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  2. Not with the old notes. With the new notes you might be able to CSS override them. The override works like External File -> Internal CSS Section -> Tag itself. The manually set each tag in the old notes so you can't override them. If you are referring to the overall email itself and not just the ticket notifications, yes you can change overall email itself yes I cover it in the VoD above.
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  4. Is there ANY method to change not just the status change, but the actual time-entry notes email that goes out?
  5. That looks right, what part isn’t working? When you run the script, you should be prompted for a NewComputerName value.
  6. How about a dataview that shows you if a user is logged in, and how long they have been idle? (I went with Red/Green for the status, no Blue)
  7. As mentioned, here's some of the ones I created a long long time ago, but I believe their flow still holds up. Breakdown of the statuses: 1) New (submitted via app, or just generic simplified "New" status 2) Optional: New (Portal) - If the ticket was launched via the portal. 3) Optional: New (Email) - If the ticket was launched via the email connector 4) Optional: Scheduled - If you have assigned a date and resource, and want to let the customer know when to expect to hear from them. 5) Waiting on Customer: Initial waiting status generates Waiting 1 email, reminds partner to reply, and you will remind them in 5 days. Create a workflow rule that changes this to the secondary waiting status after 5 days. 6) >Waiting on Client Reply: Secondary waiting status that is triggered by workflow above. Keep the ticket in this status for 2 more days before another workflow rule changes it to a completed status. (I like to put the > in front of statuses that are exclusively meant for workflows for a visual reminder not to manually set tickets as this.) 7) Completed: This is your standard completed template (no survey) 😎 Optional: Completed - Survey: This email notification assumes you have a survey setup called "Click Here" within Manage, and you have attributed this survey to the template. Comments: These assume you want your clients entering/accessing their tickets via the portal. If you didn't want that, you could take it out You might choose to create a "Completed - No Response" status as well that your waiting tickets could move to if you did not want to have it go to the generic completed status. You would have to change the link to the "Customer Portal" text to point to your portal URL, and the mailto to where you wanted requests for access to go to. (We had a board that would generate an email in response that included their UN/PW to the portal once it was set up. CW may have a better way of handling this now I'm not sure.) Add hosted logo, alter the black line image or background colours of header/footer to suit your brand Hopefully these are also helpful! Happy to provide more info on the waiting workflow should it be wanted! Link to templates: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1yNsh8Z0KbNG2FdPCKALW90xoiqg-sxBE Template-New-Email.htm Template-New-Portal.htm Template-Scheduled.htm Template-NewTicket.htm Template-Waiting1.htm Template-Waiting2.htm Template-Completed-NoSurvey.htm Template-Completed-Survey.htm
  8. I will link the VoD, i am working on getting it uploaded to youtube, once its done I will add the link. Twitch VoD will only be available for 14 days. If you have any questions/comments, feel free to ask me or post here. @kspooner on slack. HTML Files Attached for the code. Feel free to edit the template to your hearts extent, and don't forget plenty of testing. New_Template.html Template.html
  9. Patch 10 has been added (and the link is finally working on CW's website)
  10. Any updates on this? I have my companies set to their respective patching nights with maintenance night overlapping it with 7 hours, but I am still getting alerts through the entire night with LT-Server offline alerts
  11. Legend! I had to restart the services a couple of times before it was happy. But now it shows as online and in the Automate Control Center.
  12. Well looky there, I got mine fixed. Check in HKLM\SOFTWARE\Labtech\Service. I found some keys in there indicating the last valid check-in was years before the server existed. I finally just renamed the entire Service key to Service.old and restarted the LTMonitoring service. Bingo, a new Service key was created and the agent ID changed from 1 to 2388. Interestingly, the LTMonitoring service renamed itself to "Connectwise Automate Agent", uniquely among any system I've checked. I missed this key before, somehow. Either I mistook it for part of the LT server stuff and was afraid to poke it before, or I just focused on the Wow6432Node entries rather than the main HKLM set. Either way, seems to have fixed the issue. Hopefully this works for you as well, and doesn't have any sort of horrible side-effects I'm ignorant of.
  13. Did you ever get this resolved? I have the exact same issue, but on version 12 latest patch. Our lterrors.logs are all but identical. So far I've tried: Removal/Reinstall of the agent software on the server Above but with wipe of %windir%/LTSvc as well Above but with wipe of agent-related info from the registry (rather scary on the server, hard to tell what's the Agent and what's the Server) All to absolutely no avail. My Labtech/Automate server does not appear in my client list at all, which makes it rather difficult to do basic things like run scheduled cleanup scripts on it...
