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  1. MS have a long history of changing things at the last minute. I'd take whatever prep you do now, with a grain of salt as to whether it's still relevant at release time.
  2. I raised this at ITNation with one of the seniors that was there. There isn't a "good" solution right now. As @toril alluded to, there are pros and cons to each option. We copy everything but this means we effectively don't get updates. This could potentially be very very bad if it's a security issue. Apparently, the solution is to manually check everything each update, but that doesn't seem overly practical in my opinion. I do wonder how the other RMM solutions handle this?
  3. We were a Symantec partner for a LONG time. Their adaption to new and upcoming theats has been painfully slow, and this was especially true when they were all one big company and looked after Backup Exec, and didn't get new OS Support for 18 months. Relunctantly, we evaluated a variety of options and settled on two solutions: 1) Webroot for our cost sensitive customers, or when Sophos isn't running promotional pricing. We like the cloud management, and price and it's ransomware remediation (I have heard it doesn't work and to date we haven't had any infections to test it with, which may be a testament to it's effectiveness or we are just super lucky. 2) Sophos CEA and Intercept X, which I feel is a superior product, with pretty average, to terrible support, which we only sell when they are running promos on the 1:1 (buy InterceptX and get CEA free) and to customers who are a little less price focused. It's definitely the more complex and resource hungry product, but my feeling is it's technically superior and more capable. We have had no infections on customers running either, bar one where the user was logged in as a local administrator, which no AV can solve.
  4. I agree I am concerned, but I certainly never recall a time with AVG were darlings of anything let alone AVG. We were a Symantec Partner until 18 months ago. Happy with what they offered, until they just didn't keep up with the next gen offering and had no Ransomware protection or remediation. We had a partnership with Sophos and overall we think their solution is pretty good, excellent even, even if it's pretty heavy resource wise. The issue with it is price, which is eye-watering unless they are doing a promo. It has a few glaring functionality limitations which have caused customers to ask us for other solutions (such as the ability to allow an end user who has permissions to clear their history etc) Webroot has been ok for us, but I am deeply concerned by this acquisition. More so than others I have seen. Carbonite isn't a company I am thrilled to be the purchaser, but equally, in my view WR leadership isn't probably heavy weight enough at this stage to be hugely bigger. I don't mean disrepesct to the current Cxo suite, but specific skill sets are required to lead larger organizations. If Webroot start with price hikes and other nonsense, I'll be reassessing my stack.
  5. It would be useful to modify it so it reports in the ticket the missing version or patch. For anyone else who might find it useful, the feedback I got from a very helpful person on slack was that the processor queue, disk performance monitors can be discarded. The NIC one should remain and likely indicates an issue with the network interface of the machine in question potentially. App Init DLL should be kept as it may be a virus or malware
  6. Hi. Having had a look at what creates the most tickets, we have compiled a list. Perf - NIC Packets Received Errors As I understand, it, these should be pretty unlikely to be real issues? Worth keeping? Perf - Processor Utilization Not sure if it should be scrapped or the thresholds changed. If not scrapped, would anyone care to share reasonable thresholds so we only get relevant ones? Perf - Processor Queue Length Not sure if it should be scrapped or the thresholds changed. If not scrapped, would anyone care to share reasonable thresholds so we only get relevant ones? Perf - Disk Transfers/Sec Not sure if it should be scrapped or the thresholds changed. If not scrapped, would anyone care to share reasonable thresholds so we only get relevant ones? REG - Windows Appinit DLL Defined ? Service SepMasterService Useful or not? Real problem or no longer relevant? UPDATES - Missing Service Pack This could be useful if the information inside it was useful, like WHAT service pack is missing. Does anyone have an updated definition of this please? New- An Out Of Date Labtech Agent was detected I think LT hands out new versions spread over a few days, should we just increase the threshold? Any help in determining which thresholds we should adjust or tickets we should just stop monitoring would be much appreciated.
  7. @dlong93 Would you be willing to share your updated standards/thresholds etc?
  8. I was interested to see if it's worth implementing this feature in Automate, but it seems to be that CW put in abirtrary and not very useful templates in place here. I was wondering if others would share what they have in here so we can see the sort of things that might be useful to add for ourselves? Thanks in advance.
  9. We have two monitors which create around 150 tickets a day. They are Perf - Processor Queue Length:188986 Perf - Processor Utilization:190339 These seem to fire mostly on workstations. I am trying to determine if we turn them off, if they are indeed a real issue, or if it's simply a threshold issue. If it's a threshold issue, could someone share what threshold they have set? Thank you.
  10. I am curious to know, we got an infection on a machine that recently switched to Sophos CEA AND CIX and the account manager is claiming that the cryptoguard functions that prevent ransomware is OFF by default (WHY!!!!?????) but we have checked out other sites and can't see any evidence of this. Have you seen or heard of this? My understanding is CIX should identify executables as unknown and then journal all activity for rollback purposes. Wondering if you had any comments about that?
  11. I am really surprised by this. All the Sophos Resellers I know complain about the support. It's reasonably widely accepted their product is pretty good (endpoint) but even Sophos have repeatedly made reference to the support being sub par. We raised a critical ticket over a cryptolocker infection on a machine which had CIX *AND* CEA and it's been 8 days and they don't know what happened. I am wondering how you are getting good support?
  12. We migrated lots of customers to Sophos. CEA and CIX. So far we have had one Cryptolocker Infection for a client they can't explain. The support is beyond terrible. It feels like there are a few companies vying for worst support in 2018, but Sophos is right up there. I wouldn't touch their firewalls with a 40 foot pole.
  13. I think this is a pilot only option at this stage I think. Someone else might be able to confirm. I don't think until it's publically available I am allowed to share specifics about that.
  14. LT12 only https://server/Automate You need to be on a specific patch and need to have run the installer with the correct switch to install it. The older web client is /wcc2
  15. Hi, I am interested to know how other partners are managing in terms of CC performance. In particular opening Control Center (From time login button is pressed till console is open and ready for work) and first agent open time and subsequent login time for same agent and lastly time to open computer screen on a second agent. To compare it would be useful to know what spec roughly your workstation and server is and how many agents. WS Spec : I7, 32GB, SSD, W10 SVR: Single Processor Xeon, 16GB, SSD, 2008R2 Number of agents 325 First time open for me on just now was 60s, but usual is 32s First time open online computer is 9s Second-time same agent 5s First time opening another online agent 5s I'd consider 30s still quite long, and 60s completely unacceptable. Considering my entire OS loads in about 15 seconds from powered off to desktop.... Our server does not seem constrained for CPU, DISK or Memory. I am unsure why it takes so long. Seems to sit a few seconds loading permissions etc. Number of plugins will likely play a part too, but the plugin loading time generally seems to be about 5-8 seconds. Would others please post their times?
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