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  1. Sorry, Geo-fencing got turned on again. The link in the original post should work now.
  2. And if you study the code you will see the simple scheme that ConnectWise uses to encrypt all passwords in the database and be able to decrypt them.
  3. FYI: the code has been Open Sourced and is in the MSPGeek git repository. https://github.com/mspgeek/MSPAccounts
  4. Is there anything unusual about the user's name? I've only ever tried this with simple alphabetic characters in the name. Never tried with accents or numbers or anything.
  5. I've never seen that. Can't even think of why that would happen.
  6. I checked my accounts and they have random passwords. I'm going to have to take a look at the code and see what went wrong.
  7. Yes, when I add a location I then use the Locations tab of the plugin to add all users. That is what I was going to suggest. hmm, well that shouldn't happen. lets walk though it. 1 Manage User tab - delete user. Wait 1/2 hour. 2. Manage User tab - add user back in. Wait 1/2 hour. 3. Magic ensues. 4. Service Account tab - select service account user and click change. Wait 1/2 hour. 5. Profit. So I'm guessing there's a problem with step 3.
  8. hard to make it not add an account to all locations. how did you manage that?
  9. Try it now. There was some Geo Blocking on the IP. MSP Accounts
  10. Something other than what is offered on the Settings tab?
  11. Settings tab Password Complexity set Symbols to 0 <edit>no. that wouldn't eliminate them completely would it. i suppose i could put an enable box in there.</edit>
  12. Is this a fresh install of v12 or an upgrade from 11? i've seen this before with interface.dll version changes from a labtech upgrade. i may need to recompile.
  13. import? v12 install procedure: System > Solutions > Plugin Manager top right - Advanced > Manage Plugins > Add Plugin right click and Enable MSP Accounts Close control center. On the Automate server restart the LabTech Database Agent. Open control center.
  14. Have you restarted the Labtech Database Agent since you removed the plugin? Once that is done all code associated with the plugin will have been removed. Besides the only time the plugin ever logs in is immediately after changing a password in order to test it. Something else is trying to use that account.
  15. There is no process in the plugin that would login every minute. If you created a system account then that would get assigned in a location under Deployment & Defaults and labtech may be trying to use that account to login. Change the account used on the Deployment tab and delete the system account from the passwords tab.
  16. UPDATE Version link in first post of this thread. Bug fixes: Local Service Account should obey Exclude Locations now. Changing the password for the domain Service Account now works properly. (still have not added this functionality to local service account, yet)
  17. You don't want to use the probe to install. You want this: that batch file of Darren's is sweet
  18. yeah, i've heard that too, but I aint gonna do it. yes; and that would be why you never want to use a user account for a windows service.
  19. eww. i need to look into that
  20. Odd since an exclamation point is not a character that needs to be escaped. I just looked through my users passwords and fully half of them contain !
  21. UPDATE Version Download link in first post of this thread. Features added by request: "Change All Passwords Everywhere" button does what it says. All plugin users get their passwords changed. Change Password button for the Domain Service Account. (not for the local service account, just domain) Adjustable password complexity settings. Fixes: Complete redesign/rebuild of the reporting. The plugin actually waits for all work to finish before emailing the user. Changes to timers so that automatic password changes are more stable. and a few minor issues fixed Be sure to restart the Labtech Database Agent so it can make the necessary database changes. Highly recommended that you update. It's a much better behaved plugin now.
  22. SELECT Computers.Domain, Computers.ComputerID FROM Computers, v_detectedroles WHERE v_detectedroles.ComputerID = Computers.ComputerID AND v_detectedroles.RoleName = 'AD PDC Emulator' Does that return the correct ID number for the PDC of the problem domain?
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