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  1. We remove the links for the generic installer, windows, Linux and mac from the web page by editing the code for it. Sometimes an update will put it back again though so we need to check the page after applying a patch / update. Without that link on the 'front page' then the guys are forced to log in and use the correct installer for the client. Regards Peter.
  2. Depending on your relationship with the old msp You can give them the webroot license key from your system for the new client and get them to enter it into theirs for each machine. Next time the end points check in they should move across to your system. It works well, we have done it both ways. I don't think there would be anyway you could acccess policies and overrides etc without their assistance. If you already have clients that run similar applications to the new client then the overrides should already be similar (if you have them configured as global ) Regards Peter.
  3. Yes, we too have seen that windowsupdateetlfiles table growing to a very large size. I raised it with support who initially knew nothing about it and claimed it was from a 3rd party plugin that we trailed years ago that did not even have anything to with updates.. . Sigh... nope it ain't so guys. After disputing that I was then told it is okay to truncate the table peridically so that's what we do, I have not yet seen any effect at all so what the heck this table does I have no idea. As I recall it appeared after we upgraded to lt 11. The matter was eventually raised with dev guys and I have not heard anything for weeks. So time for a follow up soon. The table can grow at an alarming rate and often hits 5 GB or more in around 1 week. Regards Peter.
  4. Make your reboot script impossible to execute during office hours with something like this, so even if you tell it to run NOW it just won't run thenreboot command. Set: @officehours@ = SQLRESULT[sELECT CURTIME() BETWEEN '07:00' AND '19:00'] IF @officehours@ = 1 THEN Jump to :NotWithinTimeFrame IF @officehours@ = 0 THEN Jump to :ProceedWithReboot Yeah we got caught like that too...... Regards Peter.
  5. Oh that's great work it putting that info out like this! Thanks! I have to lock myself away and make sure nobody disturbs me when I'm trying to work these things into a data view. Or worse trying decipher an existing data view. You can actually dress them up quite nicely with the formatting. Regards Peter.
  6. The patch management system is a separate upgrade, youndont have to do it when upgrading and you can just do it when your ready after upgrading to 11. We have been on 11 for a few months now and have not come across any major issues purely because of version 11, apart from the usual controversy about the new pc management screen. We have not upgraded our patch management system yet, but that's only a time related thing, it's next on the agenda though. All schedules have to be manually re-entered once you upgrade and labtech have supplied some handy data views to allow that information to be easily extracted from the current patching syste. It would have been a huge task to get all that info if they did not build those dataviews. At least on 11 we have a choice of which management screen we can use, with the shift click on the machine you want to open. this gives the guys a chance to adapt, and yeah it's different and it has some issues in configurability but it's not that bad once you start getting used to it. But once they move into labtech 12 the choice of old and new may well be gone. Regards Peter.
  7. We have been on patch 11 for a while now and we have not seen this issue. On the other hand though we saw a new table in our database, windowsupdateetlfiles and it grows at a worrying rate, up to over 500 mb per day. Labtech did not know anything about it when I raised it with them but showed them the evidence in the zipped backups when the table appeared. It's gone to dev last I heard. We just truncate the table periodically after confirming with support it would be okay to do so. Time for a follow up soon too, not heard anything for quite a while now. Regards Peter.
  8. In general terms for raw sql within internal monitors, I have found it much easier to create a new view in the labtech database and do the 'heavy lifting' with that. Then use my internal monitor to query the new view. Might not always suit the purpose for everyone but so far so good for us. Just make sure you have them backed up. Regards Peter.
  9. Hi there, since upgrading to LabTech 11 we have noticed that Global Internal Monitors are unable to be changed to NOT Global. We had the OffLine Locations monitor setup so that tickets are directed to service boards via ticket info category. 24X7 goes to board X in connectwise, 8X5 go to board Y Now, although the Global monitor does in fact have a number of groups assigned to it when looking on the Monitor Target tab of the monitor itself, when we go to the groups it is assigned to the monitor is not visible at all from the Internal Monitors tab for the group. It is just simply not listed at all. Does anyone know what actually defines this monitor as GLOBAL? We want to remove the Global status but cant, I tried creating a new monitor from scratch and pasted the configuration items in and get exactly the same result. LabTech Support have suggested we log a feature request, and I guess we will anyway but just wondering if anyone knows how the Global status is assigned to this monitor. Thanks, regards Peter.
  10. You build datasets for brightgauge, datasets are just queries to whatever database you point it to, connectwise, LabTech or whatever options you have purchased. If the info is in your database you can pull it in to bright gauge. Obviously depends on what type of reports you want, but it fits our purposes. We may be enabling the new reporting center in LabTech to check it out and see what we can get out of it. We liked bright gauge because if the ease in setting up a highly customised report, very difficult to do with the old reporting system. Regards Peter
  11. Hi there. We use Brightgauge quite a lot, we like it because we can combine connectwise data and LabTech data into one report, schedule reports to be emailed at whatever frequency we want and we can build dashboards. Regards Peter.
  12. We tend to use Alerts where a condition might not be worth creating a ticket for, but nice to know about. So the guys will see the alerts for the machine when they open the computer management screen.
  13. We have pushed it out to a number of machines. So far not a single one has had the stuck commands issue reoccur since installing the new update. We will push it out to more machines each day from now on. Regards Peter.
  14. This particular issue may not be related to the other issues caused by webroot. It could be a port conflict on UDP port 42000 so check your lterrors.txt files to see if anything shows up in there indicating the port conflict. If there is, a work around exists where you can manually add a new port address into the registry. Labtech Kb article 9512 explains. Regards Peter.
  15. Hi there. While we are waiting for the plugin....... Yeah it's new, so we need to build a new monitor to detect the service and the new event id's. That's seems to be doing okay for us, for the time being at least. Regards Peter.
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