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    This plugin was created to manage our user accounts in the client domains. Unique accounts for every technician are required for accountability and this plugin makes managing all those accounts in all of the client AD domains quite simple. Even if you don't use unique domain accounts for your techs, this plugin provides management for the administrative account that Labtech requires in each domain. Add/Remove a user in all domains found in Labtech Add/Remove all existing users in a single domain Assign an account as the Labtech administrative (deployment) account in all locations Automate changing (randomization) of passwords on a scheduled basis Lookup/Change your password across all domains with a single click Manually entered Passwords are checked for complexity Download Here As always, I am open to comments and suggestions for improvement. The "My Account" screen is the only tab visible to Labtech users without the "Security Class Config" right. Manage Users Manage Locations
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    screenshots added to original post and the Service Account tab is below
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