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    Works great and it definitely saves us time. I appreciate it Darren.
  1. wnichols

    Agent Status and User Idle Time Dataview

    Works great - was able to use the new field and add it to other dataviews via the Dataview Creator.
  2. wnichols

    Agent Status and User Idle Time Dataview

    Darren - is there a way to have the Agent Idle field selectable on other dataviews? Also - is there a way to change the value where it shows "Not Available" to show "Active" instead? I've noticed almost all of the Not Available items are active machines but I don't know if that is 100% true.
  3. wnichols

    Automate Client Constant Crash

    What's in the event log? Is there a crash dump generated?
  4. wnichols

    DNS Forwarder Check

    Works great - thanks!
  5. wnichols

    CWA Agent Version Update Monitor

    Works great - thanks for the updates.
    Thanks Darren - cleaned up quite a bit of old roles especially from old AV's.
  6. Thanks Darren. This is helpful I appreciate it. I wonder if i'm going to have problems with computers entering the "New Computers" location though.
  7. I'm looking for a way to monitor locations in labtech that don't have a network probe deployed? Of course being able to exclude a location would be ideal in this type of set up. I want to include this in our on-boarding monitors.
  8. I'd like to create a monitor that monitors computer objects in AD and if a computer object exists in the AD but the name doesn't show up in labtech it creates a ticket. I'm trying to figure out the best way to accomplish this and wanted to see if anyone had some ideas.
  9. wnichols

    monitor machines not on the domain

    Thanks Darren - this will work. I originally wanted to use the network probe machine at the location as the "standard" for what the domain should be but really any server will do.
  10. I want to create an internal monitor that reviews the computers.Domain value and compares this value against the domain value on the network probe for the location. For now I have an internal monitor to review for the domain "WORKGROUP" that works fine but I'd like to future proof this. I wanted to see if someone could assist me in writing the compare against the locations network probe. Here is a screenshot of what I have so far
  11. Thanks for the help on this Darren!
  12. wnichols

    Patch Superseded

    Try resending patch information and refreshing the page - they should disappear
  13. wnichols

    Patch Superseded

    I believe LT Patch 17 fixed this issue. Be sure to update to this version.