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  1. I am seeing this exact issue and I think it has to do with Patch Remedy as well.
  2. gbirk

    Automate 12

    I just watched the video, and am really disappointed with where they are headed. They seem to be slowly removing everything that I loved about Labtech. If I wanted a web interface I would have stayed with Kaseya years ago.
  3. gbirk

    Support problems

    Contacting support via email has been unproductive to say the least, but the last couple times I have used the Chat feature, and after a short wait was connected to an agent. These chat sessions have been much better and usually end up with them either providing the answer I needed or remoting into my server and addressing the problem. I have found that the chat support for many of the companies I deal with has been the best solution lately.
  4. gbirk

    Google Authenticator for LabTech

    I just installed this and it seems to be working well. Thank you for the work. Great job.
  5. gbirk

    Patch Remedy Plugin for LabTech

    Well holly moly RTFM batman! Looked through the Patch remedy forum and found that you already made a way to exclude a location! You Rock Cubert!
  6. gbirk

    Patch Remedy Plugin for LabTech

    I just purchased a year subscription to this. One suggestion. Allow for selection of computers to manage based on a group or even exclude computers in a group. Being able to select the clients is great, but in almost every client I have I have a ".Hold" or ".Delete" location that has computers that are not currently in use (spare/temp/waiting for deployment). I have a group called "Managed Clients" that excludes these locations and other non-managed computers through an additional field that I set called "Exclude location from management" or "Exclude computer from management". I use that to block these locations from patching and reporting. Patch remedy includes them and makes my % look really bad. Also, on a side note, if I have to pay someone for a tool like this (and it seems I do have to) Cubert is the guy I would want to pay. Such a great guy who gives to the Labtech community like no one else. Thank you. BUT, Labtech should not need a tool like this. Patching is in the top 5 reasons why you use a tool like Labtech and patching is just a disaster. Pretty sad and frustrating.
  7. gbirk

    LabTech with Office365 - Round 2

    Are you using Office365 Exchange or on-prem? I may look at it again next week and see if I can get it working.
  8. gbirk

    LabTech with Office365 - Round 2

    No I gave up on it for now. I just put a shortcut at the top of Outlook to change email to text format and use it whenever replying to tickets. Labtech needs to fix this. Kind of ridiculous that HTML email is still an issue in 2015.
  9. gbirk

    Running control center offsite

    Our Labtech server is hosted on an MS Azure VM so we always access the control center remotely. It is definitely slower than when the Labtech server was on-site, but it is completely usable in production. The initial log in is significantly slower at 30-45 seconds, but once the control panel is open it runs fine. I have a 50/15 Internet connection at my end, and I don't know what Azure provides.
  10. At the suggestion of Labtech support I followed their tech document to upgrade my Labtech server MySQL instance to 64 bit. After following the document and spending quite a bit of time Googling to fill in the gaps I was able to get it MySQL upgraded and my data restored. The problem is now that the LabMySQL service takes forever to start (about 5 minutes) and once it does start I can not log into the Labtech Control Center. I get the error "Host BCLT1.callforsupport.com is not allowed to connect to this...". I can get into SQLYog and see the tables and data using the root login and password. I am pretty sure I saw this once before after an upgrade and Labtech support fixed it for me, but I don't know what they did to resolve the issue. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. gbirk

    Duo Security Plugin

    It has been a few months without and posts to this topic. This looks really interesting to me, but I was wondering if anyone could provide a quick review after using it for a few months? Has it been reliable?
  12. gbirk

    LTSVC won't start

    Just working on this tonight and was trying to write a script to push out the LTSVC.exe.config file to the workstations and ran into a little issue with downloading the config file from the LT server. It seems you can not download a file ending in *.config from the Labtech server. On the LT server L drive I had to name the file LTSVC.exe.config.download and save it as LTSVC.exe.config to the client. I will follow up with how this works to solve my issues.
  13. gbirk

    Map Drives Plugin

    Oh, thank you. I figured it would be on the agent tab, but I see it now. Cool. Thanks for the help and Thanks to Cubert for the great plug-in. Saved me from writing a script for this.
  14. gbirk

    Map Drives Plugin

    I am feeling a bit dense right now, but I have the plug-in installed, but where do I go to see the mapped drive tab?
  15. gbirk

    LTService will not start

    I am still fighting with this. Can you explain more about why a proxy server will keep the LTSvc from starting properly?