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  1. Before I reinvent the wheel here, wondering if anyone has any Scripts or suggestions for managing the LSA software. Trying to see if we can have a default configuration to setup email notification, etc. Reschedule the Patrol reads, etc. Not sure I completely trust the build in stuff. Also going to look for the event IDs when patrol reads start just in case it decides to kick off middle of the day, which completely kills performance, even though it's supposed to be throttled. Thanks in advance, Carlos
  2. Forgot about right clicking a command and "creating script"...
  3. Trying to see if there's a way of scripting the Command that redeploys ScreenConnect. I saw the script someone posted to uninstall/reinstall. We're on the last patch 2019.6, and the previous issues with Redeploy not working don't seem to be happening. Actually Redeploy seems to be the one consistent fix we found to the issue. It actually shows up in the command history, and has suceeded every time we've run it. The issue we see is that the ScreenConnect Client service doesn't start, and restarting the computer does not seem to solve. The version is the latest and everything else appears to be fine. So I created a search to find the serivce, service not running, software installed and agent online. Gave me a good list of 12 machines currently. Created a group tied to the search. Have a monitor creating alert. So now, I can go to the group, right click all the agents and redeploy. However, I'm looking to automate this... I can't seem to find a way of running the command to "redeploy". I noticed there's a script action for plugins, but found no documentation for it on CW University. The function is Plugin Agent Command, the command is ScreenConnectRemotePlugin.PluginClasses.SvcCommand. Any ideas/suggestions? Thanks in advance, Carlos
  4. Hi - I really like the idea behind this plugin. Having an issue trying to push out a user. Using ver Getting an email with: Change log for RMMUser. Error: : The given key was not present in the dictionary. Thanks in advance, Carlos.
  5. Here's my modification...used an EDF in Computer to see if already applied, and then using a search, group with a script running every hour. That should get machines patched up pretty quick... Edited script to re-scan, since on a few pc's the .dat version is not created. Just remember to check/uncheck the EDF since the default value is null. My search is using Not = 1 so that should handle the null... Carlos. AV - Petya (Not Petya) Vaccine - CMP.zip
  6. So I was digging around, cleaning stuff up and noticed that my ticket database table was about 20GB. Opened it up in SqlYog, and have data going back to 2010...and almost 500k rows. I have the following lines to clean the data up, and wondering if there's any sql gurus that would comment/improve this. SET @HISTORYPURGE = 180; DELETE FROM tickets WHERE StartedDate < CURRENT_DATE - INTERVAL @HISTORYPURGE DAY; SELECT @LOWTICKETNUM := TicketID FROM tickets ORDER BY TicketID LIMIT 1; DELETE FROM ticketdata WHERE TicketID < @LOWTICKETNUM; DELETE FROM timeslips WHERE TicketID < @LOWTICKETNUM; OPTIMIZE TABLE tickets; OPTIMIZE TABLE ticketdata; OPTIMIZE TABLE timeslips; Thanks in advance, Carlos.
  7. carlosmp


    Sure, it uses a number of EDF fields, and does a few more things. Never found a solution for retail licenses, as the format did not appear to be xml or anything legible... We run this file on a regular basis, and it will let us know if there's a mismatch between the info in the EDF and the info in the license file. ShadowProtect - Get Key- CMP.zip
  8. I think that the problem is that retail licensing does not use the same files. Have you poked around to see what files are in the directory that may contain the license file? Carlos.
  9. Just thought of something after dinner, and started to do a bit of research. What if we setup the testcli as a scheduled task? I came across this: http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/scriptcenter/To-start-a-script-command-54837868. Perhaps a script could be written to run this from the master. Not sure if it will actually run scheduled without prompting for elevation, or if we'll even see the status. The command can be captured by running CryptoPreventTestCLI.exe > clpresult.txt and then reading the file. WHy it might not work: - The user creds are needed to create the scheduled task - Can the task be setup to run as a known admin and actually interact with a desktop? This way it would require the user to be logged in? Thoughts? Carlos.
  10. Testing is a PITA... UAC is a PITA especially for scripting. Here's what I've found: (Using my own script with a simple Console Shell, which seems to be the only way to work. - Without a logged in user it just plain fails. - UAC enabled system (Vista+)- they get the UAC prompt to run the Foolishit app, which most users (shockingly!) click no. The problem here is that we actually do want to run, but users finally have sense to prevent something unknown from running. Maybe it's finally kicked in...maybe in a few more years they won't open the fedex tracking email... - Non UAC (XP)- runs just fine... Wonder how we can test this as system account or without raising UAC...
  11. I just created a pair of OpenDNS Umbrella scripts to install/uninstall. I’ve only tested it on a pair of windows 8.1 pro 64 and 8.1 Std 32 so I would assume it’ll work on just about anything down. I’m using powershell on the uninstall script… Brief instructions - On the Client Info, you should have a new OpenDNS Umbrella tab - In the install script edit the global with the UserID from the MSP console Let me know how it goes and any suggestions… Carlos. OpenDNS Umbrella Roaming Client Install - CMP.zip OpenDNS Umbrella Roaming Client Uninstall - CMP.zip
  12. Great to hear that it works for someone else. I'm really starting to develop scripts, and trying to get anything that relates to backups done first. My biggest one on the list is to get ImageReady to do a few tricks... Carlos.
  13. Is the license.id file an xml format? Can you post one with sanitized data in it? I'd like to see if we can't get the license information from non MSP channels as well. Thanks, Carlos.
  14. Maybe I'm mistaken, but it was my understanding that with Win7+ hiding from welcome screen disabled the account. There's no way of logging in, since the Ctrl-Alt-Del method is missing that allowed entering credentials manually. I don't know if this changed, but we faced this a while back (when Win7 started rolling out), and assumed that's the way it was, and haven't reattempted this. I'll need to add something to prevent the password from expiring, but not sure if an "expired" account would be prevented from running as, which is the typical... Carlos.
  15. Created this so that we have the ShadowProtect license information in LT. Our techs are supposed to record these in CW configs, but many times forget, etc. I'm the one that generates the keys, but it's easier to tell them to enter once they activate the product. Anyways, this script basically creates a ticket, looks for the license.lic or MSPLicense.lic and sets the EDF fields in LT. A ticket is created and entries made. If the key on the machine matches what's in LT, it will close the ticket. If they don't match, it'll leave it open. The changes that need to be made are the Ticket Comment user. I think everything else is sanitized... Next version will hopefully allow to activate the key using the license in the EDF if the local version does not have it. If someone has a retail version, I need to find the name of the license.lic file. I'm assuming it's license.lic, since the MSP version is MSPLicense.lic. Script should come into the a AAA-Export folder, and uses a pair of EDF's in the Computer in a tab called Storagecraft Licenses Next step is to write a report that we can use to make sure our licenses correlate to the MSP portal and make sure it's all there/here... Planning on using this as a base to build a ImageManager and pull up the licenses/jobs. This will (if we build the report) let us know that there are unused licenses of HSR, iFTP, etc. so we can decrease count. Carlos. SCSP - Get Key- CMP.zip
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