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  1. kspooner

    Dashing on LabTech (as a Plugin)

    I would not utilize this as a plugin anymore. This was developed a long time ago and the Dashing backend has since been discontinued by Shopify. Smashing has replaced it but thats not by the same group. I would utilize Grafrana (also free) to do dashboards.
  2. kspooner

    Automate Classes with Kyle and Mendy Ep1

    Fixed, here is the link
  3. kspooner

    Search for sensitive data on clients

    This is not something this community will help you with as it gets into area's we don't want any responsibility with.
  4. kspooner

    Rename A Computer Script

    I don't. I never got a script to rename working fully working on multiple machines.
  5. kspooner

    Rename A Computer Script

    Its not labtech, its the machine. Make sure you have creds that are correct, you could also attempt to rename with CMD
  6. kspooner

    Create Monitor on Exchange Log Drive

    If this gets to a point where you are comfortable with it, let me know and we can give you permissions to the downloads section where you can upload this.
  7. kspooner

    Automate Plugins

    That is for plugins made specifically by Shannon. At least that's what it has been i don't think its changed. We do not yet have a repo for plugins.
  8. kspooner

    LabTech Data Dictionary

    Pinned for awesomeness.
  9. kspooner

    The GeekCast Future

    For those who see this, please fill out this form. Thank you so much from the geekcast team! https://goo.gl/forms/EC2sPfxABaOZ8tfJ3
  10. We embark on journey to learn more about Malware and how it infects your systems! We also spend some time discussing points on social engineering and how to possibly fix some of these issues!
  11. kspooner

    Learning SQL As It Relates To LT?

    1) Don't learn SQL as it relates to LT. Learn it like you would anything else. Add it to LT after you know what you are doing. 2) LT's DB is badly designed. I'm not talking about MySQL. The table layouts and column names and what goes where and how a connects to b. I guess thats what you get when you don't have design requirements and 5,000 different people make changes 3) Monitors are SQL related, and I only mean related. If you plan to RAWSQL everything then it matches but LabTech likes to GUI everything so you have to learn how their GUI frontend will do what you want on the backend and sometimes it wont. 4) Be careful with scripting as that can have some unintended issues and loops. Just be comfortable prior to taking on LTScripts with SQL. https://www.w3schools.com/sql/ Start here. And experiment. SELECT is your friend, don't ever UPDATE/INSERT/DELETE without you knowing what is going to happen AND having backups.
  12. kspooner

    Job postings

    No, We really should get a section up for stuff like that. but Generally what you posted might get you some PM's anyway. I'd edit it to include what you are looking for.
  13. kspooner

    Automate 12 - Should I Upgrade?

    I've added this to the OP but just in case: LT12 Does not include the Dataview Creator. Keep a Lab of 11 so you can create DV's and export/import them.
  14. kspooner

    The GeekCast 1.0!

    Thanks to everyone who joined us! We had a fantastic turn out and a fantastic engagement from the community. BIG thanks to our guests and I hope we can get another one of these done soon! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHpF9bOo8HA
  15. kspooner

    The GeekCast 1.0!

    ANOTHER LIVE STREAM YOU SAY? WHEN YOU SAY? WHO YOU SAY? We are on tonight for another live stream! Sorry for the late notice on this one community, but we wanted to make sure we had some special guests! (and boy are they special!) So for what we are dubbing currently the "GeekCast" is a podcast that will discuss all wide ranging things from what we do, how our thought processes work, how we accomplish task and other amazing things. Myself and Tyler (@hikato) will be running this for now and we will attempt to have guests on the show. Yes, this will be recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel. We will also attempt to answer some questions from the twitch chat if possible and doesn't interrupt the show too much. GET ON WITH WHO'S GOING TO BE ON Fine...Fine.. At 7:30 PM Eastern Time, The GeekCast will host Darren White (@DarrenWhite99) and Chris Taylor (@CTaylor)! We look forward to you joining us on this momentous occasion at the same place (Twitch.tv/labtechgeek).