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  3. Patrick Egeland


    I've been trying to figure out the best way to make an API request to an external API from Automate, based on the selected Client. What I want to do: Be able to send a ticket through an external API to TopDesk (Service Management), based on information saved in the selected Client. I'm wondering if the following is possible or not, then how? Through a self-made plugin (didn't find any documentation regarding the "ClientMenu"), or any other way? Right-click Client - Choose Menu-Item - Form to define ticket - Send through HTTP Post to External API
  4. Thinkit-Wesley

    Add SQL query result into email body in Script

    1) VARIABLE SET - in the submenu select SQL Query. Now your SQL answer will go into the variable. Then you just need to put your variable in the email body where you want it. 2) Any variable named differently to any other variable will be a separate variable. I'm confused about your question. Can you post a screenshot of what you got sofar and what it is you're trying to do?
  5. Harbhajan

    Looping File Write Function wrt SQL Query results

    How ? Can you please let me know as well. i also need this function.
  6. Hi Everybody, I have question about scripting. 1) How to put SLQ query result into email body in script ? 2) How we can define separate variable to each computer and all combine in email body ? Thanks,
  7. Yesterday
  8. Anyone having the problem where the deployment manager says "Device failed deployment readiness checks"? I've got the password set at: Location Probe Deployment Manager LTService Password doesn't have any special characters either. Not sure if anyone has run into this issue before? Seems to be happening accross all our gen2 probes.
  9. AlexUhde

    Automate Client Constant Crash

    Hi all, this doesn't seem to work for my three machines. I don't even have the "Certificate" tab. The screenshot is from one of the 2012 Servers where I have the issue, but all three (1x 2008R2, 2x 2012) don't have the cert tab.
  10. Braingears

    Removing ScreenConnect Client

    https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Control_Documentation/Get_started/Knowledge_base/Manually_remove_an_access_agent wmic product where name="ScreenConnect Client (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)" call uninstall /nointeractive
  11. When you execute the reboot, perform a script sleep for 3-5 minutes. This way, the Automate Script will not attempt to execute the next function/command until after the computer has rebooted. After the sleep has expired, and the Automate agent is back online, it will continue exactly where it left off.
  12. Braingears

    Pass parameters from LT script to Powershell script

    Function: Execute Script Script Type: PowerShell Bypass Script Credentials: Run as Local Agent in the Script to Execute, this is what I use to convert Automate Variables into PowerShell Variables; in this case PSCredentials: $CredUser = '%computeruserdomain%' $CredPass = '%computerpassword%' $CredPassword = $CredPass | ConvertTo-SecureString -asPlainText -Force $Credential = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential($CredUser,$CredPassword) and then use them like you would with any PSCredential: ...} -Credential $Credential
  13. Braingears

    Remove another MSP LT Agent

    I updated the Rip & Replace PowerShell script yesterday. It will check: • If an agent is not already installed, it will download the agent and install silently. • If an agent is already installed, it will compare the existing server it's checking into, if it's your automate server, it will comment that it's already installed. If it's another MSP, it will download the uninstaller, run it, then download and install your agent to the same computer. At the end, it will give you confirmation that it's checking in along with the ComputerID in Automate.
  14. JayHainesNZ

