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  1. Any luck on this answer? I cannot believe that we do not have a way to bounce Automate/Control against each other so that they make sure the services are running. Is this what you are trying to accomplish?
  2. I am curious if you have been able to fully implement this solution. I am looking for something similar, but to check against CW Control agent status, and to possibly trigger Control to re-install the agent (or use the network probe). Would you care to share your findings?
  3. We saw this new company at the IT Nation Explore conference, and they won some level of the PitchIT contest. It seems very promising, and we will be looking into them soon. https://immy.bot/ It does both application management, as well as a "beta-ish" implementation of Win7 to 10 in-place upgrades. Edit: It is also Automate/Manage integrated.
  4. So how do you set this up so it is more automated? Were you able to connect this to a monitor of some sort, or save it to an EDF? Would something like this be possible, and where would it be run? (I know, this might be a lot, but I figured this would be something two products call Automate and Control could do...) Scan for out-of-sync agents, save in some file or variable. Tell Control to run a script on each agent that does: Restart services, wait to see if they start. Remove and re-install agent (generic agent is fine) if services do not start. Generate ticket if Control was not able to fix the Automate agent. Remove this agent from file or clear the variable if successful.
  5. I have the same problem, especially when we do major jumps in LT/Automate versions. Going from 11 to 12 to 2019 has always meant that agents get left behind if they were not online within a short period after the upgrade. EG: All those spares and school computers turned off for the summer. If anyone has recommendations for solutions that are not in Alpha, I would really appreciate it. We also do not have API developers, so something that works by importing into Automate or Control would be fantastic. I cannot believe we are alone in this, and without a solution that is not manual... Thanks!
  6. I have been looking for a similar solution, but I wanted to see if this is still an updated/relevant plugin. Do people have an alternative that they prefer, or is this a popular option? I would prefer something that is maintained/updated, even if it is a purchased plugin. Thanks!
  7. I have been looking for something that reports on AD replication failures, if that is what you meant. I started to build an EV monitor that looks for specific codes, but it was difficult to make it know if it later succeeded (and auto close the ticket). The same goes for Azure AD sync monitoring. If there is a solution already available, I would love to have it.
  8. I was wondering if anyone else does this, but I am thinking of setting up a small form factor or micro PC to use as the Automate network probe, as well as the launchpoint for other services like Liongard Roar, Auvik, Network Detective (for onboarding), and even Veeam Backup and Recovery (for smaller clients). It would provide a secure place (separate from their domain) which we can use. Specs: 4 core CPU (i5 or greater) 16-32 GB RAM 500GB-1 TB SSD Does the network probe HAVE to be on a DC? What do I lose by not having it on a local DC? What do I lose by having my services non on a local domain? They will all be configured with the appropriate domain accounts, so I do not see a downside to that. They have wireless built in, so we can test wifi (if the MDF is within reasonable range/signal of wifi) The basis for this is that I am a bit tired of onboarding clients with such different environments, and having to squeeze in our services where ever we can. This would give us a platform for standardized onboarding/deployment, for only $500-1k per client. I think this is worth the cost, no? What have you done?
  9. This is one of the only references I have found to this issue, and it is still not a official part of labtech! Does anyone use this on Labtech 10.5 or Automate 11? I want to make sure this is still a working solution before we try it out. Thanks!
  10. So we have these nifty tabs to store passwords and licenses on a per-client, per-site basis. How can I access them in a labtech script? I was hoping to create simple scripts to apply licenses via windows command. Either to activate Windows OS, Office, or anything that has command line activation. Is this not possible?
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