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  1. Cubert

    Patch Remedy Version 4 in Beta

    Patch Remedy rolls out 2018 !! https://www.plugins4automate.com/blogs/blog/patch-remedy-rolls-up-2018-with-build1-0-4-40
  2. Cubert

    Reboot Schedule Plugin for LabTech

    Sankalpi, this is just awesome! One of the major hurdles MSPs have with Patching is the follow up reboots. Patch Remedy can really use this plugin to assist it with after patching and scheduled reboots. We have posted a link to your website page for this plugin in our Patch Remedy forums so we can let other MSPs know how to get a hold of this plugin. Will save them in trying to write custom reboot scripts to manage after update reboots. Very cool!!
  3. Cubert

    Patch Remedy Version 4 in Beta

    Chocolatey is our Plugin of the month for December 2018 https://www.plugins4automate.com/blogs/blog/plugin-of-the-month-chocolatey-for-labtech
  4. You might want to try the Linux Update Manager https://www.plugins4labtech.com/products/linux-update-manager
  5. Cubert

    Missing Patch Windows Revisited

    Patch Remedy has upgraded their patch window counters with the changes in CWA12. We now have a function created to monitor and manage the information about missed patch windows. https://www.plugins4labtech.com/blogs/blog/patch-remedy-monitors-missed-patch-windows-in-connectwise-automate
  6. If you are on version 1.0.3 it will "Not" auto Update to version 4 Version 4 is not LT 10.5 friendly so we will not upgrade previous versions to new automatically. Version 4 auto updates inside of itself.
  7. Patch Remedy Version 4 is now out of Beta after a short 21 days! We had a great group of peoples assist us with the Beta and we gain a lot of insight and new methods because of it. We want to thank everyone involved with the beta and we look forward to any new reviews now that version 4 is in production. Get Patch Remedy Now.
  8. Cubert

    Backup Windows Plugin issues

    There could be several reasons yes, Place in a helpdesk@p4l email to open a ticket with our helpdesk. We will have a peek and see what the agents is doing/ not doing...
  9. Cubert

    Patch Remedy Version 4 in Beta

    ConnectWise Automate Windows 10 Upgrades previous versions to (1709) Our beta has been nuking in the oven over the past week and has come out Hot! Hot! Hot! If you have a need to upgrade Windows 10 agents from previous versions to the latest Fall Creator version (1709) then you need to visit our beta site to see what brewing! https://www.plugins4labtech.com/blogs/blog/patch-remedy-version-4-now-upgrades-windows-10-versions
  10. Cubert

    Patch Remedy Version 4 in Beta

    Plugins4Automate has released Patch Remedy version 4 in its first beta release. This first beta has added new functionality to the plugin. We are now changing out the charts and graphs to use the newer DevExpress libraries. Version 4 will now start upgrading Windows 10 systems from previous versions to the latest version. We already upgrade the different build inside each Windows 10 Version, Now we upgrade older versions of Windows 10 to the latest version 16299. The only place to get this build is off our support site at http://support.plugins4labtech.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=5457&p=6613#p6613 You must also have a valid subscription of patch remedy for plugin to operate. If you have any issues please report them to our support forums. Enjoy!
  11. Plugins4Automate has had a few requests to add to our VMWare ESX Health Monitor plugin the ability to exclude items from alarms that show up in the CIM data views as failed. Due to the items being reported missing or in error excessive alarms may fire in CW Automate. A lot of the time this is due to a missing CPU for a socket or a dual power supply system missing one of the power modules. The CIM data reports the items as a failure or in a less than stellar state. This false reporting causes CW automate to fire off alarms even though its not a true failure.
  12. Cubert

    Surflog Browser Metrics Plugin

    For those using the Surflog plugin we have launched a new build 1.2.0.x that uses the DevExpress Charting to make in compatible with Automate 12. The drawback is that Labtech 10.5 users should not upgrade from the 1.1.3.x builds of this plugin. New Automate 12 Computer Console View
  13. Cubert

    Expiry Plugin Issue

    Interesting, I will test this out on out 12 server. You are basically getting back a OK instead of the HTML data in the SQL data table. We should verify that the expiry has data in table for html body, but I bet it has to do with scripting and running the decode command on the data. That if failed could cause LT scripting to produce an OK for the result.
  14. Cubert

    Expiry Plugin Issue

    Look in the scripts/maintenance folder for an Expiry script. On line 40 is the email being sent. You can change the subject there. As for the HTML message, we pull that from the database and save it as variable @EMAILBODY@ so if email comes out as "OK" then there was bad data saved to SQL. Have a peek at the script execution and see what it logs during the run.
  15. Cubert

    Expiry Plugin Issue

    can you post a copy of the actual email? Also can you post LT version