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  1. tlphipps

    CWControl/ScreenConnect Scripting - Install/Remove

    I'm guilty of grabbing @DarrenWhite99's scripts previously and modifying and using them but never posting back. First off, Darren, YES these work on macOS quite well (or did back then). One thing we discovered recently was that the program directory on macOS was changed during a a mid-6.9 release of CW Control. So we updated our "Get GUID" script to properly grab the GUID from the old location AND the new location. This has been working well for us. Here's our updated "Get GUID" script. Technically is still supports Windows, but due to the plugin handling that directly now, we really only use this for macOS clients. We just call this script at the end of our "install" script on macOS machines to update the CWA database so the link from CWA to CWC exists for Mac agents just like it does for Windows agents. CW Control Get GUID - ERG.xml
  2. tlphipps

    Major Windows 10 Updates (Anniversary, Creators)

    Link still works for me too.
  3. tlphipps

    Hyper-V host automated patching

    We leave the maint. window set weekly even though patches only really roll out monthly. It's a 2 hour gap in 'monitoring' during an overnight period. We find that acceptable since we still get alerted when the maintenance period is over for any machines still offline (I can't think of a time that has happened in last 10 years)
  4. tlphipps

    Hyper-V host automated patching

    Just make sure you have maintenance windows defined for your patching period. In our case, our patching window runs from 2-4am. So we have a maintenance window defined during that time for all servers. No alerts then regardless of what machines are up/down since they're all rebooting during that period. @Dayrak I'm really not sure how else to explain it. We patch hyper-v hosts just like any other server. We don't treat them differently AT ALL. In the configuration of each Hyper-v VM, we make sure to choose the Automatic Stop Action as 'save.' (see screenshot). Our experience is this causes ZERO issues. Even if the VM is in the middle of patching when host reboots. The VM just starts right back up and finishes what it was doing with the VM turns back on.
  5. tlphipps

    Running Automate in Azure

    @dfleisch I greatly appreciate you jumping in with all of this incredibly detailed and helpful information. It's great to see CW employees contributing more and more in these forums. I don't doubt that MS is doing 'trickery' with how they implement and present some of the Azure virtual hardware. I will say though that I thought some of your comments toward the end of the post were maybe a bit more snarky than they needed to be. Or maybe I just read too much into it. I completely respect your expertise and appreciate the technical detail. At the end of the day, we're currently running over 5,300 agents on a single Azure VM and we're quite happy with the performance. But as we continue growing I'm certainly always evaluating our choices of on-prem/cloud/whatever to make sure it works well for our business.
  6. tlphipps

    Running Automate in Azure

    My understanding is that 'managed disks' do NOT need storage space striping to achieve great I/o. But I don't have any VMs using them at this point to confirm that. I CAN confirm that I get pretty dismal results when running that command from CW on my Azure system. Basically reporting 15.25MiB/s. I can also confirm that with 5,400 agents on our system, there's NO WAY that's indicative of our actual performance. Sorry I can't help with CW refusing to move forward though. No real ideas there.
  7. tlphipps

    Running Automate in Azure

    Same here. We couldn't do what we do without the awesome sharing that takes place on this forum and in Slack. Anywhere I can give back in any way, I'm 100% in. And I also love seeing/hearing what others are doing with Azure too so I know I'm not on an island!
  8. tlphipps

    Running Automate in Azure

    Yeah, that's often a topic of conversation here. For us we have to factor in hardware cost, colo cost (or redundancies added to office), we're already a multi-state organization so Azure helps with that some, We're pushing clients to Azure so being 'all in' ourselves helps a bit. And in the 4 years we've been in Azure, we've not had a single outage. Not that it CAN'T happen. But awfully nice never really worrying about our internal 'infrastructure.' Pricey for sure, but as long as we're pricing our services correctly, if you spread that cost amongst 5,400 agents, it's not all that bad. I'm seriously considering doing a reserved instance for this to really cut the cost down.
  9. tlphipps

    Running Automate in Azure

    Sure. We're currently running on a DS13 (8 vCPU; 56GB RAM). I'm interested in some of the newer sizes and especially in managed disks, but sadly can't easily switch to either of those. So if somebody else wanted to do some testing for me...…...that'd be awesome!
  10. tlphipps

    Running Automate in Azure

    Actually really glad somebody else asked this. I recently ran the diskspd tool against our Azure instance as well and get results well below what CW recommends. But we're now at 5,400 agents and still see really great performance IMHO. I mentioned previously we're using striped disks in storage pools. I also mentioned increasing our instance size. We're up to an instance size with 56GB RAM and have 50GB available for MySQL. After some DB tuning to clear out crap, our DB size hovers around 46GB or so which means we're basically keeping the whole thing in RAM. When I look at disk performance using resource monitor, I rarely see spikes or queue build-up which says to me that we don't really have any disk performance issues despite what the CW recommended tool is saying. For now I'm happy where we're at and after doing some DB cleanup and getting all the latest patches for CWA installed, our performance is better than ever. I'm definitely starting to look at split-server config as we continue growing. But based on what I've seen/heard from others on performance, I'm not sure I really expect much gain over what we have right now.
  11. tlphipps

    Web Scripts Error - Known Issue 1109583

    Post-upgrade we're still looking good on this. I fully echo what @Jacobsa said above. I really hope this is a sign of 'more to come' with CW engaging with this community like this to help provide workarounds and solutions. It's greatly appreciated.
  12. tlphipps

    Web Scripts Error - Known Issue 1109583

    THANKS!! Just confirmed this worked for us on 12.12. Upgrading to 2019.2 tonight so hoping this fix 'sticks' for us.
  13. tlphipps

    Script that prompts user to reboot with a timer.

    Ping @tscheuing maybe in a PM. I think you’ll like what he can offer.
  14. This is so awesome. Now we need somebody to just create a sync process from IT Glue to CWA Passwords. Any takers!??!
  15. tlphipps

    Running Automate in Azure

    We still run in Azure and really like it. It's still pricier than doing something on-prem, but tremendously flexible and I swear the performance of Azure VMs is faster than the "same specs" on a physical or Hyper-V VM on-prem. We're now above 5,000 agents and had to move up to a bigger VM instance type to get more CPU and RAM in the mix. (and probably need to start exploring a split server config) I'd look into "managed disks" if I were starting over now as I understand you can get similar performance without needing to use Storage Spaces striping with multiple SSDs (which is how we're currently setup). Basically, find guidance on doing IaaS for SQL Server in Azure and assume you need to follow that same basic setup. For support, to get actual Azure support, you need to pay for it. But I hear you can buy it, use it for a few days/weeks, then cancel it and they'll refund you unused time. We haven't needed to use it, so I haven't tried that.