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  1. A Linux LabTech agent that's 100% identical to the windows agent. This Agent can be installed most anywhere and does not require MONO to be installed. Plugins load, probe works, inventory collects, monitors run, redirectors work, scripts run, and automation ensues. Check it out HERE
  2. That value is stored in the Properties table. The Property is called NewTicketNotification# where the # is th eID of the client. you might also find NewTicketNotification without a number and this is the default email to notify. greg
  3. OK, You can find the parameters you can use by doing a script that shows variabales and that will show you everything. BUT here goes on an explaination. When you have a List like you do you get list variables, depending on whats selected. The Item that's selected has an ID and its %lid% Each Column of the Item is available as %col1% to %col5% or more if you have more columns. Each Column is also available URLEncoded as %ucol1% to %ucol5% or more if you have more columns. So it should be %Col5% in you example above.
  4. Fixed it. Opps included wrong version of MySQL Dll
  5. Ok, I think we could do several things. First Remove the TimeStamp ID from the Monitor. Or Second Move it to the end of the Identifier, Since we only match on 100 characters, if you moved it past 100 then it would not match I'm in the middle of updating my lab server to try this plugin out, but my first thought on how to deal with this issue is to use a variant of a different solution above. Given the date/time fields are always the same length, it should be possible to concatinate off the timestamp - though I need to look back over things to see what the downside of that may be still. Might need to append the machine name too to maintain uniqueness between machines?
  6. You should check the box maked Enable Web Control Center. Then after an save and an IIS Reset you will have a token box in the webpage
  7. Your right there is a ton of ways. I sketched up a very simple script to show how I would do it. I have not tested this script at all, it prolly is full of syntax errors. But the concept is correct. IF SQL Check SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Computers WHERE LastContact>DATE_ADD(NOW(),INTERVAL -2 MINUTE) AND ComputerID=@ComputerID@ < 1 THEN Note: PC Is OFFLINE SET: @OfflineCount@ = 0 GET: @OfflineCount@ = [sTATE OfflineCount] for computer %computerid% SET: @OfflineCount@ = @OfflineCount@ + 1 SET: [sTATE OfflineCount] = @OfflineCount@ for computer %computerid% IF @OfflineCount@ > 10 THEN Jump to line 9 RUN SCRIPT: Actions\Offline Check Script in 10 Minutes Exit Script LabTech Server Call Alert Template2 ELSE Note: PC Is ONline SET: [sTATE OfflineCount] = 0 for computer %computerid% Offline Check Script.zip
  8. That is what a Send Every X days option is for on a Internal Monitor.
  9. Plugin Updated v1.3.5 Tested in 10.5 Fixed Script GUID Lookup Added Error Messages to The Webpage Browse Events, helps in setting of urls and error reporting Fixed Message when system has not been configured and dbagent needs restarted.
  10. Updated This Plugin and Fixed the Monitors Not Showing Bug, And Ignoring Alerts Issue. Look to the Main Post for an Updated installer The way this Plugin works is to show the Alerts Identity And let you approve it. The Problem was we only showed the items that had generated and did not show the other monitors. We have changed this to showing all monitors that this alert action is configured for. So this was more of a documentation problem and not a real bug, but since so many people experienced it, I have changed its behavior. Instructions to Get this to work as fast as possible. Install the Plugin, Enable it and Restart both the control center and Database agent. Pick an Internal Monitor that has results, Open the monitor and run the Query, make sure there is results. Now open an alert template that applies to that monitor and edit the alerts. Select the Approved alerting action for errors and save it. Now on that monitor click reset and run now. You should have approvals generated. If you do not have approvals, open that alert template and select email\alert along with approvals as the action. Reset and run again. You should have alerts and emails. And of course Approvals. If you do not then the problem is in the monitor and not the plugin
  11. Updated Plugin to support Regions other than the united states. Also Fixed initial Loading Error and The DuoConfig getting updated to True when initial Configuration is applied. Also when it does error on the test it will respond with an error message. Will Only Test once , when its first config is saved See Main Post for link to updated installer
  12. lol, I just did the same thing to work on this plugin, forgot. Well go to the duo manager https://admin.duosecurity.com/ Then Click Users. If the users are there, you want to click the users name link and click on the Phone link. Then click Activate Duo Mobile, or Reactivate, then MAKE sure to send the install instruction via SMS. This will let them click and run it.
  13. Updated Plugin to work with version 10.5 The new Update is NOT compatible with older LabTech. So disable the plugin, update to 10.5 and then Install the updated plugin. See main Post for the Updated Download.
  14. No you can not get the attachment, But you might be able to get the name of it with some clever RegEx matching in the Body. When doing the regular Expression matching and your pattern defines Groups. For example this "(http|https)://([^\:\/]+)/(.+)" It defines 3 Groups, the first will contain "http" or "Https" the second will contain the server part. the 3rd will contain the querystring. Yes the pattern does not work when the url contains a port, but its an example. You can Access these groups with the variables. The Main Match is put in one of the return variables like %emailbody0% and all groups will go in %emailbody1%,%emailbody2%,%emailbody3% and so on.
  15. Token Verification happens in like 30 seconds, if you are not getting the email then something is blocking it. This DOES happen as the email is coming from the midphase servers and spam scanner are very picky. I would get a new license for each Install you are running.
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