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  1. I've got an issue with the crash logging on this, something to do with the way the date formats come out in the crash section. I'm in australia and using the dd/mm/yyyy date format in most cases, but the script seems to show most dates in the mm/dd/yyyy format EXCEPT for the one that comes out of the replacementstrings command which comes out in our local format, which means the downtime for crashes gets calculated completely wrong. Any scripting gurus with ideas on how I can fix this?
  2. This works great. We had a client wanting uptime reports so we've implemented this along with extracting the data into reports via brightgauge that looks really good. Just have one question Gav, I've got one server that's showing 22 reboots in a 30 day period as it has a scheduled task to reboot each night (previous IT's solution to a problem, dont ask :p) but it's downtime only shows 18 mins and this server takes longer than that for a single reboot. Can you explain how the downtime figure is calculated? My powershell knowledge is unfortunately not good enough to ascertain from your script :) cheers
  3. Just installed v12 and updated report center from solution center but still can't find this new exec summary report, anything I have to do manually to get it? Edit: and yeah I've gone to add from template but only report i have under client category is the asset one cheers
  4. Great I'm pretty far behind with patches so will install that and see what happens, thanks!
  5. I really like the idea of this monitor as I've been struggling with a way to figure out which agents are missing these updates, but there is one thing I can't seem to get around and that's the fact that as soon as the next version of the rollup comes out, the previous one is superseded and no longer appears in the agents patch database. I've got about 1800 agents with a real mixture of some being really up to date and others not so much. Also got a huge range of different windows versions. Even if I add say, the June rollup KBs to this monitor, because we've just approved it and most of our agents are missing it they will obviously fail the check, but if I then go and patch them all I'll only be able to tell who's missing it until the July version comes out as it will mark the June one as superseded and agents will all fail again. Have I missed something that others have done to make this easier to report on? I'm basically looking for a way to easily tell which agents never installed the March rollup that included the original fix but it seems really hard to do this when most machines dont even detect the previous versions anymore cheers
  6. Hey Cubert, Just installed the latest version a couple of days ago and had immediate success scanning clients that already had an Office365 credential from the original old plugin, however a couple of new ones I've added have been picked up in the dropdown (hence I assume it has found the credential) but scanning doesnt pick anything up. Have I missed something? Where's the best place to look for issues? Checked commands on the probe but no indication of issues there from what I can see. Loving the redesign and simplified probe setup in this new version by the way, awesome stuff cheers
  7. This new version looks amazing, any ETA on release yet?
  8. Hey all Upgraded to 10.5 the other day after having tunnels set on legacy since the v10 upgrade due to them apparently being completely broken. They seem to work in 10.5 but having really mixed results with connecting to different sites with different devices. Anyone know if there's specific configuration or ports required for these new tunnels? From what I can see they use a mediator on port 8002. We have the firewall in our office configured for all ports allowed outbound but when I establish a tunnel to anywhere it still sits at 600-700ms latency and mouse-over indicates it's operating on a TCP relay There doesn't seem to be much fresh doco about these tunnels and how they work, just a fairly poor troubleshooting article that really doesnt tell you how to troubleshoot anything https://docs.labtechsoftware.com/LabTech10.5/Default.htm#UsingLabTech/TunnelsAndRedirectors/TroubleshootingTunnels.htm cheers Lee
  9. Hey all, Has anyone got a decent way to pull a software summary report grouped by application? ie rather than a full software listing with a separate page for every machine I'm after a way to pull a complete list of all applications installed and if possible how many machines that application is installed on, so I just have one record per app rather than all machines listing their apps separately I'm doing a site audit and looking for an easy way to summarise all the software installed but not so worried about the report showing exactly where it is installed cheers, Lee
  10. Hmm, download button on site doesnt work? like its missing a hyperlink under it?
  11. Still no good unfortunately. I changed the powershell line in each script to continue on fail, then ran master miner. The get users appears to succeed but the others fail with the same error as always
  12. Ok changed line 9 to continue on fail and the script completes but still logs a failed "Invoke Script" event in the commands tab with the same error "Error with powershell script:Cannot validate argument on parameter 'Session'. The argument is null. Supply a non-null argument and try the command again." The result returned in the script tab for the SQL replace step appears to be OK as I can see all the user accounts listed, but when I go to the tab under the client though it still tells me there is no data. If I run the MasterMiner script the get users succeeds but the others all fail with the same powershell error in commands
  13. Yep, tested the get users script on the machine manually and it completes successfully. Pasted the same script into step 9 and run from LT and I receive that error. Running Win7 64bit on the probe machine. Have also tested on another site with a Server 2008R2 probe and I'm getting the same error there it appears
  14. Hi Cubert, Love the idea of this plugin. I have attempted to set it up on our system and ran into issues failing on step 9 like some others. I've run through the troubleshooting you've provided so far and can run the ps1 script manually on the machine and generate the sql file, however running the exact same script from the get users script (i have copy and pasted over the imported one in case of corruption) still fails at step 9 with the following error i the commands log Output: Error with powershell script:Cannot validate argument on parameter 'Session'. The argument is null. Supply a non-null argument and try the command again. Any thoughts? Lee
  15. Lee, In LT, open the script and verify the script ID and write it down. Go to the custom tab you created for the Bluescreen and go to the bottom of the tab page under Command Configuration and enter a name for the command, Type=Run Script, Scirpt Guid=script ID you wrote down, select save under the Command Configuration, then select Save Tab Config. That should be all you have to do. -jeff Thanks Jeff, the script ID works. I was thrown off by it wanting a GUID rather than an ID though. Having read a few more of the posts further up in this thread I can see someone else mentioned they needed to use the ID and Greg advised it must be a bug as it is meant to be the GUID working though, thanks for you help!
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