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  3. Hello, Does anyone have this working? We are cloud based Automate, and I am really struggling to get Datview Creator functioning again. Does it work? If not, does someone have a suggestion for a dataview for pc retirement auditing? The reports are ok, but don't export data, and I can't locate an already built dataview I can use. TIA, Trish
  4. We are trying to come up with something that is a script that we can call on in Automate that will run a bitdefender full or quick scan. One of the guys did a good bit of research and said its a no go. Basically what I am trying to accomplish is this: Alert "A" is triggered in automate and the action is run bitdefender quick scan. Alert "B" is triggered the action is run bidefender full scan. I am green as it gets with programming scripts but any ideas are welcome.
  5. Does this work currently? I can't seem to locate it but have the value added and set to TRUE...
  6. I don't have a direct answer to your question becasuse we don't use the HUD displays but I can make a suggestion if you are looking for a great Dashboard option. We use Brightgague and it has a lot of functionality. They have a bunch of built in datasets you can use to make gagues. If you are onsite you can also write your own dataset but we have only had to do that for one specific gague that you probably wouldn't even need. I bet the have some free trials if you want to just give it a shot.
  7. @SteveYatesThanks. Automate patching and reporting needs another overhaul especially with WIn10 in mind.
  8. Malwarebytes has Anti-Ransomware built in their standalone product and has an addition to the Automate integration in the MSP version. Layering is probably your best bet for security with a good backup/disaster recovery plan as a resolution if that fails.
  9. All-- So with the rise of ransomware and this ever evolving issue. We understand that AV and backups are the first lines of defense on this. But AV solutions are only so good at picking up the attach as they are happening. I'd rather this be resolve BEFORE the attack in order to make sure the servers and other resources on the network remain safe. That said, what solutions are people doing to combat the issue of ransomware? What tools are people deploying to make sure that ransomware stays off their network? I understand that viruses are an when not if statement, but there has to be something out there that does better than most. I am currently using Automate for patching and webroot for AV. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks Jason
  10. hi, I have just created a Crimson log. where can I find the logs? Can somebody help me to create the internal monitor on this? thx
  11. Have you tried Printer Status free plugin? It will list all printers attached to a PC https://www.plugins4automate.com/products/printer-status
  12. Manage to find it. It wasent harder then this https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Automate/ConnectWise_Automate_Documentation/060/020 Works fine! Thanks!
  13. How are you all controlling passwords for Automate to elevate when there is not an on-prem domain. The obvious answer is local passwords but I am not comfortable in having a single local admin across all machines. We could break it down per client to minimise risk, but one thing I will say with local admin scripts is that it is hard to keep all computers up to date in a rotation. We currently have a local admin password that updates into an EDF for each PC which is used when domain credentials are not working. These rotate and are unique per machine. But obviously unique per machine will not work when it comes to the location passwords.
  14. Yesterday
  15. We had already done that with 2003 like I noted above, as sadly we still had a couple, so yes just used NOT LIKE '%server 200%' and similar for XP through 7. Since I'm posting, re: my comment above about empty patching tabs, we've seen multiple problems since last fall, basically either: 1) patching tab is completely empty 2) patching tab only has old patches 3) patching tab only has some patches (often missing the non-Windows patches) In all cases restarting the agent and resending patches detects the full list. We've had a ticket open for several months, since in late December almost all our Win10 PCs got into this state one time or another. It has been more sporadic before and after that. And yes this is even for patches CWA had previously installed.
  16. I'm trying to create a simple report that only runs for a specific client and has 3 pieces of information for each computer. Computer Friendly Name, version of Google Chrome, and version of Zoom. Is there a way in the Report Designer to allow this instead of giving me a list of all installed software?
  17. Hi. We have problem that the tray icon is missing from the customers computers now and then. Some that is showing is missing the branded icon. It has the standard green icon instead. Anyone have the same problem? All AV exclutions are set as CW instructed. Anyone have a monitor or script to restart the tray when it goes missing? Or any other solution? Thanks in advanced!
  18. What is the best way to exclude operating systems that are no longer receiving updates due to end-of-support (e.g. Windows 7, Server 2008)? There's no point in alerting on these... I'm thinking just adding additional WHERE to the monitor condition like "AND computers.os NOT LIKE '%server 2008% and computers.os NOT LIKE '%windows 7%'". Unless there is some other table out there that classifies OS versions as supported or not... or would using the version # be better?
  19. Thanks. I have a custom tray configured for this. Where do I point the tray to this group? From the group or from the custom tray ?
  20. If you made a Template of the agent/icon just apply it to the group with a higher Priority.
  21. Hi! We will deploy a software library through the Tray icon where users can install business applications from for one of our customers. At the same customer we have computers where this function will not be avalible. I have create an EDF at computer level. If you check this EDF that computer will not be added to the group where this custom tray will be deployed. But how can we deploy the tray including the custom software library to the group we created? Thanks!
  22. We had not really created our own classes, but had several default ones possibly from as far back as 2009. So one person would be Power User, Admin, User, etc. I simplified that so I was only Super Admin and everyone else had one class with their permissions. On my PC it has stabilized the client quite a bit to the point that I'm not closing and reopening every few days. It is also faster to open. Prior to that the symptoms we'd seen were the client inexplicably slowing down, crashing, and occasionally parts wouldn't load right like the menu would be incomplete, and we'd close and reopen to fix.
  23. I think what you are saying is that you have some users the have multiple classes applied? I believe we are already set up that way but I will take a look at that just to make sure. Thanks
  24. Hi Ian I only posted it because we did see a difference in performance on our end. It might not clear out all the problems the client has but we've had some success with people who had a lot of problems before we made these changes. Angie
  25. Has anyone managed to make a detection template for this AV product? I don't want to reinvent the wheel.....
  26. Anyone else seen this? I'm tempted to start chopping down the classes that we have but don't want to do that if it makes little difference.
  27. Thanks @Gavsto for this! Everything seems to be working well except some of the servers are not coming up. I did a little digging and the role detection looks for the "/" character in the return from "get-wbpolicy | select schedule". The problem is that some of the servers have dates that use the format YYYY-MM-DD rather than YYYY/MM/DD. Since get-wbpolicy will return nothing if there is no backup scheduled, I changed the result to "{" instead of "/" and it is detecting all the servers now.
  28. Can you touch on the Failure error of: "The Automate Server Parameter Was Not Entered or Inaccessable" (might want to check the spelling - Inaccessible) Help: Get-Help Install-Automate -Full Thanks
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