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  1. Jagjeet

    Slack Notifier

    Hello, I have developed a plugin (Sendto Slack Plugin for Automate) to send messages to Slack's channel. It works the same way as Email - Alert Action works. I noticed that sometimes LabTech scripts don't work or take some time to execute. If you want to send critical messages to your slack channel, or your customers' slack channel, then this plugin is for you. It won't disappoint :). Thank you, Jagjeet www.sankalpit.com
  2. We can develop an uninstallation script for you. Please let direct message me, if interested. For more information about us, please visit our website ( SankalpIT.Com ). Thank you, Jagjeet
  3. Check out our Worry-free solution to upgrade your windows machines to windows 10. https://sankalpit.com/upgrade-windows-7-to-windows-10-with-connectwise-automate/
  4. Hello Chad, In any way, If scheduled is missed then plugin will send reboot commands on next schedule. Hope it clears everything . Just I want to clear one more thing that It won't detect machines to reboot. Please have see the docs here https://sankalpit.com/reboot-schedule-plugin-for-labtech/ thank you, Jagjeet Singh
  5. Hi Mike, Thank you for your response! Plugins allows advanced alerting capabilities. Yet make it very easy to configure MS Teams alerting. Very first you can brand or customize your message as you like. Design your Jason on following azure website and provide in plugin as specified in our documentation. https://messagecardplayground.azurewebsites.net/ Plugin allows flexibility of sending alerts to Different MSTeams for any number of different companies. For example, you can have it send alert on your MSTeams and a copy to Customer MSTeams. You can read more about it on our website: https://sankalpit.com/send-to-msteams/ As we have seen there is no Trial registered on your name, please give it a try and let us know if you have any query regarding same. Also, we would like to hear suggestion for future version. Thank you, Jagjeet Singh
  6. Jagjeet

    Slack Plugin

    If you are the one who is looking for a plugin that allows you to send labtech alerts to slack channel or slack user, then your search ends here 🤣 https://sankalpit.com/sendto-slack-plugin/ Sendto Slack plugin provides you possibilities to send alerts from your Connectwise Automate to Slack channel or slack user. You may use it to send a slack message to your team or directly to your clients using LabTech Alert Templates. Technically, once you enabled this plugin in your Connectwise Automate it creates new Alert Action called Sendto Slack that you may use to send alerts to any Slack Workspace Thank you, Jagjeet Singh
  7. Note: Make sure you use the plugin that I have released on my website. https://sankalpit.com/reboot-schedule-plugin-for-labtech/ I have done some major updates and only the version posted is compatible with Connectwise Automate 12. Thank you for your time. Email me on Jagjeet@sankalpit.com for any query.
  8. Hi Robinson, It must be a coincidence but there is nothing in this that may crash your server. You may share your screen with me on it anytime. By the way, I have released new version on this plugin and it get any complaint about it. https://sankalpit.com/reboot-schedule-plugin-for-labtech/ Thank you, Jagjeet Singh Jagjeet@sankalpit.com
  9. Let me introduce with Sendto MSTeams – a plugin for LabTech to send alerts directly to the channel of Microsoft Teams. If you are not aware that Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) is a Microsoft Group chat application and it is part of Office 365 subscription. https://sankalpit.com/send-to-msteams/ Thank you, Jagjeet Singh
  10. Here is the link of Sendto MSTeams plugin that can be used to send LabTech alerts directly MSTeams channel. https://sankalpit.com/send-to-msteams/
  11. Sendto Slack - a LabTech plugin that can be used to send LabTech alerts to Slack channel or slack user using LabTech Alert Template. It works like email alert action. You can send LabTech alerts to any number of Slack workspace. Please visit the following link to know more about this. https://sankalpit.com/sendto-slack-plugin/ Thank you
  12. Hi, Feel free to reach me if you would like to have any type of script/plugin development, monitor customization, patch management, LabTech installation, migration and upgrade. We do provide on-going and on-demand admin support for LabTech in affordable rates. Thank you, Jagjeet Singh Www.SankalpIT.com
  13. Hi Guys, Did you try Reboot Schedule Plugin? I would recommend it as it is designed to specially for scheduled reboot. Here is a link to download Reboot Schedule v3. Click here to download Thank you Jagjeet Jagjeet@SankalpIT.Com
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