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  1. CTRLAltMike

    Install ltechagent on Raspbian Lite?

    I can't even get this to work any more, did you ever find a solution?
  2. CTRLAltMike

    Install ltechagent on Raspbian Lite?

    I got it from here a while back: http://www.labtechmaker.com/files/lt_install_340.tgz
  3. CTRLAltMike

    MS17-010 - Wannacry Malware Remote Monitor

    Sorry to bring an old thread back from the dead! I installed the monitor and it found about 25 machines that were showing as vulnerable. As a test I ran the LTNinja SMB1 Patch and it successfully patched a machine, however the monitor is still showing as "Vulnerable - No Matching KB Found." even though I know the machine is patched now. Funny thing is, when I either go into the monitor on the agent and run a "test" - the results come back as "Success Result:Secured - Detected Updates KB4019263 KB4015546 KB4012212" In addition, if I override the settings on the monitor and change the time to 60 seconds it reports back as Secured as well. Remove the override and the monitor once again fails. Any ideas as to what the issue is here?
  4. CTRLAltMike

    Install ltechagent on Raspbian Lite?

    I was able to get the agent on, and luckily documented it while ago, it was very simple.... give this a try: Login to RPI sudo wget http://www.labtechmaker.com/files/lt_install_340.tgz Extract the Package with “sudo tar -xzf lt_install_340.tgz” Run the Install.sh in the Labtech_Install folder Answer Server Location questions, URL, Password and location.
  5. CTRLAltMike

    Manipulate GPO settings with script please help!

    Hey guys, was in a time crunch so I just had to get it done... after spending hours trying to get LocalGPO.msi to import silently I gave up and wen't for the keep it simple method using AutoIT: let me know if anyone needs help editing GPO via AutoIT!
  6. CTRLAltMike

    Manipulate GPO settings with script please help!

    Anyone ever get a script working for LocalGPO.msi?
  7. CTRLAltMike

    Update Warranty Dataview

    I must be missing something, how are you populating these extra data fields?
  8. CTRLAltMike

    Brute Force Hack Attack Monitor Help

    Can anyone export a working internal monitor for this?
  9. CTRLAltMike

    Script/Plugin Idea: Computers with 0 Like Processes

    Great work, I'm not SQL/Internal monitor wiz, can anyone turn this into an internal monitor?
  10. It would be great if we could somehow find all the computers that have 0 like processes under the "PC's with Processes" section of Processes. Most of the time this indicates some type of virus or something we don't want. Maybe a Data view can do this?
  11. CTRLAltMike

    Dell Servers omreport

    Perhaps this will work http://www.dhsforyou.com/esxi_monitor?
  12. CTRLAltMike

    Failed Labtech Emails Check, Resend and Alert Scripts

    Even though I have failed emails (as confirmed in dashboard) this script does not fire off, any ideas? I did test the powershell script and that DOES send an email, but the script never triggers it. Any ideas?
  13. CTRLAltMike

    LT Wont run VBS Script - Need some help

    Tried both, no luck. Runs locally by just clicking on it, and it does not run with credentials via labtech. LT support was stumped too. I gave up and manually performed the tasks.
  14. CTRLAltMike

    LT Wont run VBS Script - Need some help

    I believe cscript if with no interface, wscript is with interface... or C for console, and W for window.
  15. CTRLAltMike

    LT Wont run VBS Script - Need some help

    Hello, I have tried everything to get a simple VBS script to run via labtech with no luck. The VBS script works when double clicked on the system or running the same command as in the script on the actual computers command prompt, but not in labtech's. The VBS is simple, just to map a windows shared printer to a computer: Set objNetwork = CreateObject("WScript.Network") objNetwork.AddWindowsPrinterConnection "\\tpscott\DYMO LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo" I looked at the enable wake on lan labtech script to see how they execute VBS scripts and copied their method of SHELL %windir%\SysWOW64\cscript.exe /NOLOGO "VBS PATH HERE" I even tried process execute, shell as admin, and they all return the following error: %windir%\SysWOW64\cscript.exe %windir%\ltsvc\packages\DymoSoftware\MapPrinter.vbs (it is a 64bit OS) C:\Windows\ltsvc\packages\DymoSoftware\MapPrinter.vbs(2, 1) (null): The specified server cannot perform the requested operation. Any idea's on what is going wrong here?