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Automate Agent Licenses Available 1.0.1

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About This File

This monitor will return the number of available licenses in the result. I also made the Identity field report the available agent licenses in increments of 10. This means that the monitor identity will be "50" when between 41 and 50 licenses remain, and "40" when between 31 and 40 remain. This means that a unique alert will be triggered each time the available count is reduced by 10 (or more). If you do not want new alerts as the remaining count continues dropping below the threshold, set the identity field to "computers.computerid" (no quotes).

The Duplicate Alert Frequency to Once per 7 days. So after 1 week another alert would generate even if the available count did not change. Set to "Send Fail After Success" if you do not want any repeat notifications for the same "incident".

The Alert Template should be the stock "Create Ticket" alert. I would suggest this be changed to an alert template that generates email so that the notice can be sent directly to the person who manages agent licenses.

Unzip the attached file, and import into Control Center using "Tools -> Import -> SQL File". The Internal Monitor name will be "CWAutomate Agent Licenses Available".

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Great, fundamental add-on monitor from Darren.  Allows you to see a stat that really should be a standard feature.

One tweak though, I had to modify the computerid because I didn't have an LTAgent "agent", so for me, using the computerid 999 as an example, I had to change the default:

computers.computerid IN (SELECT IFNULL(MAX(computerid),1) FROM services WHERE `name`='LTAgent' AND state='Running')


computers.computerid IN (SELECT IFNULL(MAX(computerid),999) FROM services WHERE `name`='LTAgent' AND state='Running')

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