    CWA Agent Version Update Monitor

    This works great! - Thanks for the hard work Darren.
  15. Braingears

    Automate Install - Rip & Replace - Powershell

    This is an update to verify if YOUR agent is already installed. If it's from another MSP, it will replace it with yours. ## Automate Agent - Rip & Replace v1.3 | created by Chuck Fowler 2018-07-10 ## #!ps #timeout=900000 #maxlength=9000000 $FQDN = 'automate.yourdomain.com' # Enter Automate Server FQDN - Example: 'company.hostedrmm.com' - Leave out HTTP:\\ or HTTPS:\\ $LocationID = '2' # Enter Location ID to place the computer in assigned Client's Location (Location ID '1' = New Computers) $SystemPass = 'AhhVCoXR1xas4Vko' # Enter 'System Password' (Located in the CONFIG table in the Automate database) $SoftwarePath = 'C:\Support\Automate' # Enter Software Path in order to download the files to $AutomateURL = "HTTPS://$($FQDN)" Write-Host "Your FQDN is set to: $($AutomateURL)" -ForegroundColor Yellow Write-Host "Your System Password is: $($SystemPass)" -ForegroundColor Yellow $AutomateSrvAddrReg = (Get-ItemProperty "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\LabTech\Service" -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue).'Server Address' $AutomateCompIDReg = (Get-ItemProperty "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\LabTech\Service" -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue).ID if (($AutomateSrvAddrReg -like "*$($FQDN)*") -and ($AutomateCompIDReg -ne $null)) { Start-Service ltservice,ltsvcmon -PassThru Write-Host "" Write-Host "The Automate Agent is already installed." -ForegroundColor Green Write-Host "The Automate Agent is checking-in to: $($AutomateSrvAddrReg)" -ForegroundColor Green Write-Host "ComputerID: $($AutomateCompIDReg)" -ForegroundColor Green } else { # Remove Existing Automate Agent if (Test-Path c:\windows\ltsvc) { $DownloadPath = "$($AutomateURL)/labtech/service/LabUninstall.exe" $Filename = [System.IO.Path]::GetFileName($DownloadPath) $SoftwareFullPath = "$($SoftwarePath)\$Filename" $wc = New-Object System.Net.WebClient if (!(Test-Path $SoftwarePath)) {md $SoftwarePath} if ((Test-Path $SoftwareFullPath)) {remove-item $SoftwareFullPath} $wc.DownloadFile($DownloadPath, $SoftwareFullPath) Write-Host "Removing existing Automate agent..." Stop-Service ltservice,ltsvcmon -Force -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue Stop-Process -Name "ltsvcmon", "lttray","ltsvc" -Force -PassThru -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue Invoke-Expression "$($SoftwareFullPath) /quiet /norestart" Write-Host "Waiting 60 seconds to continue..." -ForegroundColor Gray Start-Sleep 60 if (Test-Path c:\windows\ltsvc\lterrors.txt) { Write-Host " still waiting..." -ForegroundColor Gray Start-Sleep 90} if (Test-Path c:\windows\ltsvc\lterrors.txt) { Write-Host "The C:\Windows\LTSVC folder still exists" -ForegroundColor Red} else { Write-Host "The Automate Agent Removed Successfully" -ForegroundColor Green }} # Install Automate Agent $DownloadPath2 = "$($AutomateURL)/labtech/service/LabTechRemoteAgent.msi" $Filename2 = [System.IO.Path]::GetFileName($DownloadPath2) $SoftwareFullPath2 = "$($SoftwarePath)\$Filename2" $wc = New-Object System.Net.WebClient if (!(Test-Path $SoftwarePath)) {md $SoftwarePath} if ((test-path $SoftwareFullPath2)) {remove-item $SoftwareFullPath2} $wc.DownloadFile($DownloadPath2, $SoftwareFullPath2) Write-Host "Installing Automate Agent on $($AutomateURL)" -ForegroundColor Yellow msiexec.exe /i $($SoftwareFullPath2) /quiet /norestart SERVERADDRESS=$($AutomateURL) SERVERPASS=$($SystemPass) LOCATION=$($LocationID) Write-Host "Waiting 3 minutes for Automate to install..." -ForegroundColor Gray Start-Sleep -s 180 Start-Service ltservice,ltsvcmon -PassThru $AutomateSrvAddrReg = (Get-ItemProperty "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\LabTech\Service" -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue).'Server Address' $AutomateCompIDReg = (Get-ItemProperty "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\LabTech\Service" -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue).ID if (($AutomateSrvAddrReg -like "*$($FQDN)*") -and ($AutomateCompIDReg -ne $null)) { Write-Host "The Automate Agent is checking-in to:" -ForegroundColor Green Write-Host "$($AutomateSrvAddrReg)" -ForegroundColor Green Write-Host "ComputerID: $($AutomateCompIDReg)" -ForegroundColor Green } else { Write-Host "The Automate Agent is NOT installed and/or checking-in" -ForegroundColor Red Write-Host "Server Address: $($AutomateSrvAddrReg)" -ForegroundColor Yellow Write-Host "ComputerID: $($AutomateCompIDReg)" -ForegroundColor Yellow } }
  16. Jacobsa

