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  1. We have clients who do not like change, and they have come to expect this application to always be running. Ill add the CWA option to start the program and remove it from the PS script. Thank you again for your assistance.
  2. Added a -force after the stop process and that resolved the /v:on from stopping and from the hang with the on UI Edited the "excute PowerShell with Bypass" with the force and that seemed to resolve the issue with the CWA script as well. It runs almost perfectly, the only thing it does not do is open up the application, but that's not to much of a big deal. Thank you for your assistance on this matter. I will book mark the page and use this to see if any of my future converted scripts have any issues.
  3. With UI: prompt for stopping process which stops script waiting for input, used A, script continued Created Folder Error on the download file line: "Start-BitsTransfer : The operation being requested was not performed because the user has not logged on to the network. The specified service does not exist." Failed install (no file) Deleted Folder Ran again with UI, this time putting the installer in place manually. prompt for stopping process which stops script waiting for input, used A, script continued failed on create folder (duh it already existed) Failed on download: same as before install worked deleted folder worked. With /v:on Failed to close out the app before install, but the rest of the steps went through no issues.
  4. Yes I did, it worked fine with on the local PS1 script but still did not work with the CWA one.
  5. Thank you for the reply. I did what you suggested, I converted the text to ANSI, I also tried manually typed it into CWA Script, to make sure it was in right. but it is still getting stuck at Invoke Script "Executing" inside CWA. I even tried making a CWA script that would just download the known working .ps1 and run it (with and with out excutionpolicy -bypass) and it still gets suck. So I think there is something wrong with my CWA itself.
  6. I am working on converting out existing powershell scripts to CWA Scripts and running into some issues. 1st I tried to use the "Execute Script" with Powershell (and PowerShell Bypass) and just copied the existing powershell script into the editor...it would just get hung up and I would have to reboot the PC to run another script against it. Then I tried downloading the script using the CWA Download URL option to a temp folder (which works) run the script with the same "Execute Script" with powershell and the bypass option, nothing. last thing i tried was to break apart the script (my test one was only a few lines) and use "shell Enhanced" with powershell.exe in front of it. every time I try this CMD "Invoking Script" will be stuck at running. All these things failed to work or run the simple tasks. The entire Script will run just fine if I run the .ps1 file from the test PCs. Example Script #Stopping Software Stop-Process -Name "software name" #Creating Temp Folder New-Item -Path "c:\" -Name "dbitemp" -ItemType "directory" #Downloading File Start-BitsTransfer -Source https://URLtoStoredFile/software.msi -Destination c:\dbitemp\software.msi #Installing the software "C:\dbitemp\software.msi /passive" | cmd sleep 60 #removing temp folder Remove-Item –path c:\dbitemp –recurse
  7. We have several of the items you have. What I use on our list: Hard drive tests for WDC and Seagates Adobe PDF remover and installer Blue Screen View Bat file to clear printer Queues IP scanner (very helpful for finding printers and VoIP phones!!!) And we keep stock of a bunch of malware/virus cleaners for those pesky infections.
  8. It is an issue with Windows Update and how Microsoft broke it. Every time LT does an patch deployment it does a check for updates, the check for updates takes hours, therefore it goes outside the LT patch window and KB3172605 deployment is skipped. Not much LT can do, other than provide a script that would assist deploying KB3172605.
  9. I removed some of the personal links in it. You will need the links for the KB installers. No notes or logic checks. Copy of Deployment - KB3172605.zip
  10. To get past the HRESULT: 0X8024001E we created a script that updates WUA to 7.6.7601.23453. After we deployed that he have had 0 issues installing updates. Stop wuauserv service rename c:\windows\SoftwareDistribution folder start service download standalone installer for KB3172605 run quiet with no restart then let LT reboot the PC. I was able to push out this update during the day and let the clients choose when to reboot.
  11. Not sure that will help, the reboots are not taking that long and the script is not timing out. It is just taking the 5 min for each cmd to send because the agent only checks in every 5 min. I am looking for a presistant fast talk or something along those lines.
  12. Is there any way to decrease the amount of time it takes for an agent to check in when running scripts? We have several scripts that reboot the workstations which will cause the fast talk to stop so now our scripts are taking hours to run because of the 5 min between each cmd. I thought there was an option but I cannot seem to find it in LT11
  13. Interesting, support told me LT never auto set the names and it has always been a manual process. is a space considered special character? That is the only thing we have in our client names.
  14. I found a post talking about a data view creator built in to LT and was able to modify one of the existing ones and so I can display what i am looking for.
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