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  1. tlphipps

    Running Automate in Azure

    My understanding is that 'managed disks' do NOT need storage space striping to achieve great I/o. But I don't have any VMs using them at this point to confirm that. I CAN confirm that I get pretty dismal results when running that command from CW on my Azure system. Basically reporting 15.25MiB/s. I can also confirm that with 5,400 agents on our system, there's NO WAY that's indicative of our actual performance. Sorry I can't help with CW refusing to move forward though. No real ideas there.
  2. tlphipps

    Running Automate in Azure

    Same here. We couldn't do what we do without the awesome sharing that takes place on this forum and in Slack. Anywhere I can give back in any way, I'm 100% in. And I also love seeing/hearing what others are doing with Azure too so I know I'm not on an island!
  3. tlphipps

    Running Automate in Azure

    Yeah, that's often a topic of conversation here. For us we have to factor in hardware cost, colo cost (or redundancies added to office), we're already a multi-state organization so Azure helps with that some, We're pushing clients to Azure so being 'all in' ourselves helps a bit. And in the 4 years we've been in Azure, we've not had a single outage. Not that it CAN'T happen. But awfully nice never really worrying about our internal 'infrastructure.' Pricey for sure, but as long as we're pricing our services correctly, if you spread that cost amongst 5,400 agents, it's not all that bad. I'm seriously considering doing a reserved instance for this to really cut the cost down.
  4. tlphipps

    Running Automate in Azure

    Sure. We're currently running on a DS13 (8 vCPU; 56GB RAM). I'm interested in some of the newer sizes and especially in managed disks, but sadly can't easily switch to either of those. So if somebody else wanted to do some testing for me...…...that'd be awesome!
  5. tlphipps

    Running Automate in Azure

    Actually really glad somebody else asked this. I recently ran the diskspd tool against our Azure instance as well and get results well below what CW recommends. But we're now at 5,400 agents and still see really great performance IMHO. I mentioned previously we're using striped disks in storage pools. I also mentioned increasing our instance size. We're up to an instance size with 56GB RAM and have 50GB available for MySQL. After some DB tuning to clear out crap, our DB size hovers around 46GB or so which means we're basically keeping the whole thing in RAM. When I look at disk performance using resource monitor, I rarely see spikes or queue build-up which says to me that we don't really have any disk performance issues despite what the CW recommended tool is saying. For now I'm happy where we're at and after doing some DB cleanup and getting all the latest patches for CWA installed, our performance is better than ever. I'm definitely starting to look at split-server config as we continue growing. But based on what I've seen/heard from others on performance, I'm not sure I really expect much gain over what we have right now.
  6. tlphipps

    Web Scripts Error - Known Issue 1109583

    Post-upgrade we're still looking good on this. I fully echo what @Jacobsa said above. I really hope this is a sign of 'more to come' with CW engaging with this community like this to help provide workarounds and solutions. It's greatly appreciated.
  7. tlphipps

    Web Scripts Error - Known Issue 1109583

    THANKS!! Just confirmed this worked for us on 12.12. Upgrading to 2019.2 tonight so hoping this fix 'sticks' for us.
  8. tlphipps

    Script that prompts user to reboot with a timer.

    Ping @tscheuing maybe in a PM. I think you’ll like what he can offer.
  9. This is so awesome. Now we need somebody to just create a sync process from IT Glue to CWA Passwords. Any takers!??!
  10. tlphipps

    Running Automate in Azure

    We still run in Azure and really like it. It's still pricier than doing something on-prem, but tremendously flexible and I swear the performance of Azure VMs is faster than the "same specs" on a physical or Hyper-V VM on-prem. We're now above 5,000 agents and had to move up to a bigger VM instance type to get more CPU and RAM in the mix. (and probably need to start exploring a split server config) I'd look into "managed disks" if I were starting over now as I understand you can get similar performance without needing to use Storage Spaces striping with multiple SSDs (which is how we're currently setup). Basically, find guidance on doing IaaS for SQL Server in Azure and assume you need to follow that same basic setup. For support, to get actual Azure support, you need to pay for it. But I hear you can buy it, use it for a few days/weeks, then cancel it and they'll refund you unused time. We haven't needed to use it, so I haven't tried that.
  11. tlphipps

