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  1. Is this still maintained? I tried to run it but get "...automate server parameter was not entered or inaccessible' it has been entered correctly.
  2. just wondering if anyone knows if this works for the hosted connectwise automate platform?
  3. mja2112

    cryptoprevent v8

    anyone have any luck getting the new cryptoprevent v8 (foolishit) installing via lt script? I have it installing ok, but none of the command line switches seem to work. after the script runs, opening cryptoprevent shows protection plan set to 'none', and the test shows not applied. Tried running using 'process execute as admin' and 'shell as admin' but no luck. setting it to default and applying the protection works, but really want this to not need manual setup once installed. (I'm using the same switches as v7 used as I can't find any docs showing v8 is different)
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