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  1. Mathesonian

    VBS Script Through Automate

    I'm not too familiar with VBS but the fact that it doesn't run properly when pushed through Automate may have to do with how the agent is executing the script. When you run the code locally you are running it under your user account. Typically when Automate does it is running as system. You may want to save the vbs script to the local machine and run it as the logged in user using 'if console logged on' to grab the %consolenumber% variable and then execute your vbs by calling the cscript with Console Execute
  2. Thanks that is what I needed. Just in case someone else runs into this. I had some machines missing the iLO3/4 Channel Interface Drive and iLO3/4 management Controller Drive Package too which are required. So I added that to the insight install script too.
  3. It looks like the original file pulled from the HP ftp server doesn't exist anymore. Does anyone have an updated link for this?
  4. Mathesonian

    Getting more info out of ESET monitor

    Make an alert template that runs a script as its action. Then have the script query to grab that additional information and creates the ticket.
  5. Mathesonian

    Exchange 2016

    What detection role is everyone using for 2016? mine is {%_and|{%_eq|{%-HKLM\Software\Microsoft\ExchangeServer\v15\Setup:MsiProductMajor-%}|15_%}|{%_eq|{%-HKLM\Software\Microsoft\ExchangeServer\v15\Setup:MsiProductMinor-%}|1_%}_%} and seems to be applying to 2013 servers
  6. Mathesonian

    Red Flag Plugin

    Doesn't seem to affect the plugin at all and everything works correctly. Just pops up every now and then. attached screenshot here
  7. Mathesonian

    Red Flag Plugin

    Is anyone else having an issue in labtech 11 patch 8 with intermittent .net errors? I'm seeing unhandled exceptions referencing the RedFlag.uc_Computer.onLoadTime_Tick(Object sender. EventArgs e).
  8. Mathesonian

    Active Directory User List

    I am getting the same error. Anyone know what the problem is?
  9. I'd love a copy of this as well.
  10. Mathesonian

    SQL Spy download? Or something better?

    Its actually built into the control center under 'tools' -> 'options'. Then check the box under Debugging 'Display SQL Queries for development and debugging' That way you can see how the control center is querying the data.
  11. Mathesonian

    Checking that a parameter has been entered

    I went back and forth with LT support on this for a bit before figuring it out. You have to take your param and store it in a variable and then do the null check on the variable Example Paramater @maintenanceduration@ and stored it in variable @check@
  12. Mathesonian

    Pointing existing agents to new server

    Here is a copy of the script we use when we use to migrate agents. Just import this to the lt server you are moving agents off of and change line 1 and 2 to match your target lt server address and password. When you run it you can set the target clientid and locationid as for where they should signup on the target server. https://aldridgeco-my.sharepoint.com/personal/cmatheson_aldridge_com/_layouts/15/guestaccess.aspx?guestaccesstoken=RdApZAZ%2fFzNsamEG%2f6HnYyQh%2fEocqtim9fQdlY%2fYcv0%3d&docid=0bd5d492bde02407da268cec1b8fb0ecd&rev=1
  13. Mathesonian

    Pointing existing agents to new server

    This is correct. We have to do this all the time due to the number of acquisitions we've done that use labtech as well. Additionally, if you already have the client setup in your LT Server you can set the 'HKLM\Software\LabTech\Service\ LocationID' & 'HKLM\Software\LabTech\Service\ClientID' to match the clientid and locationid in your server so they signup in the appropriate place.
  14. Mathesonian

    Skype for Business

    post a screenshot. Remember when you are using the 'File Download' function that the 'ltshare\transfer' portion of the path is assumed. So, for example, if the path to the msi is 'ltshare\transfer\software\skype\skype.msi' then you would just put 'Software/skype/skype.msi' on the local file line.
  15. Mathesonian

    LT 10 Generating Duplicate/Triplicate Monitors

    I've seen this too on 10.5 but its not across the board. I'm seeing it mostly on some of the exchange server role monitors.