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    This is something that I am constantly seeing, and I am wondering if anyone has any insight in to it. I have a significant number of network devices where MAC Addresses are being detected that don't seemingly exist - these MAC addresses are always 2 Hexadecimal places away from a MAC address that does exist and they end up being/creating duplicate devices. It's easier to show in a screenshot: Checking on the probe to see how this was detected I find nothing in lt_LTNETScan.Log. The only mention of this MAC address is in ly_LTNETMap.log. Here is the section it is in: Hooking up interface Slot: 0 Port: 23 10/100 Copper - Level- - 23 (23)Inteface Detected Macs: MacAddress: 00:04:F2:F9:4F:C1 IP: Hooking up interface Slot: 0 Port: 24 10/100 Copper - Level- - 24 (24)Inteface Default Macs: Hooking up interface Slot: 0 Port: 25 Gigabit - Level- - 25 (25)Inteface Default Macs: Hooking up interface Slot: 0 Port: 26 Gigabit - Level- - 26 (26)Inteface Detected Macs: MacAddress: 00:01:2E:82:73:B9 IP: MacAddress: 00:0B:D6:1F:2D:DB MacAddress: 00:0B:D6:46:31:B6 IP: MacAddress: 00:1D:AA:0A:53:30 IP: MacAddress: 0C:80:63:B2:DA:1D IP: MacAddress: 14:B3:1F:23:C7:7E IP: MacAddress: 14:B3:1F:24:21:6C IP: MacAddress: 2C:30:33:9D:90:72 MacAddress: 34:64:A9:2E:E8:86 IP: MacAddress: 34:64:A9:2E:E8:FA IP: MacAddress: 40:B0:34:3C:F3:F7 IP: MacAddress: 5C:E2:8C:67:45:9C MacAddress: 64:00:6A:0A:B9:48 IP: MacAddress: 80:CE:62:1C:54:5D IP: MacAddress: 8C:3B:AD:14:63:D7 <------------------- Naughty MAC Address MacAddress: 90:2B:34:BF:1F:2E IP: MacAddress: B0:83:FE:69:4D:BE IP: MacAddress: B0:83:FE:69:77:AD IP: MacAddress: B0:83:FE:7F:24:FC IP: MacAddress: B0:83:FE:B7:B5:BA IP: MacAddress: B0:83:FE:BC:06:DC IP: MacAddress: B4:A3:82:2F:B5:87 IP: MacAddress: BC:AD:28:E1:C8:77 IP: MacAddress: DC:4A:3E:8F:6D:4D IP: MacAddress: DC:EF:09:EB:2F:FA MacAddress: F4:39:09:40:A4:EF IP: MacAddress: F8:BC:12:3B:1E:40 IP: AssignInterfacesEnhanced for device 3-NetgearFS728TPv2-24PoE Mac: 2C:30:33:9D:90:70 Description:FS728TP Smart Switch 2F46615F000D5 FS728TPv2Hooking up interface Slot: 0 Port: 1 10/100 Copper - Level- - 1 (1)Inteface Default Macs: Hooking up interface Slot: 0 Port: 2 10/100 Copper - Level- - 2 (2)Inteface Default Macs: Hooking up interface Slot: 0 Port: 3 10/100 Copper - Level- - 3 (3)Inteface Detected Macs: MacAddress: B4:A3:82:2F:B5:87 IP: Hooking up interface Slot: 0 Port: 4 10/100 Copper - Level- - 4 (4)Inteface Default Macs: Hooking up interface Slot: 0 Port: 5 10/100 Copper - Level- - 5 (5)Inteface Detected Macs: MacAddress: 00:0B:D6:1F:2D:DB Hooking up interface Slot: 0 Port: 6 10/100 Copper - Level- - 6 (6)Inteface Detected Macs: MacAddress: 34:64:A9:2E:E8:FA IP: For all intents and purposes in all of these duplicate detections the MAC doesn't seem to exist. What this is doing though is polluting network devices with duplicate devices that are inaccurate. Anyone seeing this or got any insight?
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