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  1. Cabraghman

    Get list of Computers over 5 years old

    Have a look here - you hav to purchase but very reasonable https://squattingdog.net/labtech-warrantylookerupper/
  2. Cabraghman

    Comments under "show details"

  3. Cabraghman

    how to export warranty info to excel

    Mtthew, I have an Excel sheet that runs a SQL query to do this (see screenshot attached) - happy to post here - although its using Warranty Master info - do you have that? C
  4. This is what support told us This certainly is an issue and I have an explanation. The icon for ignite is slightly bigger (50x50) where the icons are normally smaller (40x40). This is causing the ignite icon to show 'fine' but pushing all other icons out of alignment. They are actually there just not really visible. This issue has been brought up to our development team but as the legacy computer management screen is in fact legacy no new escalations will be sent up for this. As it is the legacy view will no longer be available once version 12 releases. The workaround is to deny access to the ignite tab by restricting permissions. This will allow the other icons to not be improperly formatted but I would not consider it an acceptable workaround. And so, that is the resolution to your concern. I understand if you are not thrilled with the answer I have provided and I would encourage you to get used to how the new computer management tiles work. Please reply back if you have further questions or concerns on this topic.
  5. Cabraghman

    Control center exiting itself on startup

    Try running it as the administrator account to see if it starts then try it while logged in as you
  6. Cabraghman

    Control center exiting itself on startup

    Try running it as the administrator account to see if it starts then try it while logged in as you
  7. Cabraghman

    Disable LabTech 11 Computer Screen

    Steve, I just had a chat session with LT Support and they said its Ok to use provided I understand that the old UI is being phased out and if a problem exists in the leagacy UI but not in the new UI that problwm won't be support - which is fair enough. Ticket#8426406. C
  8. Cubert, I would be interested in being an early tester - we are doing about 300 daily backups with various packages - mostly Altaro and some home grown scripts - we are doing what you are doing trhrough a combination of Excel, SQL and sweat.
  9. Cabraghman

    ADMON Administrators Group monitor plugin

    Installed . flicked the switch but not getting any results - any thoughts?
  10. Cabraghman

    Plugin Tutorial - Hello World

    We had this and it was caused by me forgetting to "unblock" the file under file properties.
  11. Cabraghman

    Patch Remedy Plugin for LabTech

    Is it safe to upgrade over top of
  12. Cabraghman

    Plugins In LT 10.5

    I had similar and someone else in the forums suggested checking "unblock" via file properties - that sorted it for us.
  13. Just in case this helps with Win7 machines. We found the presence of KB3004394 was causing serious issues so removed it and it sorted quite a number of Win7 machines. We then installed (Dec 2015) WUA Patch KB3112343 and things are working well. Still a few machines that need work though.
  14. Cabraghman

    Patch Remedy Plugin for LabTech

    The reason I purchased was my way of saying thank you to Cubert for all the contributions he has made - I use a number of his products, I used Patch Remedy when it was free - it helped me address various patching issues - still have lots to do though.
  15. Cabraghman

    Patch Remedy Plugin for LabTech

    Just signed up.