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  1. VAC is a HORRIBLE product! I have had nothing but issues with it, even it's alarm management doesn't work well. I am hoping things with v4 improve but I won't be holding my breathe. The worst part about VAC is the lack of knowledge of the product by Veeam support. On the flipside anything integrated into Automate/Labtech relies on that system to function well, which won't ever happen. I would prefer to get VAC working and not have to rely on the crumbling Automate platform.
  2. Does anyone use these anymore? We have had non-stop issues with these over the past few months, the two major being: 1. Tickets are ending up on the incorrect board, so we aren't being alerted to them 2. Tickets aren't coming in the Manage at all I have talked to support numerous times on these issues and each time my ticket is shipped off to the black hole called development. Some of these sitting as long as 2 months now! I am thinking of shutting them off and relying on email or phone calls...... thoughts?
  3. You mentioned support issues, Arnie needs to hear how bad it is more often. Like I said he responded to me and got some to call me within 10mins.
  4. Send an email to this guy ABellini@ConnectWise.com, I did so last week because I was fed up with support or the lack their of. He responded fairly quickly and I had a phone call within 10mins
  5. Yea its super frustrating that the sender side, Labtech in this case has no logging. I don't know about restarting your DB agent every so often, I was told this resets your monitors but I would confirm with someone else to be sure.
  6. I have messed with this some, I would enable logging on whatever receive connector you are sending the email too, this has always helped in my troubleshooting. As to logging in Labtech you are looking at it, support couldn't give me anything else. Here are some notes I have from troubleshooting in the past... -The failedemails table does have a timestamp in the FailDate column -After 10 failures on a unique email address, that address will be added to the list of bad emails. LabTech will continue to send emails to other address not in the list of bad emails. LabTech will attempt to send emails to a bad address 6 hours after the last failure of that email address. If this email is successful, the email address will be removed from the list of bad emails, and it will be allowed to fail 10 more times before it is added back to the list. If the new email fails, that address will have to wait another 6 hours to be tried again. -Restarting the database agent will also clear the list of bad emails. -In Dashboard > properties added the SMTPSSL - True value Hope some of that helps troubleshoot the issue you are having!
  7. If you want something to compare to see my ini file below. I am running 235 agents w/ 2 light users Windows 2012R2 vSphere 6 VM LT 11 v11.0.342 Patch 7 4 vCPUs (Xeon E5-2690 v3 @ 2.60GHz) 24GBs of RAM DB sits on DAS (PERC H730P RAID Controller) 2 x Enterprise class SSDs in RAID1 configuration Performance is slow when opening the computer screen (I have the updated computer screen disabled globally). The dashboard is slow to load, but once in it all seems to be fine. Everything else seems to work well but the computer screen taking so long to load is annoying. Here is the output from the LabTech Product Support Toolkit: https://hastebin.com/raw/popukosita
  8. Odd I made the changes and my problem is worse
  9. So I had to clarify further, here is the official word from WR.... My question: "Do we need to put in exclusions for LabTech? LabTech support says YES we do, multiple people have told WR support has said NO they are already on the back end and adding them will cause performance issues" Webroot response: "The exclusions for Labtech are not necessary when using Webroot." My question: "Does it cause a performance issue having them there? Does it hurt anything having them there? Why is LabTech support saying they need to be there." Webroot response: "They have at times been known to be related to other issues in regards to performance/log file growing rapidly. I am not entirely sure why Labtech suggests these other than it generally being industry standard to apply AV exclusions which setting up something such as Labtech or other RMM tools."
  10. Maybe this needs to be communicated to LabTech support because they added the exclusions for LabTech as a must
  11. But so far for me if you perform the settings as described in my earlier post the issue seems to have gone away. I know the site has updated the server default profile but if you apply that same thing to the workstations it seems to have fixed the issue. Only change the workstation to Self Protection to minimum. Leave all other settings alone. Also remove the Labtech Exclusions as Labtech documents. I want to clarify some things here: 1. Do you put the LT exclusions in Webroot GSM policy or not? Where are you finding this documentation that says to not add LabTech files/folders to your Webroot GSM policy? 2. Setting the "Self Protection" to minimum was supposed to fix the RDS black screen issues mentioned below, this also has affect on the LabTech stuck cmd issue? Many people have said they have stuck cmds and they don't use Webroot. https://community.webroot.com/t5/Webroot-for-Business/Update-on-Winlogin-4005-amp-Terminal-Servers/m-p/275354
  12. Funny because LT support says you have to have those in there. Wish we could get an official word on this.
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