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  1. bkuzma

    Rehoming Agents

    Remember how I said "It may Blow Up Your System?"... Yeah. That.
  2. We do something very similar with processes, looking for odd singletons.
  3. Quick survey for fellow geeks, with regards to the scripting editor: Option A: I like the scripting editor as it is. Option B: I'd like a text based script editor like Visual Studio with autocomplete, syntax highlighting, and all that jazz. Option C: I'd like a visual, flowchart based representation similar to SQL Server Integration Services gives me.
  4. The larger problem here, is how to attach the alert to the correct machine. To do so reliably, you'd need to ensure that the alert emails out of Vipre contain enough information to match to a machine in Labtech.
  5. I highly recommend Michael Priest's Ninite Solution for managing your Ninite.
  6. You can also call a local command using this methodology to actually rename the computer itself.
  7. The easiest way would involve pulling a SQL Get Dataset, then iterating through the returned rows. Use a user variable to maintain state, and do a SQL Execute for each row to handle the rename.
  8. Are you using the built in Labtech ticketing system, or do you have an external PSA tool?
  9. I'm pleased to announce the preview release of our Advanced DNS Lookup scripting function plugin. This tool allows you to query A, CNAME, MX, NS, SRV, and TXT records from Labtech scripts. I am currently looking for several volunteers to test this plugin, and provide feedback.
  10. Greg, I'm wanting to dump back out some additional variables into either the user variables or the system variables from a plugin implementing IFunction. Are there any rules, considerations, or best practices that I should be aware of? -Bobby
  11. Technically, you could pick any machine to run the script on, but for sake of simplicity, all of our "Practice Management" scripts are run on the Labtech Server. If you are cloud-hosted, you won't have this option.
  12. Here's two scripts that accomplish this. 1. Cleanup Active Agents - Run this against your labtech server. It will call a second script for all computers that haven't pulsed in in the last 30 days. 2. !Delete Computer From Labtech - This script calls a stored procedure to remove the computer. Cleanup Inactive Agents.zip
  13. We've generally added additional checks to the deployment scripts for things like Exchange and SQL Server service packs.
  14. Michael, Any inheritance on inclusions, exclusions, and forced installs should follow the same logic as patching does in the core labtech product. That will help to lower the cognitive overhead for the folks trying to figure it out. A viewer at the machine level that would show what clients, location, or group settings impacted the machine would be a great feature, and would significantly cut down on the troubleshooting. -Bobby
  15. Nilear has a tool that does this. It works quite well
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