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  1. screwloose

    HitMan pro vs. Malwarebytes Business

    Malwarebytes would be great if you could script it better. Unfortunately from a programming side its really lacking. Webroot has a great technology of the journalling, but their detection rate unfortunately was pretty bad in my tests. Yes you can roll back the changes once its been identified, but what they fail to recognise is that the data leakage had already happened. If it had a stronger detection rate then yes, I would put it on everything. Hitman Pro seems the way to go though. Quick lightweight scans that no one notices that its running in the background. When I get off my ass and actually finish my plugin for it will be even better.
  2. screwloose

    TeamViewer 8 Commercial Intergration

    does the TeamViewer Tab show in the settings of CustomTab? If not, reimport the file.
  3. screwloose

    TeamViewer 8 Commercial Intergration

    Ok I have done some research into how TeamViewer 9 works. Pretty much the password is set via WebAPI, so the ID checks in and the password is set from there. From what I can see the WebAPI calls are not in the public documentation as far as I can tell. I only see information for user accounts, meetings and quick support sessions. If teamviewer wont give use the details then we may have to find another way.
  4. screwloose

    NirSoft BlueScreenView

    Hey Richard, Any chance you can share the script? Thanks!
  5. screwloose

    3rd party software updated

    If you are not using MP's Ninite solution you're not doing it right
  6. screwloose

    Monitor to Detect Failed Memory

    Thats a great idea! I had a script to run memtestpro on the machines, but that would take forever to run through a pass. This is much simpler, but this would only work on ECC ram correct?
  7. screwloose

    TeamViewer 8 Commercial Intergration

    If you want to stop the popup you can terminate the teamviewer.exe process after the install then just restart the service. That should stop it from showing.
  8. screwloose

    TeamViewer 8 Commercial Intergration

    Its interesting to hear the BS reasons companies use to justify their actions.
  9. screwloose

    **Updated 18/11/2013** HitmanPro Manager

    Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates. I had to stop for a bit due to personal reasons but I'm picking back up on development today so I'll keep you posted on my progress
  10. screwloose

    TeamViewer 8 Commercial Intergration

    jsneed: If you press the get ID it will extract it from the local PC, but the password will need to be put in manually. If you use the install TeamViewer button then it will install it over the current installation and generate a random password.
  11. screwloose

    Blacklisted software block or uninstall

    Try this thread: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=378&p=2400#p2400
  12. screwloose

    Extract Email Account Details

    mcclain.tim: Should get IMAP accounts also. It returns what ever is picked up by mailpassview. harpal: You need to install the custom tabs plugin then import this tab.
  13. screwloose

    Internet Explorer 11 Uninstall/Block

    Not sure if this was posed elsewhere, but here is some scripts to block and uninstall Internet explorer 11. IE11.zip
  14. screwloose

    **Updated 18/11/2013** HitmanPro Manager

    Still chipping away at this, Its defiantly handy as I find myself using it on a daily basis. Just need to change and implement a few things before I get people testing. So stay tuned!
  15. screwloose

    TeamViewer 8 Commercial Intergration

    Sorry Guys, I thought I was subscribed to this thread. ehall - This allows you to use your commercial licence which works with channels, not endpoints. This means you can deploy TV on as many machines as you want, but you can only connect from (not to) as many computers as you have channels at any one time. Orion - Just go into the dashboard - config - Configurations - Menus and then delete it from there. Ian - Thanks for the install procedure and kind words, I will update the first post. Thanks!