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  1. Hi Ben, I did this as recently as 19.5 for the IT Nation Explore labs. I haven't tried since that particular patch, but it should indeed still work. -Cody
  2. There are several hosted partners who are using this plugin. You need to run the installer on your local workstation and it will take care of everything server-side.
  3. The max resolution set by Amazon is 1024x768. I have tried tinkering with it in the past to make it work at a higher resolution, but have not found a method yet that works. It seems to be a limitation of the drivers used by Amazon's EC2 Console when using any type of remote client, such as ConnectWise Control. The only way to view the server at a higher resolution is to log in directly via RDP, which we cannot open for obvious security reasons.
  4. For new agents installed, you could set up an internal monitor. SELECT computerid FROM `computers` WHERE `dateadded` > NOW()- INTERVAL 1 HOUR similarly, for Webroot, SELECT computerid FROM `software` WHERE `name` LIKE 'webroot%' AND `dateinstalled` > NOW()- INTERVAL 1 HOUR and just have those monitors call a script that sends an email to you.
  5. Just to provide some additional info, running a shell command through LabTech runs as system. So if you launch a program via script, you should be able to open Task Manager, view processes from all users, and you will see your application running as System. You can use Shell As User to get around this.
  6. There is some element of latency when connecting to Cloud-hosted servers, and the biggest factor that contributes to the performance of the Control Center is going to be plugin utilization. Consider that your Control Center client is making back and forth calls to the database to gather all of the information that it requires to launch. Plugins are stored in the database as a longblob, in the source field. Even querying the database locally, it can take several seconds to load the table when there are multiple plugins enabled. This large data pull is compounded by the fact that you are pulling it from a server that is hundreds/thousands of miles away. Example 1: 74 plugins installed, 32 enabled. Plugin table = 124 MB . 5.841 seconds to select * from the table locally, 3.2 seconds to select where enabled=1 Example 2: 52 plugins installed, 17 enabled. Plugin table = 76 MB . 3.09 seconds to select * from the table locally, 1.3 seconds to select where enabled=1 The Control Center should only be querying the plugins that are enabled, which is a huge difference maker when logging into the Control Center. I STRONGLY suggest disabling plugins that you are not using, because it is causing performance to take a hit for no reason. Aaron, getting back to your original question, there are other contributing elements I could speculate on: Is your laptop running any software that may interfere with your ability to connect to the LabTech server normally? For example, I have seen partners running through proxies, which adds hops to their connection... often times, in other countries. This absolutely kills their load times. How is your router performing? You mention the desktop is loading LabTech much faster than the laptop. Is it hardwired vs wi-fi that could be a difference maker? How is the laptop performing vs the desktop aside from the Control Center? I hope this helps get you on the right track.
  7. It is doable through the developer network program (http://www.labtechsoftware.com/partner-programs/developer-network) ; however, I have been told that the current API will be going away with LabTech 12, and replaced with a REST API, so some effort may be wasted by jumping into it right now. Hope this helps.
  8. There are many hosted partners who use plugins from LabTechGeek. You can import them through your Control Center in the plugin manager. Go to Advanced > Manage Plugins > Add Plugin, and browse to the .dll on your local machine. The plugin will then get loaded into the database for you to use. We are encouraging developers to build plugins that can interact with the database through the LabTech API. Opening port 3306 would be a poor security practice on our part, so I don't see that being something that will ever happen.
  9. https://university.connectwise.com/University/PageView.aspx?short_name=roadmap There is a lot of focus being put into the UI and fixing/improving existing features. Unfortunately I don't have any insider information on new features aside from what is here.
  10. You could use a remote monitor to query against Powershell. I provided a basic example below, but you will need to fill in the Event ID # and the exact Message you want to monitor for. This will tell you if the service has been stopped in the last 15 minutes. Execute: %windir%\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe -executionpolicy BYPASS -command "& {$time= get-date; $logs= get-eventlog -after $time.addminutes(-15) -logname 'System' -instanceid -message '*VisualCron*' ; if($logs.count -gt 0) {write-output 'FailureAlert'} else {write-output 'Success'}}" Condition: Does Not Contain Result: FailureAlert
  11. You are welcome to use third party plugins on the hosted platform, as long as they don't require any software to be installed on the server or port changes. Also, you can access the database by logging into the server via the Partner Portal. But there are no plans to open port 3306 externally.
  12. In the script editor window, make sure that the "Target" dropdown is set to Computer, and not Client or other. Also, make sure the function script box is not checked, or the script will only be available in the "Run Script" function of the script editor: https://docs.labtechsoftware.com/LabTech10.5/Default.htm#UsingLabTech/Scripts/CreatingScripts/CreatingNewScripts.htm
  13. Go to C:\programdata\labtech client\logs and see if it gives you some more descriptive error logging. That would help with troubleshooting
  14. Firstly, you need to be on either LT10 or LT11 to make this work (it was not working properly in LT10.5 IIRC). With LT11, the only way I was able to get it to work for Automation Nation last year was I had to actually uninstall the primary agent, install the secondary agent FIRST, then re-install the primary agent. If your secondary agent shows up in C:\windows\ltsvc and/or HKLM/Software/LabTech/Service , then something is configured wrong in the forceupdate.cst file
  15. you may want to delete HKLM\Software\LabTech as well
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