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  1. ins.jvernon

    Active Directory Reporting

    That wouldn't show who was trying to login though doing that way. Hmmm, alright. Maybe create a dataview and report from there.
  2. ins.jvernon

    Active Directory Reporting

    I am wondering if it is possible to report on the number of failed logon attempts by a user. We likely are going to have several clients that are going to want to know about this for compliance reasons.
  3. ins.jvernon

    ConnectWise Dashing intergration

    ConnectWise should be coming out with some sort of dashboard release in 2014.5 I believe. What are you trying to complete JBarnes? It looks like you are telling the query to give you a count of tickets where the closed flag does not equal true.
  4. ins.jvernon

    (SQL query) Get total number of LabTech agents by clients

    If you have the Ignite plugin you can also pull it via that as well.
  5. ins.jvernon

    SurfLog Browser History Plugin

    Random feature request: Say we have a client and they want to pull a report on the entire company. We can turn it on for each computer but I don't see two things: 1. Is there a way to turn it on for the client/site without having to go to each computer? 2. Is there a way to export a report for the client?
  6. ins.jvernon


    That looked promising, kinda down the same road. I do not script the install in the plugin, instead I issue a CMD directly to the PC and monitor the status so you can see what the installer is doing when you push an application, but otherwise very similar. Great stuff tho! Yea, it was/is still very much in production mode since I wanted to go back and have the scripts just go "Oh, you want Firefox but we don't see Chocolatey or if PS has been detected, PS has been detected, installing Chocolatey, installing Firefox." What I had initially envisioned was practically what you built. I was just very surprised no one had tried to do so when we first posted about it.
  7. ins.jvernon

    Map Drives Plugin

    Do you know if this pulls out of the winmgt service? If it does it would not show group policy drives would it?
  8. Labtech has some documentation for it that addresses 20K agents. It really just comes down to how the server is built and how much Internet bandwidth you have.: http://docs.labtechsoftware.com/documentation/LabTech2013#Installation_Upgrade/ScalabilityGuide.htm
  9. ins.jvernon

    ConnectWise Dashing intergration

    You would have to have it communicate to the SQL server. If you have that then I could give you a couple of SQL queries that would work for you: Open Tickets per Board: Select * From SR_Service Where SR_Status_Recid <> or SR_Status_RecID <>
  10. ins.jvernon


    I had actually already written a custom tab for all of this lol viewtopic.php?f=21&t=958
  11. ins.jvernon

    SurfLog Browser History Plugin

    I would imagine not since those types of modes are not supposed to record where you are going or keep any file of it. I would imagine the only way to do this would be to somehow record every DNS entry that the computer asks to go to.
  12. ins.jvernon

    SurfLog Browser History Plugin

    Question, would this record if someone were to go into Incognito mode or Private mode?
  13. ins.jvernon

    M$ - Group Policy References

    I think Labtech has officially been working towards AD stuff currently like Greg said. That doesn't mean someone else cannot come up with something.
  14. ins.jvernon

    Run Mailpass as all users

    Are you needing something like: Run as User A on Machine 1 Run as User B on Machine 1 Run as User C on Machine 1 I would think you could have monitor on it that checks who is logged in and compares it against what you recorded in a table and if it is different, run the script. If it is not different then exit. The only problem there is then you may get duplicates so to avoid that you may have to create a separate table where the script would check for the user and if it was there, exit the script.
  15. ins.jvernon

    SurfLog Browser History Plugin

    Cubert! You are a god among men. I am going to see if I can test this.