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  3. @Dave M Absoutely. I can't think why MS wouldn't have some kind of tool or feature built in to the client out the box for this. If you ever come up with something please do share!
  4. @TechnicalHero We're also to the last of our 7 machines. That being said, and while I agree that it works far better on 10, it would still be amazing to be able to tell if it's in a Red status proactively. I guess the search continues.
  5. If I'm not mistaken - the main Downloads page for StorageCraft still has 7.5.6 installer for ImageManager, as well.
  6. @Dave M I did get this going. I had two monitors. One that checked that OneDrive.Exe is actually running as a process. As on W7 it will just randomly stop. I then had another script that twice daily would import the above OneDrive.dll and check the result. If the result was "failed" it would then send an email and create a ticket so then my helpdesk crew could ring the user and be a hero. However, we then started deploying W10. The OneDrive client is WAY more reliable in W10. Massive improvement. So all we were getting was false positives. I don't think the OneDrive.dll was written for W10 and as such I wouldn't say it worked properly (I guess hence all the false positives). Since we are now 80% W10 I have turned it all off. So my advice would be to get all your machines onto W10! I would still love to have something that monitored the status of SharePoint Online folders but I cannot find anthing that will do it with W10 accurately.
  7. Hi @Matthew Mclaughlin How have you got on? I have made the required modifications and the script is now working as i wanted
  8. I swear I saw this monitor in a Ron Popeil infomercial since all you have to do is ....set it, and forget it! All my CWA agents stay updated without me forcing them to thanks to this most excellent monitor. Thank you Darren. -Mike
  9. Hey @KKerezman, I'm loving your EDF usage of tracking the Windows 10 Version! - Any chance you'd be happy to share how this is implemented. I'm new to EDF's (Yeah, sorry in advance!). Just if you have the time, I'd be most grateful. -Jay
  10. Hey Team, Attached is the information I'm talking about in the above post
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  12. Was anyone able to get this fully working?
  13. I was today years old when I learned there's a REST API inside each ImageManager install. Sweet! Now, why ShadowControl is claiming our 7.5.6 installs are "current" when clearly there've been a couple of significant releases in the meantime is anyone's guess...
  14. @stradman This should do it when applied to your Automate outbound LAN > WAN rule.:
  15. Strange, I am having this same exact issue. I have a script that works perfectly on my test computer, but same script will give a "Failed to upload file error" in Script log. Also, viewing the computer from Tools/File Explorer and attempting to transfer leaves me with "Waiting on Remote" and it hangs. I have verified automate agent is running. Following this post for any ideas.
  16. @jktech Sorry about the delay in responding to this, sometimes miss the forum posts. as BaneSidhe mentioned you're able to add the AppID column into the view and get the details from there however i've also just updated the Supported Applications documentation to include the AppID's see: https://michaelpriest.atlassian.net/wiki/x/AQBvKw Regards, Michael Priest
  17. Hey Folks, Any chance someone can guide me to where I find the setting to change how often the "Show History" information for a device is captured and published. At the moment devices are logging once per day at midnight. For servers, I'd like to see this every hour for the past month if possible Additionally it's showing free space and fragmentation values which I presume are only for the system drive. Any chance all this information can be customised and additional drives shown, or even disk queue lengths or other useful information could be added? Thanks in advance all! - Jay
  18. Have a bank requesting a schedule like this for compliance, any tips or ideas on how to achieve this with Patch Manager in a manner that we can assure them that it is happening as stated? Available update detection will be checked every day at 12:00AM, 11:00AM, and 4:00PM. Approved updates will be installed on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 1:00AM and 9:00PM Pending restart will be handled on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 3:00AM
  19. Hello Steve, I don't believe I did use quotes because there were no spaces in the path. I also don't believe I closed out of the client and reopened it. I do however always resend everything from the device's Inventory. I've also tried leaving the AP Process with just an asteriks "*", something a consultant had recommended. Still no luck so far.