    Deploying Windows 10 Version Updates

    FWIW, Here's my version of the script you're trying to build. We've used this on hundreds of systems now. https://www.labtechgeek.com/topic/3535-major-windows-10-updates-anniversary-creators/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-24923
  12. tlphipps

    Outlook 365 Migration

    Sadly, Office 2016 broke the Config365.com tool (at least it did for us). So one of our guys wrote a custom tool for this we've been using. It's not something I'd feel comfortable sharing at this point as it's pretty custom and has very little documentation. Sorry!
  13. tlphipps

    Automate Locking Up Issues

    This may be obvious or not applicable, but anytime I hear of someone assigning that many virtual CPUs, I like to remind/inform that the virtualization engine will require that many free CPU cores before executing instructions for the VM in question. In other words, if you're overcommitting the number of virtual CPUs compared to the number of physical cores in the system, you may actually create worse performance for your VMs. Based on my own experience with our system (4500 agents; 4 vCPU; 24GB RAM; SSD storage (Azure VM)), it certainly seems like your vCPU count at least is probably way over-inflated. I'd probably argue RAM is also, but if you have that much physical RAM available, no reason to not put it to use.
  14. OMG. So I figured out what's happening. Bitdefender is stripping out the <script> tags from the file. Between the time I've saved the file locally on my laptop and then copied it up to the server, Bitdefender has already gone in and modified the file to completely remove the <script> section because of the VBscript declaration in there. I had no idea it could/would modify the CONTENTS of the file rather than just quarantining the entire thing. So that's a new one for me. Oh, and even Windows Defender will flag and delete the file if downloaded from a webserver. So yeah, fun. I guess it's time to learn how to build a powershell GUI.
  15. I'm stumped. When I download the .hta file to a system, I'm getting error messages saying the ResizeWindow function isn't defined. And sure enough, when I view the HTML source of the HTA file downloaded, it's completely missing the <script> blocks. Any ideas? The file on my CWA server is this: <html> <head> <title>Enable Automate Agent Deployment</title> <meta content="text/html; charset=utf-8" http-equiv="Content-Type" /> <hta:application applicationname="Automate Agent Deployment" version="1.1" /> <script language="vbscript"> Sub ResizeWindow() window.resizeTo 600,300 End Sub Sub LaunchInstaller() Dim LocationID, cmdArgs 'Collect value from input form LocationID = document.getElementByID("Location_id").Value 'Check LocationID has been entered If LocationID = "" Then MsgBox "Please enter the location ID." Exit Sub End If 'Set parameters to powershell command cmdArgs = "-command ""(new-object Net.WebClient).DownloadString('http://bit.ly/ltposh') | IEX; Install-LTService -Server 'https://cwa.enabletech.com' -LocationID '" & LocationID & "'""" Set oShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application") oShell.ShellExecute "powershell.exe", cmdArgs, "", "runas", 1 End Sub </script> </head> <body onload="ResizeWindow()"> <h1>Enable Automate Agent Deployment</h1> <div>Location ID:</div> <input type="text" id="Location_id" value="" /> <br> <input type="button" id="install_btn" value="Start Installation" onclick="LaunchInstaller()" /> </body> </html> But when I download the HTA file through a browser, it comes out like this (Notice the <script> block is completely missing): <html> <head> <title>Enable Automate Agent Deployment</title> <meta content="text/html; charset=utf-8" http-equiv="Content-Type" /> <hta:application applicationname="Automate Agent Deployment" version="1.1" /> </head> <body onload="ResizeWindow()"> <h1>Enable Automate Agent Deployment</h1> <div>Location ID:</div> <input type="text" id="Location_id" value="" /> <br> <input type="button" id="install_btn" value="Start Installation" onclick="LaunchInstaller()" /> </body> </html>