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  1. collinsit

    CWA Agent Version Update Monitor

    This is very cool and a great way to get machines updated outside of the nightly update window.
  2. collinsit

    Formatting not loading on computer screen

    Does anyone have any ideas about this? Thanks
  3. Hey everyone, I am not sure if anyone knows the answer to this but figured I would check. I have built a few plugins for needs we have as a company. I don't have programming experience but I figured them out and they are working well. One issue I have though is that they don't work the same on load on the 11 computer screen as they did on 10.5. With most of them I build a datagrid with data that loads with the plugin. That part works fine but on some of them I colour code the data based on certain things. This for some reason doesn't work on load anymore. On most of my plugins I include a refresh button which basically loads the data again. If I click this the colours all come in. This works fine with colours on the client or location screens and even if I load the old computer interface, just not on the new one. I know they changed from winforms to wmf with LT11. Just not sure what the difference is here. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the issue might be here? Thanks Neal
  4. collinsit

    Citrix PVS and LabTech

    I use it as well as we have a lot of PVS installs and it works great. I use it as a Shutdown script in the local GPO for the image. The only issue I have is one clients environment that is crappy so I think it takes too long to shutdown so the script doesn't run properly. I was going to add a startup check as well but they only reboot weekly and it doesn't happen enough that I have had to worry about it too much.
  5. Hey guys, I am working on a Powershell script to pull some VMware stuff for our virtualization department. They put together the Powershell to grab the information but they want to hardcode the stuff for each client into the script, ridiculous. I setup EDFs where I can define the values that I need for each client and modified the Powershell to include param string for each of the variables at the beginning of the script. I can then feed these values in at runtime. I have tested it manually from the command line with populating the values and it works fine. When I run it from LabTech it is failing out using the variables. Basically the variables I have defined are similar to below. I imagine it is the commas or quotes in them causing the issues but I am not sure how to fix. variable - @vcenter@ goes to $vcenter in the powershell. The script pulls that from an EDF to set the variable. The EDF would contain something like "VC1","VC2" which is what the Powershell requires to feed this into the connection string for connecting to the VCenter servers. I know I can probably write the variable to a file and have the Powershell set the variable based on that but I am trying to avoid writing 4 extra files during every script run but it is only daily anyway so it might not be a huge deal. Any suggestions? Thanks Neal
  6. collinsit

    Azure Monitoring

    Is anyone doing anything for monitoring Azure. We have clients starting to put up Webapps and stuff and we don't have a way to monitor them. We can setup e-mail alerts and are looking at that but that isn't going to do it and I am wondering if anyone is doing it any better. Any suggestions? Thanks Neal
  7. collinsit

    Secondary Agent Configuration

    I am just trying to get this to work with our Dev server too. I was able to create the file but when I run the exe installer, nothing happens. I get the UAC prompt but no confirmation that the installation is complete and the new installation directory isn't created. Unfortunately since it is the EXE installer I don't get a specific error message and I don't see anything logged in the eventlogs. Is there any changes I have to make to get this to work? Neal
  8. collinsit

    Linux Update Manager Plugin

    Thanks Shannon, I actually posted the feedback there as well this morning. It wasn't listed as an option in the Squad so I posted in the regular area. We manage several Linux servers so if you wanted me to do any testing I could do that too, assuming it isn't going to break anything. Neal
  9. collinsit

    Linux Update Manager Plugin

    Nice work, I am really happy you created this. I was testing out the Apt-get plugin and it seemed to be working well. We were going to test it with a clients servers and they decided to rebuild them all with CentOS so obviously it didn't work for that. I have loaded it and was able to kickoff some scans. I am not sure if there is a delay in scheduling the script as it seems to take a while to start and there were no other scripts running at that time but that isn't a huge deal. A couple things I noticed, I ran the scan on some servers and on both it says there are no patches and they both require a reboot. One of the servers I had run Yum on a couple weeks ago and there were some patches available for it so I am not sure why it isn't seeing any. Not sure about the reboot on that one. On the other, that server sucks and is totally unreliable so it is rebooted all the time so I am not sure why it is saying it needs a reboot. I also noticed, the refresh button on the menu item from the View menu also checks the auto install checkbox which could be an issue if you didn't notice and then the servers start to auto patch themselves. It would be neat to be able to have more scheduling options for patching times as well. Also, one thing our clients ask for is pre and post patch reports. It would be nice to be able to export a list of the patches that are going to be installed for them. We can do screenshots too but that would be a nice to have. Otherwise, I am really glad this functionality is being added in and I think it will really help a lot. Neal
  10. collinsit

