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  1. cgauss

    Automate Client Constant Crash

    Seeing as we are monitoring some machines that have either the downloading of root certs disabled by GPO or lack Internet access we found out we needed the cert as well. The command line to import it into the correct spot is as follows: CERTUTIL -addstore -enterprise -f -v root "<location of cert>\Root-R1.crt"
  2. Trying to do some updates via scripts that are done by some sort of API or telnet type activity. Is there a way via Automate to create a Manage ticket with a specific config attached, not the machine it is running from?
  3. cgauss

    Automation Nation - Is it worth going?

    Absolutely. The sessions have a lot of value. The biggest value is in the networking you will do while not in sessions.
  4. cgauss

    [OPEN DISCUSSION] LabTech... re-branding??

    I agree with others. I think more time and effort needs to be put in to launching a good stable product and not worry about new bells and whistles or names.
  5. cgauss

    Ensuring scripts only run on schedule

    You could probably use an EDF and set the '3' as a variable
  6. cgauss

    Ensuring scripts only run on schedule

    We had this exact same issue. This is what I did to only allow the script to run during the time it is scheduled for. Add a step to your script with the following... Function: IF SQL Data Check Sql Statement: SELECT HOUR(TIME(SYSDATE()))='3'; Compare: Not = To: 1 Label to Jump to or Steps to Skip: 0 The above step will exit the script if the time is not during the 3am hour. Hopefully that helps
  7. cgauss

    Checks for Windows update failures?

    Thanks Rami, I am going to give that a try. Looks like I will have to do some sort of date/time filter as well.
  8. cgauss

    Bulk Export of Scripts

    So far, the only way I know is to individually export each script. Blows!
  9. cgauss

    Tab and subtabs?

    For example.... How would I hide a subtab for a machine that is a Domain Controller? Example: My tab 1 Sub tab 1 | Sub tab 2 | Sub tab3 If the computer is a DC then Sub Tab 2 isnt visible
  10. cgauss

    Probe Templates

    A good test is try snmpwalk against the device you are trying to get LT to detect. http://www.snmpsoft.com/freetools/snmpwalk.html If it cant query it your snmp settings need to be adjusted.
  11. cgauss

    Tab and subtabs?

    Thanks for the info Tim! Much appreciated. Now on the new Tab Control, could I make a tab create dynamically? Example.... Exchange Server creates a mailbox sizes tab.
  12. Anyone have any monitors or scripts to check for when Windows update fails with something like this: Error Occurred Durring Install: Exception from HRESULT: 0x8024001E
  13. cgauss

    Tab and subtabs?

    How would I go about setting up a plugin to create a tab and then a subtab underneath? Example: Tab 1 > Our RMM Sub tab > Display my custom table Could I then also write additional plugins to create subtabs under Tab 1?
  14. cgauss

    Issue Running Custom Crystal Reports

    There really arent any tutorials out there for Labtech and Crystal. Trial and Error is about the best method, believe me.... I have upwards of 50 custom Crystal Reports reports and that grows almost monthly.
  15. cgauss

    Plugin Tutorial Quick Start Guide

    It would be nice if the guide walked through creating a simple plugin from scratch. Working off a example is great, but from scratch would be better.