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  1. UJorgensen

    Ms Teams integration with LabTech

    I could use a hint on how to do this as well.... thx
  2. UJorgensen

    Office 365 backup

    There are quite a few that does this now. Which is the best, and why? Skykick is great, but I do not like that they save data in Azure...this is still Microsoft, and I really like to have backup on another platform
  3. UJorgensen

    Email Box Monitor Plugin

    ...will it work with version 12?
  4. UJorgensen

    Custom Buttons

    Is this plugin dead? I cannot get it working in the new Labtech interface...
  5. UJorgensen

    Labtech monitors

    Hi there…we are looking to bring down the number of tickets in Labtech, and I would like to hear your experience and opinion on the following monitors: - Monitoring MAC address changes on laptops. Gives alot of ticket when users change between cable and wireless - Monitoring services in general on workstation. Services often register as stopped when user shuts down their computers. These are just some of them, but also the most noisy. I could simply switch them off, but I would like to hear what others are doing, and why. Thx.
  6. UJorgensen

    New - Backup Windows Plugin

    Would this work for full restore to a virtual machine with server 2008 non-R2?
  7. UJorgensen

    Time skew script

    Hi Denis, there is no picture of the error.
  8. UJorgensen

    Time skew script

    Great script, very usefull. Could you please explain how to make a monitor to look for the value in that EDF? Thank you.
  9. UJorgensen

    Office 365 backup

    Thank you for the reply. I took a look at their prices, partner price is $2 per seat, but is that including unlimited storage space in Azure?
  10. Does anyone in here operate within EU, and have any input on how to become compliant? I mean assesment software, vulnerability software, checklists, reports, etc. Any info would be helpfull
  11. UJorgensen

    Office 365 backup

  12. UJorgensen

    Office 365 backup

    Hi there, Is there anyone doing backup of Exchange Online, SharePoint Oneline and OneDrive for business? Which product(s) are you using for this task, and why that choice? Demand is rising, and we would like to be able to help our clients with this need. Preferable as a solution we can host ourselves, but any solution will do. Thank you. Best regards Ulrich Jørgensen novaram
  13. Hi there, Is there anyone with knowledge as to whether Labtech Software is looking into AI for future versions? I see AI beeing implemented, researched and developed upon everywhere, and we will see some fantastic usage scenarios in the years to come. As most MSP work is analazing logs, symptoms and using knowledge to fix thing, automation is a fantastic way to save time, and scale your MSP business. AI could take this to the next level and beyond. Imagine an AI engine, looking at all logs on all systems, and the entire Labtech database, looking for patterns, writing scripts, doing fixes, setting up filters etc., all by it self. To begin with it could just be as a suggested solution attached to the tickets, and perhaps a button to click and fix, but the endgame would be a auto learning, self evolving AI engine, that searches, analyzes and fixes issues 24/7... If we were to trust this AI even more, we could set it up to learn across alle Labtech Partners, and the knowledge, minus any king of data, sould be shared acrross Labtech installations of the entire partner base, giving Labtech Software and its partners the edge over any comptetitor using any other system.
  14. UJorgensen

    Custom Buttons

    I just purchased the plugin, how long until it works? My trial has run out, but I have restarted control center a couple of times, but still it is not active... Thank you.
  15. UJorgensen

    SNMP issues with Dell Printers

    How do I purge a device? Just delete it, or...?