier in the day if we wanted to etc.
  19. Hello I just purchased Automate I.E. Labtech for a new company I am working for. This is the cloud hosted type and not on premise. I cannot find anywhere if the "system password" is unique or if it is a good idea to change it right off the bat before deploying agents. Any input would be appreciated.
  20. Seems to working ok on ours.
  21. Jas

    Live Chat Solution?

    It turns out there was an issue in the back end which has now been resolved. We now get a notification noise and a chrome style pop up in windows which has made life a lot easier for our techs.
  22. I did a search looking for the Root Cause in hopes it had been shared. I did not find it, but would love to see what you created. I am not very good with SQL and I have learned a lot from what everyone has posted. Would you mind sharing that monitor?
  23. You can exclude the machine from the patching by just enable or tick the Disable all Patch Approval , Disable Automate patch Install in the Ignite tab of the Computer Management Screen of Machine. Here is the link of the Screenshot: https://snipboard.io/lsX1kP.jpg
  24. Hi All, I am hoping someone can help with this. I am trying to runa a simple batch script: taskkill /im explorer.exe /f start explorer.exe exit The issue I am having is that it executes the task kill ok but it does not start explorer.exe. I have tried the process kill & process execute without luck also. My goal due to windows 1909 search explorer issue is to add this to the labtech tray icon menu so our customers can restart explorer.exe themselves until a valid fix has been identified. I am just struggling with the starting of explorer.exe via the script. Issue: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/windows-10-1909-kb4517245-update-causes-file-explorer-issues/ Thanks in advance for any help
  25. So has anybody worked out an alternative for the HP API? Is there even one? I've reached out to our account manager today but can't see that being any help.
  26. Hi, Currently doing a lot of file transfering from one machine right now that will take a few days to complete. So we dont want automate to patch this machine during this process. How is the best way to pause patching for this specific machine during this days in Automate Patch Manager? Thanks!
  27. That’s the problem. You could try replacing the TO_BAS64/FROM_BASE64 calls with BASE64_ENCODE/BASE64_DECODE. Those are stored procedures available in Automate, but they aren’t as fast as the native functions I’m using in 5.6+.
    Thanks! So simple yet so useful!
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