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  1. I've actually been playing with this myself in the last 24 hours or so to prevent noise from disk alerts and have come up with a fairly complicated automatic system which monitors everything without noise! It does however mean we have ended up with multiple monitors but for good reason... 1. 10% Monitor looking at only Internal Drives, however if the drive is bigger then 100Gb the 10% turns into a 10Gb monitor, this prevents low disk space 100Gb free on 1Tb drivers for example.... ((Drives.Size > 100000 and Drives.Free < 10000) OR (Drives.Size < 100000)) and Drives.FileSystem not in ('CDFS','UNKFS','DVDFS','FAT','FAT32','NetFS') and missing=0 and Internal=1 2. 20% Monitor targeted only at Image Manager servers & only at drives which have BACKUP in their name!!! Drives.Size > 16384 and Drives.FileSystem not in ('CDFS','UNKFS','DVDFS','NetFS') and missing=0 and Drives.VolumeName like '%Backup%' So far so good all reporting back really well very happy with this setup, only problem is we will have to make sure backup drives are labelled appropriately but most already are and the rest are easy to fix without breaking anything. Thanks Stuart.
  2. Thanks for the responses guys, as expected 3 different way to accomplish 1 thing! In my view that's another selling point though, more flexibility and always a way to get to end goal, even if sometimes a little more long winded that one might like. Thanks Hoe.
  3. Hey Guys & Girls, After a long time away from Automate, well looks like I am coming back thank god as my new company have all but decided to move over and get me to set it all up! One thing which keeps coming up those as resistance to it, is the following... What are the most useful \ most used scripts in Automate out of the box, I find this hard to answer as I wrote all our for the old company and we used very little out of the box scripts which now looks a lot more complete than it did last time I set up a new Automate server which was back on version 9 or 10 (I realise everyone's list maybe different but any good examples would be appreciated). At the moment the company is doing a very manual backup check process, this needs to stop, I get there is quite good Shadow Protect integration through the plugin but other programs are a bit more hit and miss, we have all sorts from Asigra to Windows Backups but mostly StorageCraft. I am wondering if there is any wonderful does all plugins or script for checking backups from any application (or at least most)?! I think I know the answer but after some time away would like to know if it's changed... Agent Deployment, the probe is OK and useful in some cases, but we found Group Policy Run Once was the best deployment option for Domain based PC's? We have 300+ Agents on LogMeIn, I know we could deploy it to these machines fairly easily but would be in root group unless we wrote a number of versions (1 per location), has anyone got a clever way to do this better? What have I missed since LT10? I have had a few demo's etc. and I can see that much is improved and added since I last used it, Updates, Layout \ Design etc. but much also looks very much as was it the backend, particularly the script editor which I am pleased to see if as comprehensive as it's always been, is there anything less obvious which has changed improved over the last few years? (Probably many points, I am looking for things I can use as selling points to directors if that helps). Anything else I should raise? Something coming soon? In development? etc.? I realise many of those questions are quite open which I apologies for, I don't expect any real detail in your responses I don't mind doing the leg work in researching the details, one liners will do if you prefer. I also realise I can get much of this information from the sales guys and believe me I have tried, but I get indifferent responses to some questions, for example most useful scripts, they say to don't know, don't have this info which is fair enough in my view but some of our Regional Managers want more, some of the other questions we have got answers from but I think I may get a whole different and more compelling set of responses from you guys who actually use it day to day! So all responses appreciated! Thanks Hoe.
  4. What Custom Property???? I would like to do this but support told me there wasn't a way to do it. Thanks +1 Upgraded to LT11 tonight and sigh none of my tabs work!
  5. Can you get these to prompt for variables like with the Custom Tab buttons?! I used the following string in Custom Tabs but it doesn't seem to work on Custom Buttons. TickedID?=%ASK%%TicketID?%%% Thanks Stuart.
