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  1. Where does one acquire a Lenovo API Key? Also - HP is telling me that their API is still down, so I don't have a key for that, either. All HP checks are coming back with blank dates - so, either all HP's are without warranty, or the key is still necessary (despite the API being down), or (and, I can assure you, this is much more likely) I'm an idiot. These are all really awesome functions - I'm glad you guys exist. The powers that be want Warranty Reporting, but they don't want to pay for it, and I'm sooo very tired of activating Warranty Master, and then having to cancel it right away. Anywho - I'm trying to get something working that will work without being so "LabTech-Specific". And I'm just finishing up with the Dell portion (got the keys last week, so I've been able to test). I just need the Lenovo and HP keys, I reckon. (And, this is probably a longshot...but does anyone know if any of the other guys are going this route - i.e. Microsoft, Apple, Sony, Acer, etc.) The goal is to clean up our ConnectWise Configuration Objects. I don't know what it is about techs, man - but we have just...an absurd amount of duplicates, incorrect entries, randomly-named entries, entries that are under the wrong companies, you name it. I keep telling people: "You don't have to add a Configuration Object for a Server or a Workstation - LabTech will do that for you." Yet...like clockwork... Oh, well - hopefully this will work. You guys are friggin rock-stars, can't thank you enough (or, really - this whole community enough - but, right now...it's all you guys) for helping me with the pieces to these never ending puzzles. EDIT - Ok, so I guess Keys aren't really necessary for HP/Lenovo? Though, the Get-HPEntWarrantyEntitlement is now coming back with a DNS error: Exception calling "GetRequestStream" with "0" argument(s): "The remote name could not be resolved: 'services.isee.hp.com'" At C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\HPWarranty\2.6.2\Private\Invoke-HPEntSOAPRequest.ps1:77 char:14 + ($requestStream = $soapWebRequest.GetRequestStream()) + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) [], MethodInvocationException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : WebException Wasn't sure if others were experiencing this, or if it was just me.
  2. If I'm not mistaken - the main Downloads page for StorageCraft still has 7.5.6 installer for ImageManager, as well.
  3. Ok - it looks like, after getting 7.5.28 installed on a few more devices, a lot of these errors in the StorageCraft plugin are clearing up. Still have quite a few in need of actual fixing, and then...get to do this whole process again with ShadowProtect. Should be a lot of fun, but at least the plugin appears to be reporting correctly Well, for ImageManager, anyway. Won't know about SPX until after I fix all these. Thanks again for all the help and information! Is there an official release date for the updated plugin?
  4. Oh, no problem, re-managing the folder and setting up the replication jobs were no sweat New script works to get 7.5.28 installed - and the settings were retained, so I didn't need to restore that time. I re-sent all Inventory, and ran the Update Configs command on the device. It's still showing 2 servers with failed replication jobs, even though Image Manager on the device is not showing any replication issues. The Backup.IM.txt file does not show the API error above, but one of the volumes is still showing a last replication date of 5/21/2019, despite having replicated last night. Not sure if any of that information is of use? But, I certainly appreciate you taking the time to help me out!
  5. Wes, I ran the last one - to backup the config and install the 7.5.28 version of IM. After it ran, I logged on to the device, and it's still got 7.5.12 installed, but all of the settings have been stripped out of it?
  6. UPDATE Ok - so, there's a sqlite DB saved to "C:\ProgramData\LabTech\IMDB.db" on the devices where ImageManager is installed. For the above-referenced client, I used DB Browser for SQLite, and discovered that there hasn't been a 'success' entry in the 'plugin_sc_im_replication_success' table since the above-mentioned date. Still doesn't explain where the disconnect is, but at least why the plugin is showing the wrong data. In that same folder is a 'Backup.IM.txt' file - logs. Joy. In this file, I've discovered the following error message: No clue what the RemoteServer is, so I've been Googling - but I can't find anything other than a SC Support question asked by someone else a week ago - and has no replies. Will update further when/if I get any more information (in case other people have this problem)
  7. So...feels like I'm never not working on this, but - we have the StorageCraft Plugin for CWA, and I just gotta ask: Where is the plugin getting the information from, and how frequently does it gather the information? We have several 'false positives', and I don't know where to begin 'updating' the information the plugin is working with. For Instance - we have a client that is showing Replication Failures since 8/14/2019, per their BDR's ImageManager information. Well, when I hop on that device, there are 0 Replication issues/errors/notifications/etc. It shows the last replicated file has a date of 10/28/2019 (this morning, after shipping yesterday's Consolidated Daily off the replication destination.)
