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  1. Unfortunately this stopped working after LabTech 11. ConnectWise changed all the authentication interfaces and hardcoded them for google, duo, etc. You should use their official plugin going forward.
  2. @troms @bigdog09, The plugin problems can be remedied by "updating" the connectwise control remote agent plugin from plugin manager and reloading the dbagent. Just grab the dll from the Automate server plugins folder.
  3. The purpose of this script is to collect license data for windows from a workstation and populate EDFs. There are monitors included that can be used to collect license data and report on any potential issues. Directions: Import the XML expansion first, this includes the script and EDF values. Once the EDFs are installed, import the monitor SQL Create an Alert Template on the Licensing - Refresh License Data monitor to run the script. This will refresh KMS/Eval based licenses daily, MAK/Retail/OEM licenses generally will never need to be refreshed since they don't expire. Set alert templates on the other monitors to create a ticket or send an email accordingly. Edit: Updated to add Partial Product Key EDF and modified schedule to refresh licensing weekly for systems with a valid non KMS license. Windows Licensing.zip
  4. That's just for the additional stuff (tracking the file to the printer driver and the printer if it exists). I'm sure there's a way to make it compatible with older versions, but I didn't write that in yet. Edit: Looks like powershell cmdlets for windows 8+ are just wrappers for WMI queries. This might actually be easier than I thought initially.
  5. This is a basic script that uses AppCrashView and a PowerShell script to parse spoolsv.exe crash reports to identify problematic drivers. The driver detection requires Win8+ due to the Get-PrinterDriver and Get-Printer cmdlets. Edit: This script has been updated to support Windows 7 systems using WMI queries in place of the Get-Printer and Get-PrinterDriver cmdlets. Print Spooler Crash Report.xml
  6. Unfortunately the custom tab functionality has stopped working with embedded webpages. I would recommend checking out WarrantyMaster as it's an awesome product (with a free tier).
  7. Not currently, I would have to implement something that gets your external IP and then compares it with a pre-defined allow list. It does support the ability to hash your authentication for 30 days though, so it won't prompt every single time.
  8. This script was set up to automate some of the tedious tasks of doing an offline domain join while a system is not on the customer network. Steps Go through the initial computer setup and name it. Install the LT Agent and move the computer to a location within the client. Run the Offline Domain Join - Provision List or Single script on a PC that is on the same network/domain as the Domain Controller. Provision Single for one PC or Provision List for more. (List requires the computer names in the following format computer1,computer2,computer3) Offline Domain Join.zip
  9. New version released, moves the admin section to the Integration tab and adds a user manager.
  10. I created a cleanup script that removes dead entries from both databases. When setting it up, set both the ID for the labtech server and the access key for RMM+ in the global variables. The script defaults to cleaning up agents that haven't checked in for the past month ( -2592000 seconds ) and will also remove entries from the plugin_screenconnect tables for the SessionID that is being removed. In order to use this, go to the dashboard and set a scheduled client script ( I set mine up to be weekly, but choose whatever interval you prefer ). ScreenConnect Access Session Cleanup.zip
  11. Vitaliy, Is there any ETA on a plugin update to support Veeam Agent for Windows?
  12. Generally speaking the invalid key message comes up when your phone and LabTech server are out if sync. Check the time on both to verify then aren't more than a minute or two off.
  13. Making Veeam work with LTShare on a UNC path: [*] Locate the Veeam Plugin Server Logs (C:\ProgramData\Veeam\LabtechBackupAddon\Logs\Server.log) [*] Look for a System.IO.FileNotFoundException [*] Create all the directories in system32 up to LTshare ( but not including, that will be done with mklink ) [*] Use psexec -s cmd to get into the system shell [*] cd to the new path and run mklink /D LTshare \\path\to\ltshare
  14. Currently that functionality does not exist, but if you have web access you should also be able to access the control center over http(s).
  15. If I had to guess, I would think that it would be part of the iMenu interface. https://docs.labtechsoftware.com/SDK/Default.htm#PluginInterfaces/ControlCenterInterfaces/IMenu.htm
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