  20. Did you quote the string at the command prompt? e.g. DIR "{%HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\CiscoAMP_7.0.5:ImagePath-%}\sfc.exe" After entering a new config you may need to close and reopen the client to get it to recognize the ID number of the new config. In addition especially if Defender is being detected, simply do nothing and wait overnight. 😕
  21. FWIW, exporting and reimporting the Windows Defender 10 virus config didn't fix the issue we have, where sometimes when Bitdefender is first installed or updated, the agent detects Windows Defender 10 as installed but disabled (service not running), and then it redetects Bitdefender only overnight (not on a reboot or anything else). Also note if you export/import then you have to close and reopen the CWA client so it will recognize the virus config using the new ID number.
  22. @NickBurnsI'm doing something a little different than that directly; I'm taking the results and creating per-computer alerts that detail the type of problem detected, then those either get auto-fix scripts thrown at them or a single ticket created per-client for manual attention.
  23. @BGags Thanks! Are you running this as RAWSQL in an Internal Monitor and firing off a ticket?
  24. Last week
  25. Updated my script to include a few more error codes and the option to disable XPS and print to PDF (ran into weird compatibility issues with some systems)
  26. A bunch of us have found it true that Automate's own mechanisms and reporting don't tell the true tale of everything that's going on with patching. In determining how to fix it, I've found that it's not only important to determine the true patch state of our systems, but also to figure out what Automate itself is (and isn't!) doing. To that end, all I've got so far is a query inspired by Gavsto's, with a couple extra columns including most recent patch job per system, most recent patch job with an installation attempt, most recent patching error with date of error, and (perhaps most importantly), the date of the most recently discovered patch in a system's inventory. If a system is reporting 0 patches missing, but the most recent patch it knows about is 90 days old, something's wrong with its inventory collection and you gotta fix that. One thing that a lot people miss about Automate's inventory collection mechanisms: Inventory operations run by the agent on the agent's assigned inventory schedule will NOT return a success/fail result code anywhere in the database, since they're not Commands issued to the agent by the server. You can schedule a Send Hotfix inventory every two hours, and the Computer screen will happily tell you that the agent ran a Resend Patches inventory two hours ago, but it won't tell you that the inventory failed silently on the agent and your data is bunk. Anyway, here, have some SQL: SELECT Clients.`Name` `Client` , computers.`Name` `System` , computers.`ComputerID` `ComputerID` , computers.`OS` , computers.`Version` , CAST(IF(ISNULL(PatchesMissing.MissingCount),'0',PatchesMissing.MissingCount) AS UNSIGNED) `Patches Missing` , computers.`LastContact` `Last Contact Date` , IF(ISNULL(NewestPatches.`NewestPatchAvailable`),'No Inventory',NewestPatches.`NewestPatchAvailable`) `Newest Patch In Inventory` , IF(ISNULL(PatchTries.`PatchTryDate`),'Never',PatchTries.`PatchTryDate`) `Last Patch Attempt Date` , IF(ISNULL(PatchJorbs.`JorbDate`), 'Never', PatchJorbs.`JorbDate`) `Last Patch Job Date On Record` , IF(ISNULL(PatchErrors.`ErrorDate`), 'N/A', PatchErrors.`ErrorDate`) `Most Recent Error Date` , IF(ISNULL(PatchErrors.`ErrorCode`), 'N/A', PatchErrors.`ErrorCode`) `Most Recent Patching Error` FROM computers LEFT JOIN v_extradatacomputers AS vcomp ON vcomp.`computerid`=computers.`ComputerID` LEFT JOIN clients ON computers.`ClientID`=clients.`ClientID` LEFT JOIN -- Derived table full of missing patch counts (SELECT hotfix.