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  1. SamRau

    [GA] Veeam Backup & Replication for LabTech

    Does the plugin have support for v9.5? I noticed that the Veeam Managed Backup Portal stop excepting connections once i updated my CC server to 9.5, just wanted to make sure the plugin would still function.
  2. SamRau

    [GA] Veeam Endpoint Backup for LabTech

    Any status update?
  3. Is it possible to pass variables to SQL Statements (IE if the tab is on the Clients, it will be able to pass %Clientname% to a SQL statement.
  4. SamRau

    [GA] Veeam Endpoint Backup for LabTech

    Any update? this is the last plugin we neeed to go to 11
  5. SamRau

    [GA] Veeam Endpoint Backup for LabTech

    Are there certain functions that will not work with VEB4LT, or is it just the entire plugin doesn't load. Trying to weigh the pros/cons of upgrading next week Thursday.
  6. SamRau

    [GA] Veeam Endpoint Backup for LabTech

    Vitality, Do you have any ETA on the support for LT 11 for both Endpoint and B&R? These are the last plugins I am waiting for prior to doing the LT11 upgrade.
  7. SamRau

    Restart Labtech service within a script?

    Try chaining the commands into one console command IE: net stop "LTSVC" && [del reg key command] && net start "LTSVC". This will force Labtech to send all 3 as one command, thus not needing the agent to check in to complete the remaining tasks.
  8. SamRau

    We are looking for ThirdWall Beta testers

    I would be interested in testing. Security is a BIG focus for us this year. I do, however have upwards of 800 agents. Not sure if thats a problem.
  9. Great, thank you for the quick response. This has alot of potential.
  10. I see that now thank you. When i attempt to connect, however, I am getting a 500 error. Our Screenconnect is HTTPS over port 443
  11. This looks really handy. It would be nice to have Screenconnect support instead of LabVNC
  12. SamRau

    MSP Accounts Plugin - Free

    Are the passwords stored encrypted? or plain text in the SQL database?
  13. SamRau

    Removing ScreenConnect Client

    Thank you, this is awesome! I was really disapointed that Labtech didnt build this into the offboarding script. Again, thank you!!
  14. SamRau

    OpenDNS Auto-Deployment and Monitoring

    Do you have an example script showing this? I am running into the same issue attempting to download the installer file.
  15. SamRau

    Domain Password Change

    I have a set of scripts, and EDF's we use to maintain such an account. This took a LONG time to create, so be nice lol. Here is the basic break down of how it works: -2 scripts, one to reset the password stored in the SQL table, the second to perform the update on the client servers -EDF (check box on computer tab) sets a given domain controller as a "master" for the account maintenance, this prevents duplicate maintenance from running on a multi-domain controller environment -SQL Table (domain admin, with a line for the username and a line for the PW: as show here: http://imgur.com/k7lDopW - The maintenance script has some great functionality to it: - If the account does not exist, create account, join to required security groups, Create an entry on the passwords tab at that client's location - If the account does exist, update the password on the domain as well as in the passwords tab at that client's location - The maintenance script has a set of Global Variables you can change, - (AdminUN) the username so that you may copy the script and have multiple accounts (MSPAdmin, MSPTech, ect..) - (AlertEmail) the email address to send failures to - (AdminAccountDescription) The description to be entered in AD for the given account - (DomainGroup1-4) The domain groups you would like the account to join upon creation Like I said, its a little complicated, i wish i knew enough about SQL to build this into a plugin, but unfortunately I do not. Attached are the two scripts, and a list of things you may need to change. Let me know if (when) you have questions: MSPAdmin Domain Account Maintenance.zip