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  2. Note sure if this is the right forum, if so, my apologies. I'm new to MSPGeek. We've got Ninite pushing out the commonly used programs, one of them is WinDirStat. One of our clients is extremely particular over what icons are on the desktop, all others don't care or actually use it too. Is there a way to stop WinDirStat from adding an icon for JUST ONE client to the public and user desktops? I've found the setting for global and all ninite apps but we don't want that. Incase it's not possible but someone has another idea, environment is a server 2016 RDP farm. Thanks.
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  4. I just spoke with Automate support since one of our servers was showing a last patched date of 6/20/2019 by Automate but we found that it had not actually been patched since November 2018. With that said, I found from Automate support that the "last patched" date includes third party patching as well. So, this server was patched by a third party patch on 6/20/2019 but Windows updates had not been installed since November 2018. I asked them if they had a better monitor to best track the agents that have not had a Windows update installed in the last 30 days but they said there wasn't one. They said there are some coming down the road, but has anyone had to create a custom monitor that monitors just for Windows updates not being installed in the last 30 days for example? My goal is to create a monitor that would find agents that have not had a Windows update installed in the last 30 days and fully exclude third party patching from that monitor.
  5. "Cryptojacking (also called malicious cryptomining) is an emerging online threat that hides on a computer or mobile device and uses the machine’s resources to “mine” forms of online money known as cryptocurrencies. " I wanted to share this list with you guys.. if you block these domains on your network (we did it with opendns) you'll never have a problem with cryptojacking. https://zerodot1.gitlab.io/CoinBlockerLists/hosts Microsoft should really come out with an update to automatically block these on their firewall by default, or something.
  6. When I try to use the copy file function from %logonserver%\netlogon\Filename it always fails because it doesn't expand the variable out to the actual logonserver. When I do an echo %logonserver% from the Automate Command line it doesn't parse either. When I run the command line as admin it does function properly and echos \\servername. I tried to use the "copy file as admin" function, but it still fails to use the logonserver Variable properly. Any ideas on how to get this taken care of?
  7. Kevin Carbonaro

    Time comparison

    Thanks a lot, will try that. Kevin
  8. lgs141

    Time comparison

    I have a feeling you'd have a much easier time of it if you used Powershell: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5097125/powershell-comparing-dates
  9. lgs141

    Microsoft Teams install script

    Not a direct solution but try the 32bit version. I attempted to deploy the 64bit package for a long time and it simply would not work, whereas 32bit installs perfectly fine using the command you've pasted. Microsoft suggests it should work the same for both packages but that's not our experience and our ticket is still open with them.
  10. No you mention it.... I see. Thats strange. I would understand this when using a shared iLO port. But i'm using dedicated ones... Hope DEV will find something.
  11. I'm sure the Dev team can come up with a workaround to the HP issue. Dell drac seems to have same issue
  12. But this finding will never be solved by ConnectWise... It's the iLO5 thats reporting the wrong information. So it should be logged with HPe. However, I logged a case with HPe but they never looked into this because i'm not using a approved tool. Asking what the approved tool should be, they never answered...
  13. Great find. I've an open bug with connectwise on this. It's with development.
  14. Finaly... I found at least the ilo5 detection problem origin... In my case, the iLO5 was in another VLAN. So it will not be available in the ARP table from the probe. This rules out the ARP scan/detection. But for some reason, the iLO5 device will never respond the IP address from the iLO when checking OID but the IP address from the Server itself. So for example: The ilo is configured on and the host has IP, the SNMP walk on this oid will show This makes labtech not able to detect using SNMP rules because it does not match the IP address from the Ping Sweep. In other words: The probe will never detect iLO5 when in another VLAN. So next question: what can do about this.... I keep searching.
  15. p_ern

    Event log monitoring

    I think you might try to add at Select eventlogs.message also. As far as I can see in your conditions is that you filter out what you need ,but Select xxxx is where you get the results. ( I have just started to learn SQL , so I might be wrong )
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  17. EssentialSteve

    Patching in Server 2016

    Hi there, We seem to be having a lot of problems patching in Server 2016 - is anyone else here having difficulties? A lot of our Server 2016 servers (but not all) seem to be having updates done by UpdateOrchestrator’ & not by ‘CM Automate’ (see attached screenshot) All the patch settings in Ignite seem to be the same between the Servers that are ok, and the ones that are not, and they are all in the same Patching group, so we are at a bit of a loss to understand why some are not being patched by Labtech & some are. Does anyone know where I can look further to see what is going on here? Thanks in advance, Steve.
  18. KKerezman

    Docs for CWM plugin and CONFIGURATIONS - ?