  14. I had to build this up for a client a while back, they dont use it anymore so I cant give live advice, but have a look here: https://forums.connectwise.com/community/f/connectwise-automate/41642/virus-scan-configuration-for-carbon-black-cb-defense
  15. @captainu @MGreen do either of you have the updated .xml file anymore? Sorry to reopen an old post but it looks like the files are no longer available for download. I've spent a fair bit of time trying to create my own script, but I always get access denied. I've tried various methods (rename_computer, WMIC, netdom) but all of them result in no love.
  16. Any update on the attachment being unavailable for download?
  17. I'm on Patch 9 and I can confirm that I'm able to use 7z just fine. I actually used it quite a bit over the weekend.
  18. I just downloaded a .ps1 file to my PC from /Software/Transfer.
  19. .ps1, and 7z have always downloaded fine. Now those 2 types are failing. There may be others I haven't seen yet.
  20. We are currently transitioning from Kaseya to Connectwise Automate..... We have the process in Kaseya and will be duplicating it in the next month in Automate but can give you an idea on our current process for local PC's: Create a local directory (planning on using C:\Windows\LTSvc\RapidFire) Download the data collector to that location from https://s3.amazonaws.com/networkdetective/download/NetworkDetectiveComputerDataCollector.exe Unzip the contents to the C:\Windows\LTSvc\RapidFire\NDCDC directory Execute shell command C:\Windows\LTSvc\RapidFire\NDCDC\nddc -local -silent -outbase %computername% -outdir Execute shell command C:\Windows\LTSvc\RapidFire\NDCDC\sddc -common -sdfbase %computername% -outdir Check for file NDCDC\%computername%.cdf and move to RapidFire root directory (C:\Windows\LTSvc\RapidFire) --Also check here as Rapidfire has change the default file creation location in the past: NDCDC\cdf\%computername%.cdf Check for file NDCDC\%computername%.sdf and move to RapidFire root directory (C:\Windows\LTSvc\RapidFire) Run a cleanup step to remove the downloaded exe and directories under the root *At this point, schedule or call the collector (which will require a valid Connector ID) https://s3.amazonaws.com/networkdetective/download/NetworkDetectiveConnector.zip -- As for running on the domain (we do not have that automated yet) just leave the files instead of running a cleanup on a DC and run the program manually. If someone has a recommendation for automating this I would be interested. A quick guess below: C:\Windows\LTSvc\RapidFire\NDCDC\NDDC\nddc -mbsa -updates -net -nonpingable -level2 -sql -ad -internet -speedchecks -eventlogs -dhcp -silent -outbase %computername% -outdir Check for file NDCDC\%computername%.ndf and move to RapidFire root directory (C:\Windows\LTSvc\RapidFire) Also grab the ndfRun.log and status-ndc.log my 2 cents - hope that helps!
  21. Hello- Came across this as we as well as others, have a need to send out of the norm notifications to our ends users that are not general maintenance reminders. I downloaded the zip file, and have configured my script to look to see if the file exists and if not then to copy it over to the destination machine. I am storing the file in the C:\temp and attempting to run it via shell and also via execute process with the arguments that i want to return but it is not running as expected. I can run this manually with elevated command prompt and i can see the message but when i run either of options (shell /execute) it returns a running status but no message prompt is present. My script just calls for the Shell c:\temp\CustomMessageBox.exe
  22. So further development during testing. I discovered late yesterday that if the view has a JOIN it will automatically link those three tables. However, if the view does not have a JOIN function it will simply look at that table. I have to do some more testing but at this point it looks like I may have to create two views. One with the JOIN and the other that just pulls data from the other. I will report back once testing is completed. Darren Tested this morning and you are correct. Thank you!
  23. Hello @Aenabs Out of interest, how did you get the script to copy the ISO to the local machine? Did you use variables so that the script works universally or do you have to modify it one by one? I can't find a realistic way to get the ISO onto each individual PC
  24. If the table has a computerid column, it will automatically join the computers, locations, and clients tables. If it has a locationid column, I think it will just link locations and clients. In your view, just don’t name a column computerid or locationid. (Or, redesign the view so that it can be joined to computers, locations, and clients without error)
  25. So after some more testing I have noticed something strange. When utilizing one SQL view for the monitor, information is only pulled from that view and no other tables. However, when a different view is being utilize, it will then pull the Computers, Locations, and Clients tables into the mix. I am still performing testing to determine why Automate is handling the two SQL views differently.
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