    Monitor Failed Logon attempts

    Perhaps a remote powershell monitor using get-winevent you will be able to filter down to what you want and only look back xx number of hours or minutes for the event. For example you could play with this to suit your needs. "%windir%\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe" -command "& {$evtFilter=@{'StartTime'=$([datetime](Get-Date).AddHours(-24)); LogName='Application'; ID=(1511);}; (Get-WinEvent -FilterHashTable $evtFilter -MaxEvents 1 -EA 0 | Select-object -Property * | out-string).Trim()}"
  17. stefanjansson

    Which AV - eset / webroot or other

    We use Sophos works great !
  18. networkn

    Which AV - eset / webroot or other

    We were a Symantec partner for a LONG time. Their adaption to new and upcoming theats has been painfully slow, and this was especially true when they were all one big company and looked after Backup Exec, and didn't get new OS Support for 18 months. Relunctantly, we evaluated a variety of options and settled on two solutions: 1) Webroot for our cost sensitive customers, or when Sophos isn't running promotional pricing. We like the cloud management, and price and it's ransomware remediation (I have heard it doesn't work and to date we haven't had any infections to test it with, which may be a testament to it's effectiveness or we are just super lucky. 2) Sophos CEA and Intercept X, which I feel is a superior product, with pretty average, to terrible support, which we only sell when they are running promos on the 1:1 (buy InterceptX and get CEA free) and to customers who are a little less price focused. It's definitely the more complex and resource hungry product, but my feeling is it's technically superior and more capable. We have had no infections on customers running either, bar one where the user was logged in as a local administrator, which no AV can solve.
  19. Last week
  20. Hi folks Just curious We are currently using Symantec but looking to move and considering eset due to plugin with automate. Am wondering if people would recommend it or would look at something else like webroot or bitdefender or sophos or other. Cheers Michael
  21. Thanks @dpltadmin. I've got your posts sourced on the OP now.
  22. kroe

    Monitor Failed Logon attempts

    I highly recommend Third-Wall. They are a third party add-in to ConnectWise Automate (maybe others). They are very reasonably priced and can even isolate a system for failed login attempts. We've been using them for about 6 months and are very happy with it.
  23. secdef_Matthew

    Vulnerability Scanning?

    Tularis - did you ever find an option? Looking for the best for Automate today - we use so many different but want to streamline.
  24. Confirmed the issue is still present in 2019.2
  25. bigdog09

    RMM Security Best Practices

    It should be in the wwwroot folder, so most likely c:\inetpub\wwwroot\robots.txt
  26. DarrenWhite99

    Remove another MSP LT Agent

    I have had trouble before running through psexec.. Try adding " <NUL" to the end (without quotes).. You might need ^<NUL since you want that to be passed to the remote machine.
  27. DarrenWhite99

    @Variable@ not expanding correctly into scripted SQL query?

    I find it helpful to set the query to run into a variable, like @SQLQUERY@. Then you can "Script Log" @SQLQUERY@ to confirm how it is actually being represented, and then SQL EXECUTE [@SQLQUERY@] ... (Or SQL Get Value, or Variable Set: SQL Query, etc..)
  28. srproductmanager

    URGENT - Automate update needed by March 9th 2019

    Update Status: • More than 4,100 partners have completed the full 2019.2 patch since it was released earlier this month • All cloud partner servers have been updated to 2019.2 • We have seen good adoption of hotfixes across all impacted versions since they were released on 2/8/19 • Currently there are no negative support trends related to the 2019.2 release or the hotfixes • New messaging will be sent out today to Automate administrators and primary contacts for partners that are still impacted by this issue We will continue to message impacted partners until all partners have completed the patch. We are tracking all impacted partner instances and have plans in place to push out hotfixes to those that remain unpatched if required. Our goal is to have all partners’ servers resolved by Friday, 2/22/2019. We will continue to use this forum to update you on progress related to this issue.
  29. orbit

    RMM Security Best Practices

    Where should robots.txt live - I assume we had it (on latest version) but can't see it.
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