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  1. @lgs141 I was looking at that over the weekend as well. There is one issue with that solution, if you enable FilesOnDemand it will show the solution as "Not Installed".
  2. Have you folks figured this out yet? I am working on this currently this weekend.
  3. I wanted to take a moment and share this with you folks. We have a client that is swapping out a ton of outdated workstations, and the communication from the internal IT folks is lacking. This has caused our agent counts to naturally go up as we deploy our LT agents through GPO. We modified our offline agents monitor from 30 days down to 15 days, but we also needed another way to help find duplicate agents with the same name. This is the query I came up with: SELECT `name`, COUNT(*) COUNT FROM `computers` GROUP BY `Name` HAVING COUNT > 1; Hope this helps others.
  4. Michael, Looks like the link is broken since migrating to the new site. Is it possible to get the download link corrected?
  5. Goran, There is not a master list that I am aware of. Some Admins might have their own custom scripts where they sent time going through and making a script for them. We don't use/sell HP devices so I am unable to share any of that information for uninstallers. If your used to using LT for all your automation tasks then creating a search tied to groups for your scripts will help automated 99% of all that moving forward.
  6. Michael, Thanks! I figured there was some goofy setting causing this. I did in fact have that enabled. I just modified my settings, and pushing out policy update now. I will report back in a couple of days, but I am sure this is what caused it.
  7. Issue: MBAM still pops up on users desktop when a scan starts, and then prompts the user for action This is causing me some issues, and hope someone can help me out on figuring out might I have set up wrong: Scanner Settings: Daily Scan Schedule: EU Popup EU Scanner Settings Applied: EU Scheduler Settings Applied:
  8. Darren, Just a quick note when you export your scripts. If you change lines 8 and 9 from the number in there to both zero "0", then everyone who imports them can see the script in the root scripts folder. Versus searching for it after import. Anyway, about to import this now and provide some feed back shortly.
  9. How is this AV working out for you?
  10. So, it's in the templates as you will see below:
  11. Do you have the Standards and Health plugin installed on your LT server? Not sure we had ours custom made or if it was part of the plugin or not.
  12. For some reason this will not load on my LT box. Stating it is not in the right format.
  13. So, one thing that comes to mind. This can possibly replace dashing by creating a map with all the queries. Never really thought about this in this matter.
  14. When you are wanting to monitor the health of the server, I personally think you would want to monitor the disk response time / services / etc. What it sounds like is more of a dashboard style approach. If that is correct, I invite you to look at: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=847
  15. This is very simply the most retarded thing I have heard. Though it really should not surprise me much with the path Labtech/Connectwise is really going. Let's consider the following: The revamp of the LT11 screen to be more "user friendly" The total nightmare that is patching in Labtech v11 LT agent installers showing up as ConnectWise Inc. The many parts/divisions of now Conectwise This is more of the misguided directions from Connectwise. They see the other RMM tools out there bundling up and making one massive product. If you look at the other products out there, you have either: Pretty and limited functionality (i.e. N-able, Auvik, etc) Ugly but powerfull as hell (i.e. Labtech, PRTG, etc) This company is grossly misguided, and needs to really take a step back and look at its core functions. This is what made it great. If you look at the IRC chats & LTG Forums you will see an increase of issues with the latest releases. It seems to me that instead of fixing the current issues, they are just moving forward like a freight train and pushing out crap. Thus is the reason I am still on LT 10.5, and have no plans of upgrading anytime soon. I honestly don't give a damn if I miss out of the newest features. History speaks volumes, and right now I am happy as shit to be stuck in the past.
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