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  1. I'd even settle for them creating event logs for sync results. Seems crazy to me that they don't log anything for this product.
  2. Hi all, We were using BrightGauge to send out monthly executive reports to all our clients. It worked well. Recently we shifted to ConnectWise Cloud hosted Automate and now BrightGauge can only talk to Automate via the API. This limits what we can pull from Automate. I was pulling data from the Standards & Health plugin before but now I can't. What are you guys doing for monthly executive summary reports? What sort of data are you including in these reports?
  3. We use WarrantyMaster to do this for us (https://warrantymaster.com/). It's been very stable and their support has been great!
  4. So we moved to CW Cloud on December 5. So far our experiences with it have been good. It's just as fast as it was when we were running it on-premise and a bit faster than when we were running it in Azure. Loading of the Automate Control Center still takes the same amount of time (35 seconds). We've just saved $1,000/month on Azure fees and our staff can't tell the different. We're hosting both CW Control and Automate in the ConnectWise Cloud.
  5. Hi all, What sort of agent counts do you guys have? We're considering going the other direction. We currently have Automate hosted in Azure but it's become quite costly. We run just shy of 1,500 agents. It seems the hosting prices with CW have become quite cost effective. What sort of speed issues are you seeing? When I load our Control Center it takes about 35 seconds to load. Care to share more details on the speed issues?
  6. Hi all,I've been reading more and more articles about how Windows Defender in Windows 10 is now beating out other 3rd-party anti-virus engines. (See https://blog.knowbe4.com/av-test-compares-19-antivirus-tools-windows-defender-reaches-maximum-detection-score)I asked at a recent Microsoft event what their current stance is, do we still need 3rd-party AV? Their answer was "no". I understand they are biased, but really for what gain? They're not selling Windows Defender...so why care?So I'm curious about what others are doing. We spend a lot of money on Webroot licenses every year. While Webroot has been great, if I can cut a cost without incurring extra cost somewhere else, I'm all for it.Anyone else started to use Windows Defender alone for AV protection? I'd love to hear your feedback!
  7. Thanks for the response Michael, that makes more sense! Certainly I can appreciate that the management of it is easier.
  8. Sorry Michael but that is not true and is one of the biggest misunderstandings of cloud. Simply moving your infrastructure to cloud does not eliminate the need for DR/BC/Backups. You still have to back up the servers, you still have to monitor those backups, you still have to have a DR solution in place if your server dies in the cloud. Thinking you can do away with all of these items just because you moved your server to Azure is short-sited and false. Call Microsoft and ask their support if that new VM you just spun up in Azure is backed up and they'll state no. What happens if you have data corruption or ransomware, how do you recover from that with a cloud server that does not have a backup? You still need a backup solution in place. So many people want to state that moving servers to the cloud will remove all head-aches and that's simply untrue. We had more server outages when our servers were in Azure than we did when they were running on our own infrastructure. In addition to that, the required spec of server you need to run Automate in Azure often makes it much more expensive to run a VM in Azure than host it yourself. I'm not anti-cloud, but we have to be careful that we realize it doesn't always make sense for everyone in every instance.
  9. Really appreciate your insight into this, fascinating to hear what others are doing!
  10. Thanks for that! Wow, I see that's $820/mth just for the server. That's pretty pricey. For that money it seems a heck of a lot cheaper to do it in-house, but perhaps that's short-sighted...
  11. Would you mind sharing what you're using? Michael Martin was using a DS12, I earlier spec'd a E2s V3 (2 Core, 16GB RAM). What are you running? I'm just trying to get a handle on what others are doing as Azure spec'ing is still a bit of a mystery to me.
  12. Hi George, Which report was this? Perhaps I happened to pick a different report when I tested it. Let me know which report you run that gives you incorrect totals and I'll test it in our system to see what results I get. Adrian
  13. Hi George, Apparently I'm getting you back with delayed replies! 😁 One big difference I see is that I actually wasn't looking at the reports as I don't use them. I was looking at the data presented in the plug overview. This data all added up for me. One clarification, while it may appear that both workstation and server standards are tracked, it's not docking you points if the standard doesn't apply. If you go to a workstation and hover over the "Server standards" line, you should see something similar to the following: As you can see, these server standards aren't evaluated because it isn't a server and therefore they don't apply. So you need to think of this in the opposite regard. If it IS a server, and one of these standards doesn't match, then you will get docked points. These standards work on a deduction system, you get full points unless something is wrong. For workstations since none of the server standards apply, you will always get full points on the server standard. CW Automate chose to take away points for issues and so if none are taken away you get full points. I'm not sure if you spent time with tech support or not on this as you indicated, but there seems to be something wrong with your report from what I can see. I just ran one from our system and it seems to add up properly. I'm sure you probably have resolved this already, but I thought it might still benefit others to understand this. Regards, Adrian
  14. Hi Martyn, Do you have any updated documentation on how to use the new probe? We've upgraded the probes on in our Automate, however, now when I try to run network probe commands (Scans or re-detects) nothing seems to happen. The Probe Commands windows doesn't show anything either. I used to be able to force this with the old one. Has that changed?
  15. Thanks very much, very helpful information!
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