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  1. I did a search, I promise I really did, to see if there has been any discussion about Windows 10 S Mode. Any ideas how we are to approach this? In some ways, it seems good, but from our standpoint, it doesn't look like Automate or Control will work with this and that's not looking so good. We may not necessarily need Automate on the systems, but I know my clients are going to want me to be able to remote in. I was really looking into these systems for travel laptops. I've got some users that travel with a small laptop and remote back into their desktop. Having Outlook, OneDrive, Teams, and the rest of Office on their travel laptop is great for them even if they still have to occasionally remote back to their desktop for their state of the art, best software ever written, no support issues whatsoever, Quickbooks (and yes, I hate that software).
  2. I haven’t been able to get this to work since upgrading to 12. I keep forgetting to cancel the licenses I’m paying for monthly as well.
  3. So you are able to still use a fully configured cache? I'll have to try that. My resolution was to disable the cache. I wanted to wait to make sure. The locations with no cache are working while the location (just one, since I was pretty sure of this) with the cache is still not working.
  4. Just a quick note, this just happened on a system which is how I ended up here searching to see if others have the issue. I issued an Update Agent, reran the script, and it worked that time. I may look into scripting Update Agent to run once a day. @timbo83251 - try running the Update Agent and see if it works right after that. Ah, just reread your last post, I wonder if it's the restart that's allowing it to work. I'll try running something later today on this system and see if it still works. Otherwise, we may have to restart the service every hour.
  5. And here I thought I was going insane. It's been happening to me for a while. Issuing the Update Agent command seems to work for a while on some systems. For me, this is happening across Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 clients.
  6. I did. I'm sure I'll hear something next week.
  7. When I create recovery media, I get the warning icon next to Adding RMM agent, and it does not add it. So far, this has happened on two different machines I'm trying to use to test this out. On a client's machine, it completed successfully, but I don't have access to it to test this, plus it bothers me that it didn't work on two systems. I guess I am missing a requirement, but I'm not sure what it is. I'd rather know how to perform the recovery ahead of time rather than winging it. I tried to use the veeam website to create a support ticket, but even after selecting Veeam Endpoint Backup for Labtech it still requests a numeric support ID and goes on the show how to get it in other Veeam products and when searching the knowledgebase for this under Endpoint Backup for Labtech, it returns nothing. What's the procedure for support? Direct through Veeam or through Labtech? Thanks!
  8. I think that's the ultimate plan. Put it on the IPO market fully branded. Unfortunately shareholders want short term results and don't really care about long term. Short term in this case might be lots of bells and whistles and it doesn't really matter if they work as long as marketing gets their checklist checked.
  9. There's my problem with my Mac agent I guess. Wondered why it wasn't working right.
  10. Any idea if this works on 10.5? I'm getting "There was an error uploading the new plugin" and just wondering if it is because of 10.5 or otherwise. Thanks! Never mind. Something on my end. It worked installing from the server.
  11. For those using keys instead of password, you can use what myoung posted above and then for the argument use: scp://root@%LocalIP1%:%LocalPort1% /privatekey=L:\keys\%ComputerName%.ppk Where the key is stored in LTSHARE under the keys directory. Actually, you might want to create a folder under keys for ClientName (possibly even add ClientLocation) and then ComputerName.ppk. It might be even better if this was turned into an EDF containing the username and key.
  12. Any chance these systems are running at 125% text size? LT doesn't seem to play nice when you have a high resolution monitor and increase the text size.
  13. I shared my concern with LT support about the ability to turn a VPro system on and they told me that you can turn it on through the plug-in. I wondered if he knew the definition of automation.
  14. Never mind. It just needed me to post something. All is working now.
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