    Export button in plugin

    Hey guys, I have put together a couple plugins that are working well for some needs we have to fill. They all have some part that outputs the information into a datagrid which is working well. I would like to be able to export the data to Excel, similar to how you can do it with the dataviews in LabTech. I am having issues figuring out the code to do that though. I did some googling on it and was able to make an export work which worked fine on a small dataview but the moment there were lots of lines, it basically hung the system. I did some research and people say that is common and had various other suggestions but I am not sure the best way to handle this. Has anyone added export functionality to their plugins and have any suggestions about this. Ideally I want something that exports quickly and obviously that doesn't hang the system. Thanks Neal
  11. collinsit

    Exchange 2016

    Yeah, that's why we are still on 10.5. I have 11 running on another server and I don't like it at all.
  12. collinsit

    Exchange 2016

    Yeah, I just ended up creating a new group for 2016 servers and duplicating all the Exchange 2013 monitors there. From what I can tell, the monitoring is almost the same for them. Does anyone use the management packs for monitoring those?
  13. collinsit

    Exchange 2016

    Has anyone deployed Exchange 2016 into their environments yet? We have it on our servers now and LabTech doesn't appear to have the monitoring in place for it yet. I can build it out and from what I understand, most of the monitoring is the same as 2013 but I am sure there are extra things we should watch for too. One thing I noticed is that with the Ignite role detection, the server is detected as an Exchange 2013 server. I did the solution center update and there was an Exchange 2016 role detection update but even after downloading it, resetting the detection on the server and running it again, it still detects as 2013. What about the new plugins, messaging plugin, database plugin etc? Is anyone using those, does it make it any better. I have loaded them but haven't configured them as I am not sure what, if anything will break. I am comfortable assigning things through groups and am hesitant to make a change if it is working. I looked through it and it doesn't seem to add much 2016 stuff so I am not sure the point yet. Thanks Neal
  14. collinsit

    DB Permission resets on startup?

    I know this is an older post but I was just wondering how the permissions are set through a plugin. I have put together my own plugin that is working well for what I need. The issue is, only people with Super Admin privileges can run it. Most of the plugin calls data from LabTech builtin tables but there is one table I manually added for one column of data that is not a builtin table. I suspect the reason the plugin doesn't load for other users is because of permissions on this table. When I look at the table permissions in SQL Yog there are no permissions set on it. I am just not sure how to control that through a plugin. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks
  15. Hey guys, I put together a monitor and script that I think you might find useful if you work with a lot of PVS servers or servers that recreate off an image every night. I use the procedure to rebuild the LabTech from here that works great so the agents work after the reboots. The issue I was finding is that the monitors all break after the nightly reboots. LabTech has a mechanism to detect this and recreate the monitor but it only does that if they haven't reported in for 6 hours. For me, the idea of having monitors not working for 6 hours wasn't a good thing so I put this together. It is a simple RAWSQL query. We have a group where all our PVS servers go so I have this setup to only scan this group so you will have to change the groupid in the monitor. My group is 1640 so change that to whatever you use or if you want it to run on all machines, not sure why you would as most won't be an issue, you can remove that condition altogether. The second part is the script which basically loops through all the monitors on the computer and adjusts their interval by one minute. This will force the monitors to recreate themselves and use the original interval. One thing to note is this is only a good idea of your monitors are group created. We only use group created monitors so this works great but if you have monitors directly created on the machine, adjusting the interval won't recreate them. Let me know if you have any questions but hopefully this will help some of you. Neal Recreate PVS Monitors.zip