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  1. I'm baaaacccckkk. From the guy that many years ago brought you the first powershell and command prompt redirector access... No really though. It's been 2.5 years away from this community and I'm back Let's extend, build and grow. Can't wait to put back into this.
  2. [EDIT 6/25/2013] Updated Script to properly check %windir%/ltsvc/ for nc.exe. Coding at 3 am may be hazardous to your health. Carry on. [/EDIT] So.. RockFoo and I spent the evening getting this working. As it was one of those "needtohaves" to get the rest of our techs off of Kaseya. A reliable, working access to command prompt for general purpose behind the scenes work. So without further adieu... Redirector Setup No real easy way to export/import that i know of. So here are the fields, for your copy+paste pleasure. Name: Command Prompt Program: %startpath%\RemoteCMD.bat Arguments: %ComputerName% %LocalIP1% %LocalPort1% Agent Run Before: start /b %windir%\ltsvc\nc.exe -l -p 1234 -d -e cmd.exe Agent Run After: taskkill /f /im nc.exe and then Redirected Ports: LocalPort = 0, LocalIP =, RemotePort = 1234, RemoteIP = %RemoteIP%, SocketType = 0 (TCP Local Listen) The remaining setup consists of files in the zip file attached. Done up in a couple different directories. :Copy to LabTech Share: This is the nc.exe executable - downloaded from here via script to agent. :Export to LabTech CC Install Folder: Same nc.exe that runs on local pc to connect through tunnel, and a RemoteCMD.bat file that makes the command prompt look special. Special-ish at least. Titles it as "LabTech Remote CMD: %COMPUTERNAME%". This is for those people that always have 20+ command prompts open, and multiple connections to different sites. It makes it quickly ID'able. :Import Script - Deploy NC.EXE to computer: Self-explanatory, simple couple-liner that checks if file exists, other wise, downloads nc.exe to LTSVC folder. --- We've got it working pretty reliably. We have noticed that you can only have ONE tunnel open to an agent on a given port at a time. I dunno if this is by design, but it's not a deal breaker for us, we would only really have one tech connecting to a given command prompt at a time anyways. Any questions. Let me know! -Donovan LabTech Remote Command Prompt.zip
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