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  1. I just used the system log, not the crimson logs. However if you need to see exactly 10 remaining addresses you're probably going to need the crimson log and parse it with a script unless LT added a log parser since 12.5. (I haven't used LT since 12.5)
  2. How many agents are you managing? I've done a fair amount of performance tuning from a previous job (15k+ agents)
  3. I've done similar things. I just copied my internal monitor and changed the alert template to run a script, and looped the script until it was online.
  4. Hey Brandon, Sent to Rami by mistake (Sorry Rami) - I know this is an old post, but I'm trying to set up something similar for a just stolen device. I have set up a Prey account and have the silent installer ready, but I'd love to do the remote drive encryption as well. Rami, would you mind sharing how you set up yours? Thanks, dave I'd have to do some digging. The script I wrote was for my previous employer
  5. Depends on who you talk to in support too. I've had a few times where the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing.
  6. That's the problem, it's not a mid market product either so they end up spending a LOT of time trying to square peg the round hole instead of keeping focus on their bread and butter. Poor decisions and strategy the last couple years have really diminished their competitive advantage over the competition. I'd stop chasing System Center and get back to roots.
  7. The way to do this is to set the alert template at the group level and not the monitor level. This is the only way I know of to have different actions for the same monitor based on criteria like certain clients, etc.
  8. You need to edit the monitor searches. If you open the Backup Assist group and goto the computers\remote monitors tab you'll see the monitor and under Limit To is the name of the search you need to fix. The values for the service name are different and that's why you're getting the error. I had the same thing until I fixed the search, and created a new one for the other service name. Hopefully that makes sense.
  9. couple things. Does your serverpassword registry key match working agents? Most likely the issue looks like those 2003 servers haven't been patched to work with SHA2 certificates. The log is incomplete, but I'm guessing it's having problems validating the SSL trust?
  10. Our implementation process was a few weeks of research and planning. I mapped out what we had and where it needed to go so we had a clear and concise map to follow and timeline objectives for completion. We had LT fly out a couple guys and one did three days of training to our support desk staff (three separate groups, same content). Myself and the other LT resource locked ourselves away in a conference room, divided up the work, and went to town configuring everything. We migrated a few hundred agents to see how things would respond in comparison, then I moved another few thousand a day after that. Our implementation went very smooth. There wasn't much talk about how to do things, strategy for implementing or any of that. I knew everything about the software and what we needed to do so it was just division of labor to get it done faster.
  11. Yes, I've used consulting during our implementation and their Service Plus services on two different occasions. I would highly recommend a direction of focus before any consulting services. Otherwise if you don't know what you want to do, they won't be able to help you achieve that. It would be expensive, and without value in my opinion.
  12. Bingo. Your mileage will vary widely based on your requirements for the consulting. It's good for some things, and not so much for others.
  13. Yes, so don't join it to the group. Set your EDF, but add it to your search instead of the script ( and EDF != 1). Why keep running a script to just exit right away? If you add it to the script, then you're still running the script against all those agents. You could run into throughput problems with script volume if you're not careful. This is how I do it and find it much more effective, especially at scale. If it doesn't need it to run, I set my searches to handle the filtering and leave the script to handle the actions.
  14. If you have MAC resignup enabled, disable it. As it turns out there's a really cool technology called virtualization where a pool of MACs are shared across the vendor and you'll see duplicates every once in a while. I reported this to them on LT2013, but no additional conditions have been put into the MAC signup so it's completely useless if you have more than 500 agents as the risk of duplicated vm MACs jumps with more agents. We used to have linux servers in NY reporting active directory issues for a client in Fargo..... The support desk started blue screening in confusion, lol. Jut add a registry entry and restart the DB agent to disable. HKLM\Software\LabTech\Global New string value Name: MacSignup Value: False
  15. What will the script do? You'd get better performance if you can exclude the group membership via the search instead of an EDF check within the script. Both would work though.
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