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  1. jjonns

    Automate Client Constant Crash

    The LTService on one of our Windows 2016 Server machines was also bouncing from a running to a stopped state, so, we followed DarrenWhite99's suggestions in the previous post and the instructions here to uninstall the agent: https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Automate/ConnectWise_Automate_Documentation/070/020/010 After a reboot, we installed .Net 3.5 (not previously installed on this server), downloaded the agent install msi, and reinstalled the agent. So far, the agent has been stable.
  2. jjonns

    Variable Set - File Contents

    Sorry to bother. I figured it out.
  3. jjonns

    Variable Set - File Contents

    I'm trying to use Automate's variable set function to read the contents of a text file into that variable. But, I continually get a "failed to get command response" error even when trying to read the simplest text file. I've tried different files in different paths with same results. Does anyone have any experience with this function or could anyone provide any advice?
  4. jjonns

    LabTech 10.5 upgrade

    Does anyone know if the 10.5 prerequisites (VC++, 32- and 64-bit MySQL ODBC connectors, and MySQL Connector/Net) break Labtech 10?