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    Finaly... I found at least the ilo5 detection problem origin... In my case, the iLO5 was in another VLAN. So it will not be available in the ARP table from the probe. This rules out the ARP scan/detection. But for some reason, the iLO5 device will never respond the IP address from the iLO when checking OID but the IP address from the Server itself. So for example: The ilo is configured on and the host has IP, the SNMP walk on this oid will show This makes labtech not able to detect using SNMP rules because it does not match the IP address from the Ping Sweep. In other words: The probe will never detect iLO5 when in another VLAN. So next question: what can do about this.... I keep searching.
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    This is the Internal Monitor we created to filter out only the specific Dell OpenManage EventID's we wanted to report on. The EventID's listed in the Result field were in the Dell pdf linked to in the first post so you can chose which ones you want. I just set it up so it may need a bit of tweaking yet, but it seems to do the trick so far. ------- Table to Check: eventlogs Field to Check: EventID Check Condition: InSet Result: (1004,1005,1100,1554,1700,2048,2050,2051,2056,2057,2076,2094,2107,2147,2163,2188,2273) Identity Field: substr(Concat(eventlogs.`TimeGen`,': ', Replace(Replace(eventlogs.`message`,'\'', ''), '\n', '')),1,97) AS loggedEvent Additional Field: eventlogs.Source='Server Administrator' OR 'DELL Open Manage Server' OR 'Storage Administrator' AND Computers.LastContact > DATE_ADD(NOW(),INTERVAL -15 MINUTE)