  8. It seems to be working in ours - v19.0.203
  9. This can either be deleted, or once I get it working - I can post the success in here for future Global VPN Using-Admins. But, I realized...my approach was wrong from the very start. And, it's best that we sweep such embarrassments as far under the wrong as possible.
  10. That's odd; they're showing on my end. You might need to refresh your browser cache?
  11. Sorry guys; re-upped the pictures 👍
  12. If this is already a topic, I apologize - I did a search, but couldn't find one. Over the weekend, we had a Hyper-V Guest go down due to space issues on the host. We did get an alert/ticket for the Guest Server going offline, but we have none for the space issues on the host. When I went into to the Effective Policy Data Tile, under Remote Monitors, I noticed that the "Disk - [C:] Drive Space Critical-[SERVER](AgentID)" Remote Monitor was not listed. That would certainly explain why there was no alert/ticket. Now, the question is - why isn't this monitor on this Server? I checked the other Hyper-V host at this location, and it's not on there, either. So I checked another Server, from another Client/Location, and it has the Remote Monitor (and, a lot more groups). Now, the two Servers that do not have the monitor are Windows Server 2016, while the Server that does have the Remote Monitor, is a 2008 R2. But, I checked with someone else who has a couple 2016 Servers Deployed, and when they checked, the Remote Monitor in question was there. So, I'm thinking it's probably not the Server OS. So, then I checked the Commands Data Tile, and found ~5 Monitor Install commands with a Status of 'Failed'. It doesn't say which monitor, so I'm not sure if it's the monitor...but, if monitor installs are failing...and this doesn't have a monitor...I can't help but think that whatever's causing the failures, is also preventing this monitor from getting installed? Unfortunately, I know p much nothing about non-Internal Monitors. It's my understanding that LabTech has Default Remote Monitors (which, according to LT's 'Default Remote Monitors' Documentation, these don't appear to be a part of), and Ignite has it's own Default Monitors (but, they appear to all be CPU-related?), and Plugins come with their own monitors. So...I have no idea if this is a group problem, an install problem, an OS problem, or what. Monitor Install Parameters: 1356525||6|6|300|eq 1|*!!! 0!!!%Sever Administrator%!!! eventlogs.EventID IN (2058,2067,2076,2085,2114,2115,21 92,2235,2341,2342,2343,2396,2397)! !!|1|False|0 Monitor Install Output: ERR Microsoft.VisualBasic Conversion from string "eventlogs.EventID IN (2058,2067," to type 'Integer' is not valid. And the install command is a MySQL Query, I guess? Whole thing is pretty confusing, but now I'm paranoid that we have a bunch of servers missing a bunch of monitors, and...just need a place to start in getting this whole rat's nest straightened out, I guess.
  13. Seth

    Prompt User for Input

    Hmmm...this opens up quite a few interesting possibilities. I'll have to figure out whether it'd be better to have an initial script, setting the EDFs from the parameters, then go into the rest of the script - or, use the parameters for if the EDF's are empty - or...not even deal with EDF's. Either way, this is going to be a very helpful game-changer - thanks!
  14. You could use the Warranty Manager Plugin from the SolultionCenter. But it's currently at End-of-Life status, so I don't know how reliable it is, or will continue to be. Or, you could get an API key from Dell (assuming your PC's are Dells), and then script a method of getting/storing the Warranty Information from Dell directly (the method I had been toying with was co-opted by two guys way smarter than me: Mark Godfrey and Gary Block). Or, you could pay the guys at Warranty Master.
  15. Does anyone know if there's a way to prompt whoever is running the script for information that would then be passed into the script? I'm working on my AutoDeploy idea/nightmare, and had initially wanted a way of having a LT User fill out some kind of simple-yet-idiot-proof form that would serve to provide all the required information for the EDF's/Script - but I know absolutely 0 C#, and even less VB, so there goes writing a plugin. After a couple weeks of tweaking Google Searches, I've come to the conclusion that there is no plugin that would fall under a "Custom Forms" type of Category. So, before I just commit Seppuku with my keyboard, I thought I'd at least check and see if there's a way to have the script itself prompt the LT User for the input. It wouldn't be a single-form layout, but a Step-by-Step "Wizard" of prompts wouldn't be too far off the mark. Googling this has yielded nothing but further disdain for CW's documentation for LabTech.
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