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  1. RytechITNZ

    MSP Accounts Plugin - Free

    Nevermind I found it - the User Class Manager, select a User Class, and the approprioate plugin from the PLugin Tab. Cheers,
  2. RytechITNZ

    MSP Accounts Plugin - Free

    Thank you so much for this MR Rat, this is exactly waht we were looking for, and has saved us a lot of time. One question though - in some users Automate (v11) session, the MSP Accounts Menu item does not show. Any particular reason for that you can think of?
  3. Hi All, Just thought I would share this - not sure if it has been mentioned yet. If anyone more suitable (than I) at creating the appropriate Labtech Scripts is able, I am sure the community would be most grateful? https://www.altaro.com/hyper-v/using-file-server-resource-manager-screen-ransomware/
  4. RytechITNZ

    List of Users with Admin Rights

    Yes, me too please?
  5. RytechITNZ

    How to create a simple patch compliance report

    Nice idea, but I can't even get the basic health reports in LT (sorry - Automate) right. LT reporting has a LONG way to go. It does not show accurate AV or backup stats on the health reports for example, either.
  6. RytechITNZ

    MS17-010 (aka WannaCry ransomware)

    It would be really helpful, if we could use Labtech Path Manager to actually tell if there were any systems under management not patched. A fairly basic requirement. Turns out that Patch Manager needs to be patched first, in order for that basic task to be accomplished. Prior to version - the Patches icon inside patch manager was not even displaying!
  7. RytechITNZ

    DRV - Free Space Remaining < 5 GB Monitor

    Hi, I have some problems with DRV- Free Space Remaining < 10%. As you know we can use only two types of alert (send fail after success and once per day), which is not quite enough. In the firs alert type if someone lose email about free space, we in trouble. In the second type if someone loses email we will be in trouble as well as if someone deletes not useful files and at the same day we will have the same problem we will not have an alert email. So I write to lab tech support and they said: So I decide to create a Powershell script: But it doesn't works with LabTech scripts. When I start the debug procedure, it says that the script finished "normal". I don't know where I can check errors. The question is next: who know how to fix this problem? Thanks!
  8. RytechITNZ

    TeamViewer 8 Commercial Intergration

    Hi All, Thanks for your help in this thread - I see the zip file with the scripts - screwloose, so do you have any basic instructions or a readme for the install process? Cheers, Ryan