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  1. As it stands, the plugin will match the Email Address against the Client and in the case there is a contact that already exists the contact record will be updated and any additional computers for remote access will be added, none of the existing ones would be removed and in addition the Computers column for remote access can be left blank today and the contact record will just be created or updated.
  2. Currently when the contact is updated or created the Primary Contact is not updated at all as it's linked to the computer record and none of that is being changed so the computers are only for remote access, it could be possible to potentially find a way to flag one to be the primary (in the event that a user has access to multiple devices) a couple of thoughts just whilst responding The First record in the computers column if multiple for example if the Computers field was "Computer1:Computer2:Computer3" then contact would be assigned as the primary contact for Computer1 but not Computer2 or Computer3. Add an additional column for "Primary Computer" to make this an optional feature of the Import / Update process. Let me know thoughts.
  3. @jktech Sorry about the delay in responding to this, sometimes miss the forum posts. as BaneSidhe mentioned you're able to add the AppID column into the view and get the details from there however i've also just updated the Supported Applications documentation to include the AppID's see: https://michaelpriest.atlassian.net/wiki/x/AQBvKw Regards, Michael Priest
  4. the tool itself shouldn't be impacted by any patch version of automate as it directly connects to and interfaces with the MySQL Database unless there has been MySQL Changes then it should continue to connect and can confirm i've been able to connect to 2019.7 server i have configured, you'll need to make sure that the device you're running the tool on has direct MySQL Access to the server and a reminder this is not usable on cloud hosted systems.
  5. Plugin has been updated to which will resolve some issues when using ProduKey.
  6. Looks like something went wrong with the plugin registration process, i'm going to PM You some details on how we can reset this, please also note that this plugin does not leverage any of the scripts so running the recover keys script is unrelated to this and will not help populate the details from these settings.
  7. Jeff, I'll send you through a PM with some additional details but the hidden in demo usually always only returns when the incorrect key has been specified or there is a version mismatch. Cheers, Michael
  8. You would have to speak with Recover Keys about that, i'm not familiar with the differences, I updated the plugin to support v11 so it was usable for those that desired to upgrade or those that are just starting to use Recover Keys!
  9. Have just released build which has added support for Recover Keys v11, please follow the installation instructions and use the Plugin Installer to update to the latest version.
  10. I'm hoping to have a updated version of the plugin within the next week or two that will support Recover Keys v11 as well.
  11. Not seeing anything on my side with the registration of the plugin, please check that your server is able to access https://license.michaelpriest.com.au and you don't have something like Geo Blocking preventing access. also, feel free to contact me at michael@michaelpriest.com.au
  12. I can take a few minutes for the license to activate, if that fails try manually restarting the Database Agent Service.
  13. Hi Ben, What problems are you having with the Installer? I'm not aware of any issues.
  14. Sorry about that, was trying to clean up some space on hosting system and seems i deleted a dependency, this has been fixed should now be able to download this again.
  15. Eric, May be worth checking if the update schedule has "Run Flash Scan after succesful update" as that would potentially scan without hiding the UI and cause the system to pop-up the results, looks like the quick scan schedue is correctly configured. If it is enabled you are probably best updating the policy within CWA to remove it and then re-pushing it out to the agents.
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