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  1. Wanna know something funny? When datacollector is enabled, it doesn't collect data. Thats probably because it's not an int value but a string value. So back to the drawingboard.... it must be possible to automate it. It's not called Automate for nothing 🙂 I've posted an enhancement request to track changes for servers in the h_computers table.
  2. Hi Steve, Thats another approach. However, When you have 60+ clients on 60+ locations and they all have another WAN address, you need to create 60+ internal monitors. You need to be able to keep a history of the computers.RouterAddress so you can determine of the address has changed. Since this option isn't available (I cant find it) you need to create some historical data yourself. Therefore I created this remote monitor to be able to get data in the h_agentdata table. This way you have a log on every interval the remote monitor will check. Correct me if i'm wrong....
  3. I've got a part of the solution but the might need some re-thinking... When you add an exe monitor to your agent running the command you will get the public IP address for that agent. However, it should be compared agains the router address to detect changes or keep history. Sinds a monitor cant compare agains router address, we should keep some history. So enable data collection could be an option. Next, create an internal monitor to track changes. A bit of a dirty solution but it works...
  4. i've made a workaround by running a script each night to enable datacollectors on all monitors like: where "SNMP - FW - WatchGuard RAM Free" is the monitor name. I've transmitted a feature request too. They might be intrested.
  5. Thanks for your responce. Could you check how the cleanmgr is running? As User, Admin or local system? It seems to run fine at user %consolesession% because it can interact with the desktop. Running as system seems to go well but will stop working soon because its using the CMD "AT" thats depricated in later version from windows 10. The one that seems to hang with my sessions is the ones running as admin.
  6. Hi all. I'm hoping for the power of the community to figure this one out. The Automate build-in script for Disk Cleanup (Maintenance - Hard Disk Cleanup - Disk Cleanup) seem to fail on recent Windows 10 machines. It times out on the cleanmgr.exe command. The reason is a change in windows 10 / Server 2019 with some recent build. Cleanmgr won't run in the backround anymore. The process remains open but doesn't do a thing. Another source: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/azure/en-US/edd0156e-95ce-406f-8781-4446ea950b97/cleanmgrexe-cant-be-run-via-task-scheduler?forum=ws2019 I tried running the cleanmgr with the /verylowdisk argument but it didn't change a thing. The only thing that works is running it in the users console session because it seems to interact with the users environment. It doesn't do a thing with the user but still.... Anyone else have seen this problem? And more important: have a fix for it? Another buggy thing by the way in the same script is the hdd space calculator. It uses the powershell command "(Get-WmiObject Win32_LogicalDisk -Filter DriveType=3).FreeSpace / 1GB" to check free space. But this doesn't work when a computer has multiple volumes. So the ticket that results from here is showing two failed powershell queries. I'm not sure if I want to address this at Connectwise support. Already got a few tickets on my name and even one from a year ago....
  7. Hi All, A new day, a new challenge. I'm monitoring WatchGuard Firewalls now! It's great. I added a detection template, search and group so now I have all my WatchGuard Firewalls together in a group. So I build monitors on this group. SNMP monitors to check free mem, cpu and much more. So when my firewall has any performance problems, I can see it. Yeey! But there's one problem.... I cant enable data collection on group monitors for network devices 😞 So now nice graph, no historical data.... The data Collector fields are greyed out. I asked Support but they answered it's by design. But hey... I can override an individual monitor and enable Data Collection. So it sould be possible... He also answered it might be possible by modifying the agents in the database. He was not supposed to tell how so now I rely on you guys... 1. Who knows a way to enable data collection on these monitors like in the screenshot? 2. If via database... how do I make sure data collection will be enabled on any future added monitors when a WatchGuard Firewall is added? Hope someone will be able to tell me.
  8. Hi Martyn, Lets proove @kspooner is not right. I'm convinced the probe can do beautifull things and works well. This is not something the probe can't do but something that is poor design by HPe. Please reach out to me to see if we can make this work. I can make time for it. Unfortunate I don't see how slack works. I hit the Slack tab on top of this page. Enter my name and mail and check the cw-automate channel and agree. But right after clicking Join now it tells me ERROR!!! channel_not_found
  9. Ok, call me the stupidest man on earth but please tell me HOW i can reach you on Slack?
  10. Ok, call me the stupidest man on earth but please tell me HOW i can reach you on Slack?
  11. ooohh.. cr*p. Slack... not familliar with that. Let me try to figure that out first
  12. Hi All, Got a Challenge for some experienced engineers. Lets take a deep dive in the SNMP Collection tables in the Custom Table Walk. I'm trying to collect info from iLO devices to gather disk info. I found the disk info is related to OID table So great! I can walk it and find the information I need. But now I discovered that the disk CONTROLLER can have an index on his own. So walking this oid results on one iLO this: But performing a walk on another iLO results in this: To safe you from searching: The part after refers to the controller index (top 4, bottom 2) and AFTER the controller index, I get the disk indexes. So using this collection template doesn't show any good result: I was hoping this would work: but it does not accept this format as an integer. So the big question: How do I get there to get the right information? Anyone out there with a great idea!?
  13. Hi RIM, Using this one a year now without problems: Create a role detection. (attached that for you). I guess you know how to make a search and group for the result of the role detection? Enable the internal monitor (attached) to the group. This monitor checks once a day if EventID4 has been logged (successfull backup). Because it's a reversy query, it alerts when it's not been logged. Taking in count that the backup is running once a day.... Windows Backup Role.sql Windows Backup monitor.sql
  14. Hi jhubert, No sorry, but my experiance with upgrading from W7 to W10 is that the Automate Agents needs to be reinstalled. So starting the upgrade is no problem but getting it back in automate is a challenge.
  15. No you mention it.... I see. Thats strange. I would understand this when using a shared iLO port. But i'm using dedicated ones... Hope DEV will find something.
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