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  1. Hey everyone. We, too, have been struggling due to the HP API issues. I finally got tired enough of WarrantyMaster to track down some info today.... #Install the HPWarranty Module: Install-Module -Name HPWarranty #Check Warranty of a Workstation (HPInc = Workstations) (Get-HPIncWarrantyEntitlement -SerialNumber $SerialNumber -ProductNumber $ProdNumber) #Check Warranty of a Server (HPEnt = Servers) (Get-HPEntWarrantyEntitlement -SerialNumber $SerialNumber -ProductNumber $ProdNumber) If you install the HPWarranty module and use the GET-HPIncWarrantyEntitlement line, it will return the warranty information - I hope this might be helpful in fixing the HP issues with the warranty checker script. The product number can be pulled from the "Chassis SKU Number" field in Automate. I don't know if there is a limit to how many requests within a specified time period that HP may enforce on this..... Link to the github for the Module: https://github.com/dotps1/HPWarranty
  2. @tlphipps - Do you still use this method? If so, do you mind sharing the instructions you provide your users with? By reconnecting the profile, is it keeping autocomplete, etc?
  3. Is there a way to "off-board" a computer without off-boarding a client? If so, then we could uninstall Control (SC), AV, etc... If it is a "dead" computer and will never come back online, is there a way to do that same off-boarding but just forcing the Control session to be ended from Automate? We struggle with this same issue....
  4. Been scrolling through posts... @DarrenWhite99 any chance you have a link?
  5. I was looking at just leveraging ScreenConnect to push the commands on Mac. It would also be nice (until Mac/Linux support comes) to perhaps have a way to filter on OS... ie, drop down to select the display of just Windows machines.
  6. @Cubert - as we have a lot of Macs, any chance you could add logic that would detect Win / Lin / Mac and run the right command to kill/restart based on the OS type?
  7. If you click on the "cog" at the top and then select "Export". This will download a ".json" file that you can share with others that contains all the settings for the dashboard. This will help greatly in sharing and improving dashboards!
  8. I spent yesterday afternoon setting up Grafana on CentOS and connecting it to LabTech. This thing rocks! With SQL queries in hand, it was very easy to add Single Text numbers such as Agent Count. It was also very easy to feed it a list of info and have it format it into a very nice looking Table. And to think, I was about to throw down money on BrightGauge.
  9. scubes13

    Slack Notifier

    If Slack is anything like HipChat, perhaps just use Zapier.com (https://zapier.com/zapbook/slack/).... send your LT alerts to a Zapier email address, then build a "Zap" to push the notification to a Slack channel/room....
  10. +1 for non-domain clients. Also, I'd request the ability to also add these changes to Mac clients. I haven't tested, but I assume this is only built for Windows at the moment.
  11. Just a quick shout out of thanks for this. I have been using the fool out of the get/set password functions. Built a script to generate a new admin and random password per client.... can see it here: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1093#p7875 Uses this get/set function within the script.
  12. We have used the ScreenConnect web GUI to do this. You can bring up a computer in the web GUI, there is a chat tab. You can send a message and it will show up to the client. You can chat from there. *See attachment*
  13. Will this support deployment to Macs?
  14. Having same issue. I can unblock the "akamaitechnologies.com" domains via our Sophos UTM... but need to determine what else I am opening up by doing so (ie, apps other than Java)....
  15. Also search on LTG for Prey. It will let you do this as well.
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