  6. Presumable this still requires the user to logout and back in again?!
  7. Shame they don't tell the support team that, I was told to upgrade from 5.5.28 too 5.5.51 as .28 was no supported on 10.5 (contary to documentation), they gave me link and I got started only to find out that after uninstalling 5.5.28 the document they linked for reinstalling it has been removed, so I was royally stuck, LT Support did get connected and fix it all for me but was a joke really, epescially as I have done it before myself load of times, could have done it again just was unsure about some of the SQL Settings, thought it was OLTP etc. but wasn't 100%. I can understand them advising to speak to support but then support shouldn't be telling users to do it themselves lol.
  8. I am seeing this too, not on all machines, haven't really looked at it yet but I noticed it on a couple of machine and scratched my head for a little while. I would guess at scripting too but I don't understand why it has only just recently been a problem and why it is only a problem on a very few machines.
  9. It is simple you just need to know how... Create a new script, check initial check to true then add the following lines... 1. ExtraData Get Value - 1st Box should be your EDF Name, Select this from Drop Down!!! -ID Box should be one of the following... " %ClientID% - %LocationID% or %ComputerID% " depending on where the EDF has been created! -Variable Feild, Set the name of your variable here, TEST in the case of my example here. 2. Variable Check - 1st box will be the variable you created in step 1 with @'s signs either side, so @TEST@ -Logical operator, you probably want this to be = or NOT= -Value to compare for a check box is always 1 or 0, I.E. 1 = Checked, 0 = Unchecked!!! -Lines to skip if true or section to jump to if you use script notes. So for eample, I could use the following... ExtraData Get Value Active O365 Client %ClientID% ActiveO365 *This would check a client level EDF called Active O365 Client and set the value of this to the variable @ActiveO365@. Variable Check @ActiveO365@ = 1 :Active *This wouldu check the variable @ActiveO365@ and IF it equals 1 would jump to the script note :Active This way you don't have to keep updating the lines to skip number if you add rows it will always jump down to yourr script note called :Active Hope this helps! Thanks Stuart.
  10. Hey, Great plugin, few suggestions though... 1. Ability to add EDF Fields and place as desired, including Drop Down Box EDF's, I could seriously improve some of my Custom Tabs with this plugin for example! 2. Ability to show \ hide items based on content, so for example I have a SpeedTest EDF filed, would be cool if this could only be shown if there is results present! Sure there was more but I can't think and have work to do! Currently though I have 3 Custom Tabs (I have lots more but 3 deployments ones), 1x Client, 1x Location and 1x Computer these are used to set software permissions each level overriding the last if set, these are set using Drop Down boxes in our case. Would be awesome to be able to merge these onto One Tab with 1 column for Client Permissions, 1 column for Location permissions, another for Computer and finally a install results column! This could also be used nicely to display log results from CCleaner \ Temp File Cleaner I suspect but not tied yet, anyone else tried something like that?! Thanks Stuart.
  11. Yeah I've done that just didn't want two places to look at. Oh well ty.
  12. Hey guys, I added a Deny Windows 10 option to labtech based on EDF which I put in the default PATCHING section which in turn created a new tab under INFO called PATCHING instead of adding it to the ignite patching tab! I tried adding it to the IgniteGUID's table in labtech which removed it from INFO as expected but once again as expected it didn't add it to Ignite's patching tab either effectively hiding it entirely! Can anyone tell me if there is a way to add this checkbox to the ignite tab, as having Patch Exclusions spread around multiple locations doesn't make a lot of sense! Thanks Stuart.
  13. The TAB shouldn't be listed, the EDF should!!! Take for example this tab I have... This is the search settings I have for the STARTED AT and COMPLETE AT fields... This works fine for me. Do be careful though as there is 3x Additional Field entries in that first column one of Computer level EDF, one for Location level EDF and finally another for Client level EDF, but it's very hard if not impossible to see which one is which, maybe you have the wrong "Related - Additional Fields" selected, have you tried browsing through all of them?!
  14. Just an idea but you could make then non-editable, then make a script which prompts them for values, this script can leave the Agents Name and a Time Stamp then. With script permissions you could lock the "Accounting" users down to just see these scripts too as after all they aren't tech's and will probably be confused by quite a bit of it. We this this with a couple of EDF's, not for accounting purposes but because it's too easy for people to break by putting in invalid content so we get the script to ask the question then reliable set the data to the fields.
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