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  1. Unfortunately, they really want to stick with TightVNC. I have to find a way to make Labtech and their TightVNC coexist or I need to remove Labtech for them. I don't even need Labtech's VNC to work there. We use ScreenConnect for remote control. I was thinking I might be able to create a script to put all their TightVNC registry entries back in place each night. I would want to make it as reliable as possible, so I would need to find out what Labtech is overwriting, when it does it, how often it does it, and how it does it. I'm hoping someone here has had to deal with that or has some knowledge of the inner workings of what the agent is doing with TightVNC settings and the service. Josh
  2. We have a client with their own IT staff. They use TIghtVNC to get into their machines for management and do not want to change how they access them. We do not use Labtech's VNC to access machines and don't need LabVNC to work. When we install the Labtech agent on the machines, it breaks their TightVNC access. When they fix their VNC, the Labtech agent keeps resetting settings. Is there a way to prevent the Labtech agent from making any changes to existing TightVNC installations? Or a way to script it to put the settings back quickly? I am assuming that this is updating the settings on a regular basis with a schedule or something. Thanks, Josh
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