`ComputerID`, COUNT(hotfix.`HotFixID`) AS `MissingCount` FROM hotfix WHERE hotfix.`Approved`='2' AND hotfix.`Installed`='0' GROUP BY hotfix.`ComputerID`) AS `PatchesMissing` ON Computers.`ComputerID`=PatchesMissing.ComputerID -- Derived table full of most recent patch jobs that actually tried to patch something LEFT JOIN (SELECT pjp.`ComputerID` `ComputerID` , MAX(pj.`FinishDate`) `PatchTryDate` FROM patchjobpatches pjp LEFT JOIN patchjobs pj ON pj.`ComputerID`=pjp.`ComputerID` AND pjp.`PatchJobGuid`=pj.`PatchJobGuid` GROUP BY pjp.`ComputerID`) AS `PatchTries` ON computers.`ComputerID`=PatchTries.`ComputerID` -- Derived table full of most recent supposedly-executed patch jobs listed per computer -- (patch jobs with nothing to do CAN exist if there are no patches to install, but if there -- are missing patches on a system, this column should NOT be newer than the column containing -- patch jobs that executed a patch command) LEFT JOIN (SELECT pj.`ComputerID` `ComputerID` , MAX(pj.`FinishDate`) `JorbDate` FROM patchjobs pj GROUP BY pj.`ComputerID`) AS `PatchJorbs` ON computers.`ComputerID`=PatchJorbs.`ComputerID` -- Derived table with dates of the most recent hotfix listed in each computer's inventory; -- If the most recent hotfix that a system knows about is more than 30 days old, there's -- a freaking problem. LEFT JOIN (SELECT DISTINCT computers.`ComputerID` `ComputerID` , MAX(hfd.`Date_Added`) `NewestPatchAvailable` FROM computers LEFT JOIN hotfix ON computers.`ComputerID`=hotfix.`ComputerID` LEFT JOIN hotfixdata hfd ON hotfix.`HotFixID`=hfd.`HotFixID` AND hotfix.`OS`=hfd.`OS` GROUP BY computers.`ComputerID`) AS `NewestPatches` ON computers.`ComputerID`=NewestPatches.`ComputerID` -- Derived table full of most recent patch errors per system; this one's complicated! LEFT JOIN (SELECT JobErrors.computerid `ComputerID` , MAX(JobErrors.JobFinished) `ErrorDate` , JobErrors.ErrorCode `ErrorCode` FROM (SELECT pj.computerid AS ComputerID, pj.FinishDate AS JobFinished, CASE WHEN (pjp.`HResult` <> 0) THEN CONCAT('0x',RIGHT(HEX(pjp.`HResult`),8) ) WHEN (pjld.LogDetails LIKE '%Exception from HRESULT:%') THEN RIGHT(LEFT(pjld.LogDetails,(INSTR(pjld.LogDetails,'0x') + 9) ),10) END AS ErrorCode FROM patchjobs AS pj LEFT JOIN patchjoblogdetails pjld ON pj.ComputerID=pjld.ComputerID AND pj.PatchJobGuid=pjld.PatchJobGuid LEFT JOIN patchjobpatches pjp ON pj.ComputerID=pjp.ComputerID AND pj.PatchJobGuid=pjp.PatchJobGuid ) AS JobErrors WHERE (JobErrors.ErrorCode IS NULL) <> '1' GROUP BY JobErrors.computerid) AS `PatchErrors` ON computers.`ComputerID`=PatchErrors.ComputerID -- Remove computers that haven't checked in over the last six months WHERE computers.`LastContact` > DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 6 MONTH) -- Make sure this system has an active, applied Windows Update policy (this will filter out Non-Windows -- systems, systems with a local override, and include our BDR units at non-patching clients). AND computers.`ComputerID` IN (SELECT DISTINCT cpp.`ComputerID` FROM computerpatchpolicies cpp WHERE cpp.`InstallPolicy` IN (SELECT DISTINCT id FROM installsoftwarepolicies isp WHERE isp.`UpdateMode` <> '3') ) -- Filter for "problematic" criteria AND -- Include systems whose newest patch in its patch inventory is over 30 days old -- (suggests something's wrong with its inventory collection) ((CAST(NewestPatches.`NewestPatchAvailable` AS DATETIME) < DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 30 DAY) ) OR -- Include systems that haven't attempted a patch installation within the last 30 days (DATE(PatchTries.`PatchTryDate`) < DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 30 DAY) ) ) ORDER BY clients.`Name`
  27. I have updated GitHub with Push-Automate in the Automate Functions. Automate Module - PublicGitHub.txt Automate-Module.ps1
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