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  1. starbucksgold

    AV solutions Webroot vs new Malwarebytes offering

    In today's security threat scape, we need to have multiple layers of protection for our customers. With that said, we deploy WR and MBAM EndPoint Protection for our clients, stacked with business class Firewalls and oDNS Umbrella. We have had none of our managed clients get infected with threats or obtain ransomware with this approach (virtual knock on wood). Regards, Starbucksgold
  2. starbucksgold

    Deny reboot in new patch Manager

    timbeard, Process is really simple. 1) Create a reboot policy called Do Not Reboot 2) Open the Devices dashboard in PM and locate your device 3) Once you have selected the device click on local overrides and apply your Do Not Reboot policy. Regards, Starbucksgold
  3. starbucksgold

    Remote Encrypt for Non BitLocker clients?

    Take a look at the options available in Third-Wall Plugin (www.third-wall.com). Lots of great security options and capabilities. Regards, Jeff
  4. starbucksgold

    Active Directory User List

    Attempted to import the repx file in RC but indicates invalid format. Can you export and repost? Thanks. Jeff
  5. starbucksgold

    Custom Buttons

    UJorgensen - unfortunately, yes, this plugin will not work within the new computer UI of LT 11 or upcoming LT 12. - Jeff
  6. starbucksgold

    TPM Status?

    Anyone have a functional version of this script they care to share that works with Windows 7 through Windows 10 OSes?
  7. Very nice Clutch. This works well. Thank you for sharing. -jeff
  8. starbucksgold

    ScreenConnect Maintenance

    No additional maintenance required in ScreenConnect after selecting END. END will remove dead agents and your maintenance routines defined on the Admin/Database will clean up those dead agents. Jeff
  9. starbucksgold

    Server disk usage report help

    There is a great hidden gem in the Datto Monitor Plugin from Squatting Dog Development called Storage Calculator. You can produce summary reports of disk space consumed on the Clients/Locations/Servers/Workstations you want by drive letter. Get the plugin here: https://squattingdog.net/labtech-plugin-datto-monitor/ Jeff
  10. starbucksgold

    DataView Creator, Setting Field condition

    For the field with the condition check, also select the Format field and define the fore color. Jeff
  11. starbucksgold

    Labtech HotFix

    ramon, You can logon to your LabTech Partner Portal > Home > Downloads section to see what the latest available download patch is available for you server. Regards, Jeff
  12. starbucksgold

    Software Installed/Uninstalled Monitor tweak

    You can find the Whitelist / Blacklist in the dashboard > config > configurations > (App Blacklist or App Whitelist). You can directly add/delete from here and export the list to Excel. You also have the option to maintain these via Dataviews. LabTech Navigation Tree > Operations > Dataviews > Software Regards, Jeff
  13. starbucksgold

    Billing Clients without CW

    I created a dataview that lists the number of installed agents by client/location and showed our billing department how to logon to LT and review dataview to bill on the 1st of each month. You also have the option of reviewing the Ignite tab of each client to review the total number of agents deployed, or create a customized report. Regards, Jeff
  14. starbucksgold

    AD GPO Add-In?

    Go check out Third-Wall at http://www.third-wall.com and check out their plugin. Not GPO specifically but covers a lot of stuff. Version 2 is soon to be released with a ton of new features. Regards, Jeff
  15. starbucksgold

    OnePlace Manager - To know all about configuration

    Jagjeet, Just touching base to see if you have made any enhancements to this as of yet? I've been showing this off to other MSP's and getting positive feedback. Suggestions have been ability to export and ability to apply change within the views. Regards, Jeff