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  2. Trying to find info on being able to script/automate patch report calculations. Does anyone know the command, or sql statement to use, I cant find it anywhere. thx, Clint
  3. stefanjansson

    Agent Offline in Automate but Online in Control

    We have hade the exact dame issue...but of course we are the only one in the whole world whit this problem.....
  4. https://github.com/gavsto/AutomateAPI
  5. We use Automate version 12 and Control. Over the past few months, we have seen a growing number of Automate agents becoming corrupted and going offline. At the same time, we are finding those same agents are in fact online and their Control (Screen Connect) session is active. With that said, is there a way to setup something in Automate that would alert us if an agent is offline in Automate but is still online in Control? That way we would know that we need to repair the Automate agent on those computers.
  6. adelamora

    Looking for Active Directory plugin to create users

    I have been looking for a similar solution, but I wanted to see if this is still an updated/relevant plugin. Do people have an alternative that they prefer, or is this a popular option? I would prefer something that is maintained/updated, even if it is a purchased plugin. Thanks!
  7. adelamora

    Active Directory Monitoring

    I have been looking for something that reports on AD replication failures, if that is what you meant. I started to build an EV monitor that looks for specific codes, but it was difficult to make it know if it later succeeded (and auto close the ticket). The same goes for Azure AD sync monitoring. If there is a solution already available, I would love to have it.
  8. Per Title, our ESET Endpoint Antivirus is detecting and quarantining the ProduKey utility used in our Get Product Keys Script. What are some ways you guys have dealt with this?
  9. Nick Denning

    Getting Started

    We are trying to get started with ConnectWise integration. We have a solution running which which uses ConnectWise Automate currently in read-only mode using the REST APIs. We now want to call services to start to update the database and exploit other integration points by accessing the various plugins such as the Connect function in Control. Unfortunately we are finding both the developer and the invent pages of the website somewhat opaque. Can anyone point me at a baby steps document that can take us through in bite size chunks the activity to start to exploit what is clearly a rich environment.
  10. tscheuing

    Thorough Disk Cleanup

    Sure does. What error are you getting?
  11. LOI_agent

    Thorough Disk Cleanup

    Does this still work? I keep getting a failure message
  12. LOI_agent

    Trending ticket report

    Does this exist? It looks like we can only report on machines/locations etc so i assume this would need to be a RAWSQL report. Does anyone have anything of this nature? I'm looking for ticket that reoccur everyday in hopes to address those first. Thanks to anyone providing any info.
  13. Last week
  14. troms

    Local Administrator Group Audit

    There is a plugin that does something similar that we use for this purpose. https://www.plugins4automate.com/products/admon-local-admin-group-monitor
  15. LOI_agent

    PROC - Bad Process Monitor

    I'm sure this has been posted plenty of times but with version changes and being new to the platform, you get to see it again! As you may have guessed, our bad process monitor is returning the process ID rather than the process name. It was my understanding that this was addressed in the later version of Automate (Though i'd only be guessing if i said which) We're on the latest version and are still getting the PID in the ticket message. I'd expect this is because of the variables set in the Autofix script. My question is, Can i use any "set type" variables for use in ticket messages and if so, which variable am i looking for to provide the process name rather than PID? The message currently looks like this "The Bad Process Monitor detected a Process that is marked bad: @result@. This process should be terminated. " Thanks in advance for the insight provided. (Provided there is insight, xD )
  16. With the announcement from ConnectWise that all RDP access to their cloud based hosting services will now be restricted means that your losing your access to SQLyog and or MySQL WorkBench. These are significant updates for ConnectWise which leave MSPs without a valuable tool at their commands. Well not really.... Plugins4Automate has the solution. Our SQL Query Analyzer gives back SQL access to your engineers and makes it available directly inside the Automate Console. Quickly run SQL queries inside of Automate without the need to RDP! SQL Query Analyzer for ConnectWise Automate
  17. Kevin Carbonaro

    utorrent uninstallation script - need help on last bit

    I am almost sure I tried those as well, but will again in case I missed something and let you know the outcome. Thanks
  18. Wupsje

    Ms Teams integration with LabTech

    Simple, Add an incoming webhook to the channel you wish to configure messages to. Save the URL so that you can use it in labtech scripting. If you script it like this you will be able to used the script in alerting. -command "Invoke-WebRequest -Method Post -Uri <INSERTURLHERE> -ContentType \"application/json\" -Body (ConvertTo-Json @{text=\"@myresult@\"} -Depth 3)"
  19. p_ern

    Mapped drive check

    @TechnicalHero There is a plugin for it that is free: https://www.plugins4automate.com/collections/free-plugins/products/mapdrives-share-viewer
  20. DarrenWhite99

    Transferring a file from LT Share

    FYI, the profile path may not be that. To get it correctly you must either grab it from the registry, or use an environment variable that resolves to a path inside the profile and back up one level. Even one that references a path such as your appdata or documents can be redirected and not actually point to the profile path root. I’m on mobile so I can’t suggest the “best” variable to try, but you can check available variables easily and find one to use.
  21. DarrenWhite99

    utorrent uninstallation script - need help on last bit

    Use the regular functions, not their “As Admin” counterparts.
  22. HI All, I'm a noob to scripting and Automate. I need to run a script through automate that will search for a certain local admin and update its password. I've done this part already but it could use some work. Would be nice to check if the user has the correct password and if not then update to the new password we are using for our local admins. I also need a way to get notified that the password was updated successfully. Any suggestions would be much appreciated or any better way of doing what I already did.
  23. You can't edit Agent Monitor Creation - Disk* but you can copy it, then just edit the step in the Agent Monitor Creation* script that runs Agent Monitor Creation - Disk* to run your copy instead.
  24. aXz

    Lenovo Vantage

    Hi! Is there anyone that has a script or solution for on how to 1. Install Lenovo Vantage on Windows 10 Lenovo PC's if its not installed 2. Run lenovo Vantage in the background to install new firmware and drivers? Thanks in advanced!
  25. I am trying to automatically uninstall utorrent, however it's own uninstaller is leaving registry stuff behind, one of them being its entry in the add/remove list in Windows. Automate will still detect it as being installed even though it is not there anymore. My script does the following: Shell Enhanced: taskkill /IM utorrent.exe /F Shell Enahnced: "c:\users\%ComputerUsername%\appdata\roaming\utorrent\utorrent.exe" /UNINSTALL /S The registry key I need to remove is under HKCU: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\uTorrent On the physical machine running cmd as admin I tested successfully reg delete and Powershell, however the same commands in a labtech script will not delete the key and its sub-keys. The Powershell as admin script command I tried: Remove-Item -Path HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\uTorrent -Recurse The Registry Delete Key command I tried: reg delete HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\uTorrent /F Any ideas of how I can remove the registry key? Attached the current status of the script in case you need to test. Uninstall uTorrent.xml
  26. John_ifst

    Custom Searches - Windows Version X and Above

    I was in need of this search. Thank you!
  27. We are working with our clients on moving everyone to Windows 10 when. In order to do this we are trying to determine the best method for handling this remotely. The hope is that we could do this through Automate, though I am not sure that is possible. I'd like to know/hear how others are working with their clients to upgrade endpoints from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Are you going onsite or doing it remote? What tools are being used? What issues or stumbling blocks have you run into? Any input would be great!
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