    Our main use of Manage's Configurations is for billing purposes and as a waypoint along the way to becoming an IT Glue Configuration. All a Manage Configuration is, is just a way to document assets in that environment. Before ITG came along it was where we had techs create most of the non-RMM-provided assets (printers, routers, switches, NAS/SAN units, etc). If you want to sync more than just the built-in Managed Server and Managed Workstation types, you'll want to do some reading & planning on what other kinds of devices you want to sync, etc. (We have Types for various devices that we sync to IT Glue, tagged with "-ITG" in the name for easy spotting. YMMV, etc.) In order to control which clients' agents & devices become Configurations, you want to be in the Agreement Mapping section of the Manage Plugin in Automate. Build an Asset Template (button on the bottom of that display) for the agreement type of that client, decide what Automate asset type becomes which kind of Manage configuration type (and what product in Manage), and select that template in the drop-down next to that client in the list. Without an assigned template, the plugin doesn't have any way to know what to do with the assets so it just won't. So only the clients you've selected a template for will get sync'd. There's one big honking-huge configuring-the-Manage-plugin doc here: https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Automate/ConnectWise_Automate_Documentation/080/040/020/040 I just went through the process of getting devices out of the Network Probes into Manage/ITG so I might be able to answer certain types of questions, but I'm far from an expert at this point!
  19. myordy

    Check and Fix System Clock - Native Tools only

    @DarrenWhite99 Thank you for this script and monitor. I was searching for this exact solution and this is a HUGE time saver!!
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  21. troms

    Event log monitoring

    I was able to refine it further though it does not seem to be picking up the Message or subject
  22. troms

    Event log monitoring

    Thanks for the links i was at least able to make some progress now its just the over 10 times in an hour i have to work on here is what i have so far i know its very basic:
  23. Often times, the "Not Applicable" will show if Windows Firewalls are On. Also, if the Windows Firewalls are OFF. There is one particular rule that needs to be enabled on each Windows Firewall Profile. 'File & Print Sharing (Echo Request - ICMPv4-In)' Inbound Rule. Make sure that rule is ENABLED. Note: if this rule does not allow connections inbound, the Network Probe cannot verify that the machine is a Windows-based machine. In turn, the Agent Readiness Check (ARC) will fail citing Not Applicable/Not Recognized As A Computer.
  24. Computer Management Screen -> Right click on Cog/Gear -> Select Roles -> +Add Role -> .NET 4.0 Once you manually add that role, the Network Probe should install without issue.
  25. maxgruv

    Automate - Patch Upgrade Guide

    Just did the update from 2019.6 to 2019.7 last night. So far no new issues to report, seems pretty stable. Although sadly it hasn't fixed a weird problem we're having of Automate assets bundling unrelated Manage configurations when synced, but support is looking into that.
  26. p_ern

    Event log monitoring

    Hi @troms Have looked at this post from Gavsto: There is also this thread for a monitor:
  27. mpierce

    Automate - Patch Upgrade Guide

    Looking to upgrade to 2019.7 tomorrow. Want to know of anyone that has already upgraded, are there any issues you have seen. No known issues from Connectwise being reported yet that I can find.
  28. Kevin Carbonaro

    How do I get the current system date/time in a script?

    Another way is to use shell enhanced and run the command time /t
  29. wondering if any of you have come up with a way to monitor the event logs for a specific event and only generate a ticket if it occurs more then a set number of times, i have been looking into it and I fully admit my mysql command knowledge is a little limited
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