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  1. Plugins4Automate has released the first beta release of their new Habitat plugin. To get a peek at the new plugin follow the links to our Beta Forum where the download is made available. https://www.plugins4automate.com/blogs/blog/habitat-for-connectwise-automate-now-in-beta
  2. Other options can be using plugins built for Chocolatey, Chocolatey 4 Automate or App Genie @ www.plugins4automate.com
  3. It's been a while since we spoke about Map Drives Viewer. A neat little tool you can get to view all the mapped drives across your clients. This allows you to quickly confirm LOB apps are mapping correctly across agents and consistency of mappings for network shares exist. It's a free plugin over at www.plugins4automate.com
  4. App Genie is now out of BETA Unlimited 3rd party software updates for all your agents! ConnectWise Automate 3rd party software management plugin is the solution to the everrising costs of MSP management tools. App Genie puts the lid on rising prices with a flat rate, unlimited agents and over 4000 software titles to choose from in a simple plug and go plugin. See what App Genie can do for you! https://www.plugins4automate.com/blogs/blog/app-genie-is-out-of-beta-and-being-served-up-at-www-plugins4automate-com
  5. With the announcement from ConnectWise that all RDP access to their cloud based hosting services will now be restricted means that your losing your access to SQLyog and or MySQL WorkBench. These are significant updates for ConnectWise which leave MSPs without a valuable tool at their commands. Well not really.... Plugins4Automate has the solution. Our SQL Query Analyzer gives back SQL access to your engineers and makes it available directly inside the Automate Console. Quickly run SQL queries inside of Automate without the need to RDP! SQL Query Analyzer for ConnectWise Automate
  6. We are looking for BETA testers. We are on build and it is looking pretty good!
  7. have a peek at this https://www.plugins4automate.com/products/backup-windows
  8. What version of the plugin are you using? Also support for Plugins4Automate plugins can be found at http://suppor.plugins4automate.com . Post issues there and the team can get you answers fairly quickly.
  9. Plugins4Automate has released to beta their new App Genie plugin for ConnectWise Automate. What is App Genie?App Genie is designed to make managing 3rd party updates to "Already Installed Software" literally brainless. The MSP just installs the plugin and selects a client console from the Automate Control center and enable the updates on workstations and/or servers. App Genie will look at the installed software lists of each agent and determine if it has a match that it can apply updates to. Then it goes out regularly to test and apply updates if needed. Can we make 3rd party updates any easier? Check out our blog and support forums at https://www.plugins4automate.com/blogs/blog/app-genie-beta-testing-in-full-swing Support and Beta forums at http://support.plugins4automate.com/viewtopic.php?f=61&t=5578&sid=a37b6e7d5ee3f000ddd3ec2db16524be
  10. Patch Remedy rolls out 2018 !! https://www.plugins4automate.com/blogs/blog/patch-remedy-rolls-up-2018-with-build1-0-4-40
  11. Sankalpi, this is just awesome! One of the major hurdles MSPs have with Patching is the follow up reboots. Patch Remedy can really use this plugin to assist it with after patching and scheduled reboots. We have posted a link to your website page for this plugin in our Patch Remedy forums so we can let other MSPs know how to get a hold of this plugin. Will save them in trying to write custom reboot scripts to manage after update reboots. Very cool!!
  12. Chocolatey is our Plugin of the month for December 2018 https://www.plugins4automate.com/blogs/blog/plugin-of-the-month-chocolatey-for-labtech
  13. You might want to try the Linux Update Manager https://www.plugins4labtech.com/products/linux-update-manager
  14. Patch Remedy has upgraded their patch window counters with the changes in CWA12. We now have a function created to monitor and manage the information about missed patch windows. https://www.plugins4labtech.com/blogs/blog/patch-remedy-monitors-missed-patch-windows-in-connectwise-automate
  15. If you are on version 1.0.3 it will "Not" auto Update to version 4 Version 4 is not LT 10.5 friendly so we will not upgrade previous versions to new automatically. Version 4 auto updates inside of itself.
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