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    @ATrotterYou just need to run your command from `console shell` on the proper console number so the popup displays on their desktop. If you just run default Automate commands it's going to send that popup to the `system` desktop....so obviously the user will never see it. The key here is %consolenumber%, which will be the console number of the logged in user. %consolenumber% will not have a value until you GET the value though, so here is what you need to do... Use the script function "IF Console Logged On". Leave the username blank, then tell it what label to go to if a user IS logged in like :loggedOn After your :loggedOn label, insert another line and use the script function "Console Shell", put your command in the command text box, then fill out the Console Number box with %consolenumber% (which now = the console number of the user detected to be logged in from step 1) That's it! I use powershell popups quite a bit like this.
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    From https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Automate/ConnectWise_Automate_Documentation/070/240/030#Edit_Script_Schedules it looks like: Select Automation > Scripts > Scheduled Scripts Give support "LabTechGeek's" regards.
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