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  1. cool, would you mind sharing the code? or via pn
  2. Hi guys, is it possible to export the password list, with showing the passwords? (Options - Export all to Excel) Earlier there was a button show/hide passwords for the complete list. Intention is, to hand out a documentation to a leaving customer. Or is there a way to create a report with decrypted passwords ? Thanks!
  3. OK, we will give it a try with a Script: - check or upgrade .net - maint mode (alarms) - reboot - download and extract ISO - Install: \ExchangeUpgrade\Setup.exe /IAcceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms /Mode:Upgrade - reboot and mail technican check if server is still alive
  4. Hi, Patch Manager does not offer any CU updates for Exchange. (only additional Security Fixes). Is that right ? Is everyone creating deployment scripts for yourself? Nothing integrated in Connectwise ? Thanks for sharing your advice https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/exchange/new-features/build-numbers-and-release-dates?view=exchserver-2019
  5. Thanks SteveYates! Solved it. (Permission disappeared. Interesting that Web-CC still worked) We moved from Patch 7 to Patch 9, so perhaps it happens in patch 8 as well
  6. went from 2008 -> 2012 -> 2016 and server ist still alive some windows updates / .net at the end and all was working. snapshot/backup and just give it a try
  7. Patch 9: Update was working. - Problem: in control center, network devices not visible anymore (as super-admin OK, in web-center OK)
  8. Running Patch 20.2 Seems okay, except Reports on Locations not working any more. Filed as bug and working on it.
  9. Hey guys, thanks for your hints. These were suggested from Support as well and did not help. The Issue went to Level3 Support and Dev. They found an "empty Script" that caused the Problem. SELECT scriptid, computerscript, functionscript FROM lt_scripts WHERE computerscript IS NULL OR functionscript IS NULL; It was fixed by deleting the resulting scriptid
  10. Updated from Patch .3 to .6 Now Controlcenter cannot start Scripts anymore, while the Automate Website still works with scripts. I'll kep you posted what the support finds out.
  11. Hi Forum, we have a problem with searches. When you open the search, it shows a total of eg 33 If you press search, it counts correct with 35 That is a problem, because groups do not populate right. Is there a setting do change this behavior ? thanks !
  12. Thanks RDeBok, but V 361 did not help with the messages. We created a support case.
  13. Patch 6, anyone with this popup ? Every Agent/Device has this popup saying: Errorin in loading Cliet Tab: Table 0 cannot be found
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